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Nintendogs Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 116 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 68 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Quicken Walks

by Unregistered Dec 27, 2006

If you have alot of question mark boxes on your walk, and you want to speed them up, listen to me. Simply jerk your leash on a regulare beat and the dog will jump and run faster. Wala! A faster way to gain iteams!!!!!!!

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Easter Egg - Make Judges Talk Faster

by Saunders12345678910 Jan 07, 2009

Sick of....slow...talking.....judges...? Well here is you solution! While Ted and Archie are talking, tap with your stylis where the arrow would be, really fast and it will make the writing go quicker so you don't have to wait 10 hours to finish a contest!!!

P.S Plz rate this Easter Egg!

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Unlockable - Every unlockable in every Game!!!!!

by silly_milly135 Jul 03, 2009

I hope this is helpful! If you are anything like me, you are probably curious to what can be unlocked, and when you can unlock it. Also, to rack up on a bunch of trainer points, try plugging your DS into its charger, then leaving the dog brush on its belly (don't brush it, or else it will exit out when the dog is clean enough). Leave it over night, and for every minute that you are "brushing your dog" 3 trainer points are added to your score! So when you wake up in the morning, you will have well over 500 trainer point. Also, the best time to find a Fireman's hat is when you hear the siren (your dogs howl at it)! Not 100% guarunteed, but a Fireman just might have lost his hat! Goodluck!

-Silly_milly135 :)

(The following is in the Chihuahua and Friends) Mini Pinscher2,000 points
Siberian Husky4,000 points
Desktop (Interior Decorator)6,000 points
Toy Poodle8,000 points
Golden Retriever10,000 points
Seaside (Interior Decorator)12,000 points
Mini Shnauzer14,000 points
Beagle16,000 points
Outer Space (Interior Decorator)18,000 points
Pembroke Welsh Corgi20,000 points
Shih Tzu22,000 points
Pug35,000 points
Ranch House (Interior Decorator)40,000 points
Labrador Retriever45,000 points
Dachshund50,000 points
(The following is in the Dachshund and Friends) Yorkshire Terrier2,000 points
Shiba Inu4,000 points
Desktop( Interior Decorator)6,000 points
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel8,000 points
Pembroke Welsh Corgi10,000 points
Seaside (Interior Decorator)18,000 points
Sheltland Sheepdog14,000 points
Mini Shnauzer16,000 points
Outer Space (Interior Decorator)18,000 points
Boxer20,000 points
Toy Poodle22,000 points
Northern European (Interior Decorator)25,000 points
German Sheperd30,000 points
Miniature Pinscher35,000 points
Urban Living40,000 points
Chihuahua45,000 points
Labrador Retriever50,000 points
(The following is in the Labrador and Friends) Pug2,000 points
German Shepard4,000 points
Desktop (Interior Decorator)6,000 points
Shih Tzu8,000 points
Boxer10,000 points
Seaside (Interior Decorator)12,000 points
Beagle14,000 points
Shetland Sheepdog16,000 points
Outer Space (Interior Decorator)18,000 points
Golden Retriever20,000 points
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel22,000 points
Ranch House (Interior Decorator)25,000 points
Siberian Husky30,000 points
Yorkshire Terrier35,000 points
Northern European (Interior Decorator)40,000 points
Dachshund45,000 points
Chihuahua50,000 points
(In all games) DalmatianFind the Fireman's hat on a walk
Jack Russell TerrierFind the Jack Russell Book on a walk
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Hints - Just listen

by nintendogs is fun Apr 10, 2006

Ya' know when your on a walk and you come to a blue. Your dog either barks once if it's a present or twice if it's dog. But sometimes when your dog barks once it's still another dog. To know if it's a dog or present at one bark just listen to the music. If it's a present, it stops. If it's a dog, it keeps going.

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Hints - Expensive Items

by Unregistered Mar 08, 2007

Here are a list of items including how much money you will recieve from selling it at the Second Hand Shop:

Viking Hat $40.00
Shuttle Model $50.00
Stuffed Dog $50.00
Stuffed Bear $60.00
Moai Statue $100.00
Fine Vase $100.00
Bowser Kart $100.00
RC Helicopter $200.00
Very Fine Vase $200.00
Weird Alien $600.00
Promise Ring $1,000.00

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Cheats - !!!!!!!!GOOD PRESSIES!!!!!!!!

by littlemisslollypop Feb 05, 2007

When you go on a walk make sure none of the blue boxes r near your house otherwise If u gut a pressie & it's near your house it will be something silly like a stick,or a dog photo ect... P.S I hoped this helped u !!!!!!!!

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Hints - Presents

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2006

When you take your dog for a walk, sometimes left on the pathway there is either dog muck, which if your puppy eats then it will get sick so drag it away by the lead, or there is a present, make sure your puppy doesn’t walk past the present. If your lucky enough to slow your puppy down, then click on the present with your stylus and you will have something added to your supplies.

