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New Super Mario Bros. Cheats :

This page contains New Super Mario Bros. cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 33 cheats in our list, which includes 9 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 20 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing New Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Minigame - Coincentration

by dpad Dec 11, 2009

Here is how to get 40/40 in "Coincentration"

All you have to do is record where the coins fall.

then, just watch the video you recorded and tap the right blocks.

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WoRld 4

by dyllansadler Jul 23, 2010

To unlock world 4 you need to beat the big castle on world 2 as "mini mario"
after you defeat him you will unlock world 4
note:you have to super bounce him to defeat him... its really hard to defeat him as mini mario.

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muShroom houses

by dgmm7797 Aug 05, 2008

If the timer ends in 11, 22, or 33 when you touch the flagpole, a Mushroom
House will appear.

If the timer ends in 44, 55, or 66 when you touch the flagpole, a 1-Up House
will appear.

And if the timer ends in 77, 88, or 99 when you touch the flagpole, a Mega
Mushroom House will appear.

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ExTra Lives at Flagpoles

by dgmm7797 Sep 15, 2008

As you may know, jumping onto the flagpole at the stage's end will net you some points (up to 8000). In this game, if you somehow manage to jump high enough and land on the very top of the flagpole, you will automatically receive a 1-Up.

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HoW to get World 3 & World 7

by stephzie Dec 24, 2007

To get World 3 you need to defeat the last castle on World 2 in small form (tiny Blue Mushroom) and for World 7 you need to defeat the last castle in small form (like before)

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MeGa Mushrooms

by Unregistered Dec 23, 2009

There are 2 ways to get 'em.
1.Go into a orange mushroom house.
2.Get 1 in the levels(1-1,1-2)
Here's the secret part.You know that underground area in 1-2
Smash the Koopa and use it's shell to clear out the bricks below.
Go in and get the Mega Mushroom.
There are some levels in which this item will net you 3-5 lives
5-Castle 1
7-Ghost House
Thanks for reading!

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WoRld 7 secret exit

by waluigifan12 Jan 06, 2012

goto world 7 boo house and press the switch for doors and enter the bottomm left door where the hands are and when youjump somwhere ther will be a in visible switch. when you press it you will see some flying wooden stuff,go on them and go up. another door will be ther. when you go init there will be another switch. press it and then coins turn into bricks.go to the far right and quickly on the bricks jump on the shiny brick and climb up the plant. enter the door and the secret exit is there.hope i help

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by pixiecheater Aug 16, 2010

When u relese the masive mushroom on the verry first level 1A wait till it almost goes down the hole but just befor it dose spint whith the y button and catch it then spint pressing the y button to the end and get the flag you can get up to 5 lives with out having to touch a star coin !

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BeAt Bowser Jr. with a jump when he has his bib on and is standing upright!

by Unregistered Dec 17, 2009

OK,when Bowser Jr. has his bib on,you can't hurt him with a jump while he's standing,rightWRONG!
There are a few ways to do it.
1.Bowser Jr. HAS to come out of his shell sometime.Hit him in that time.
It's not as easy as it sounds and chances are you'll do it by accident.
2.When Bowser Jr. does a little jump and then runs in the air,hit him.
He's can't duck in his shell while he's doing that.

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BeAt Bowser Jr. with 3 consecutive jumps!

by Unregistered Dec 17, 2009

1.Jump on him.
2.Press A as you land on him.
3.As you bounce back,hold left/right and jump on him again.
4.Repeat x2
There are some levels in which you can't do this but you can definetly do this in World 1.

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HoW to get the 3rd starcoin world 1 1st castle

by Unregistered Nov 26, 2009

Get in the green tube that shoots you up and about halfway there is a secret door you have to go in. be carefull and get the starcoin and exit through the door on the right.

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HoW to beat bowser on last level in one hit

by vinny44484 Jan 11, 2010

1. you have to get to bowser 2. then turn into big mario 3. body slam on bowser while in big mario and bowser's dead

(body slam is A+Down)

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skY tricks

by cheatmansecrets Mar 20, 2009

if you want to do sky tricks first go to the first level of the game with giant in storage then clear out the whole stage Go to the beginning dash jump then right when you land jump again now he will do a sky shuffle then right when you land jump again he'll do a sky flip then when you land jump again he may or may not do the mystery sky 360!

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SeCret Challenge Mode

by DragonStung Mar 13, 2008

This cheat gives you a special challenge.

On the map, pause the game and press L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y.

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LuIgi Mode

by dukeofhazzard421 Aug 18, 2009

Im not here to tell you the obvious luigi thing (hold l+r while selecting file). im actually here to reveal something that i just noticed. if you beat the game and you have watched all of the credits at the end when it tells you to save look at the touch screen. it will say over and over again in the backround

l+r+file=luigi, i just noticed that the other day. just wanted to share it

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woRld6-1 how to get a shortcut and a mini mario bonus

by daisycow2 Jul 30, 2008

first get a mini mushroom to put in the bottom half of your screen thge touch screen where you keep spare mushrooms and stuff.dont use your mini mushroom yet.... from the checkpoint at world6-1 you go through the grey bit like normal then kick off the wall like normal to get onto the raised bit then you go through the grey bit with the three flying turtles like normal then you will see a thing where it shoots bullets. dont go down like usual jump on a bullet and land on the platform ontop of the thing shooting bullets then hold down Y (it makes you go faster) whilst pressing forward and whilst still holding it down jump and you will land on the next platform. this is where the mini mushroom comes in. go forward abit and you will see a mini pipe press your mini mushroom and make yourself mini mario.then go down the pipe(you do that by standing in the slot next to the pipe and pressing the right key on the cross to the left of your ds) and you will find lots of coins bonus's and other stuff. when you come out you will find yourself on the same platform run to the edge of it then jump off the end and you will find yourself next to the finish flagpole.....definitley works cuz i discovered it lol
hope it helps
luv daisycow2
x x x

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FiFth background

by cupman Dec 02, 2009

Toady claims to get the fifth background you must collect all star coins. This is wrong. You only need to clear a path to every mushroom hut. Finish the game and a path to a blue mushroom hut will appear in World 1. It contains the starting touchscreen theme and three additional background patterns that can be purchased for 20 star coins each. A fifth theme can be bought once you've cleared paths to the mushroom huts in every world.

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EaSy way to beat Monty Cannon!

by basketballboy Jun 18, 2010

Go to the last castle in World 6. Go to the end. When you fight Monty Cannon, duck when he shoots the Bullet Bills. When he comes out of the cannon, jump on him, jump on bullet bills if needed. Jump on him three times and Wa-La! He's dead!

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EaSy way to beat bosses!

by basketballboy Jun 18, 2010

First, get fireballs.Then go to any of the bosses except for Dry Bowser and the World 7 boss and world 6 boss. Just use fireballs on them. Even the last level! They should die pretty quick.

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maRio v.s. luigi help

by shadowpokemon Feb 16, 2009

at the mario v.s. luigi level with a lot of pipes, if your opponent gets a mega mushroom, when he comes towards you and just go down that pipe that takes you to the beginning and end of the level

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