New Super Mario Bros. Review

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New Super Mario Bros. Review :

the new genoration

by greenemerald Nov 26, 2010

New Super Mario Bros is the best Mario platform game in its day it had new graphics, enimies, sounds,music,bossses,and worlds. Not only that but since the first mario game came out people were loving platform games to the max, but then compare that to this game theres a change isn,t there. This game has everything good graphics, nearly good storyline,good sound,BRILLIANT gameplay. Peach and Mario are out on a walk suddenly our old friend Bowser,Jr kidnaps Peach and the castle is struck by lightning ( Lakithunder struck it). You go through a total of 8 worlds( you can get to 4 and 7 by beating the world 2 and 5 bosses in mini).

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8Story line
The storyline was a bit boring and dull only Bowser,Jr takes her this time still the end and dry bowser addition was awsome.
The graphics were awesome. Mario had at last a new look in a 2D game since Super Mario World which made this game epic.
The sound was awesome had no freezes unless you use action replay.The sound had no problems and this advantage can not be overlooked.
The gameplay was fun and epic , they even added star coins to make this already perfect game even better.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is fun,skill needing and if you see it in the shop don,t waste time buy this perfect , awesome game
(Out of 10)


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