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New Super Mario Bros. Review :

The Big Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 17, 2010

This game was a real great game, because it all starts off with you Mario, Princess Peach, and out of nowhere a lightening bolt hits the castle then Bowser Jr comes along and steals Peach not like that has ever happened, so then you start your journey, buy playing the levels, and beating all the worlds, and the best thing about this game is You can grow huge with the Super Mushroom, this mushroom allows you to grow huge, and crush anything in the way. This game was a great remake of Super Mario Bros, because you are able to wall jump, Smash through the floor with a ground smash, and jump two extra times more than the first Mario Bros game.

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8Story line
The story was a little predictable i mean seriously in almost every mario game peach had to be stolen, and in this game she did. But the great thing about the story is that you are able to find secrets everywhere
Mario looks great, but the toads look kind of funny, but the villians look really great because there is some new villains, and the boos look scarier than ever
The Music, is kind of boring it plays the same kind of song over, and over again, it kind of gets boring after a while, but Mario's, and the others voices sound really great, and they sound like you are there
When you play, it is as usual as ever you are on a board, and you are just going level by level, but this time when you get these big coins you get special rewards, that will help you through the game
10Lasting Appeal
Overall the game was really great, fun, and awesome, i especially liked it when you connect with a friend, and you both go head to head, to see who can get the most stars, and you can use any kind of item to win
(Out of 10)


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