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Secret - Your nintendogs can breed!

by Unregistered Nov 13, 2009

Yes, you heard me they will breed! and this is how
1. make sure you have 10,000 trainer points
2. get a male and a female of the same breed and take every other dog to the hotel except for the two
3. when the dogs become friends they will start to lie with eachother. (being friends means no barking, casing etc. they must sleep side by side and walk slowly together.
4. feed them only milk and dry food
5. within a few days the female will start to look fatter.
6. within 4 days the female will give birth to ONE puppy.
(NOTE: do NOT take your dogs for walks or enter them in competitions while they the dogs are "breeding"!!!!!)

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by Gatgun108 Apr 07, 2009

If you are tired of waiting till your dog can go on a walk again No more of that here is a hint that is fast and easy!!!!
1. Go on a walk
2. Go through all the boxes you can get!
3. Go to the park before going home
4. At the park put on a different assessory.
5. Turn off your DS.
6. Turn it back on and you'll have the presents you went through and got and your dog is ready for another walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hints - Fireman's hat.

by Unregistered Mar 13, 2006

I finally found the fireman's hat a few days ago. My Golden Ret. wasn't wearing anything red and I did not hear any sirens when I took him out for a walk.

He was wearing his Lucky Collar though, his walking stamina meter was full, he was clean (not beautiful), his hunger was full and his thirst quenched, he was the champion in the disc competition and was in third place in the obedience and agility trials, and he was running (tug on the leach and hold, your puppy will start running). The hat wasn't in one of the "?" boxes, it was the presents on the floor that you have to pull the dog back. And when you find the hat, it wont tell you that the Dalmatian is available, just go to the kennel and it will be there. Just keep your dog happy, take them on walks often and enter them in competitions and eventually you will find it. (My trainer point at the time were almost 14,000).

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Unlockable - RARE PRESENTS

by cheatfreak1 Jan 11, 2008

you need a lucky collar and a clover clock ... first , set up the clover clock and have the dog you want to walk wear a Lucky Collar then take your dog with the Lucky Collar a walk .... Next , go to many blue boxes on your map as possible .... then , when your dog runs off the screen to get the present hold down the B button and when he comes back you will get a present with somthing RARE in it ....... Note: 30% of the presents you try it on WILL NOT WORK

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Rare Presentsget a lucky collar and clover clock first
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Cheats - Friends or not:

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2007

If ur dog meets another dog(a.k.a on a ?box) & ur unsure if the dogs r friends listen. If it's a drum-roll like sound they're not friends.Make sure you pull ur dog as close as possible!hope this helps!

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Hints - The more presents the merrier!!!

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2006

When you are on a walk and are very close to the [?], let go of the leash and let it go to the question mark without you tugging and get a 80% chance to get the present instead of one of your neighbors.

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Unlockable - Firemans Hat!

by GoticRose420 Nov 23, 2009

The best time to try and get a firemas hat is when you
hear a siren call. The chances are very slim that you
will get a firemans hat, but its worth a try!

fireman hatsiren
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Hints - Pat

by ariannanintendogs May 22, 2006

When you are having a bath on covering on the shampoo dont touch the spounge just pat your dog it loves it.

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Hints - Dance

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2006

Teach your dog to beg, then while begging grab it's paw and lift up. Your dog will start dancing!

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Cheats - Find Rare Presents

by Unregistered Jul 05, 2006

if you are on a walk, ONLY look at the top screen with the dog icon. if the dog icon is NOT moving but your dog IS then there is either trash or a rare present.

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Code - Nintendogs: How to have a puppy

by Nintendogs4life125 Dec 06, 2010

How to get puppies on Nintendogs!

1. You get a boy dog and a girl dog (keep only these 2 at your house) they can be any colour, but same breed.

2. They can only be fed milk, and dry food OR natural dog food, either one.

3. You cannot take the dogs out for walks or contests. You can take the male, but I wouldn't recommend it. You DEFINITELY don't take the female out. But it's best to just leave them both home.

4. They should cuddle 100x.(That's when the dog lies on top of the other, like bonding, or hugging.) And there you go, repeat these steps for a few weeks, and most of all-BE PATIENT!

Note: These steps don't necessarily have to be in order (except for buying the dogs, that always come first :)

*Optional : You can have the dogs wear accessories like putting the rose on the female(or both) or the lucky collar on the male (or both). These can be found on walks. (Note: It's best to find them BEFORE you start breeding)

  • Got more questions? My website has all the answers you need! Link: http// HOPE IT HELPS! :D
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Unlockable - Ect. selling prices

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 26, 2008

These are the items in the etc. box, these are the selling prices

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Stick$ .50
Tissue box$1.00
Dog photo$2.00
Dispossible camra$2.40
Jucie bottle$ .80
Leather shoe$6.00
High heel$6.00
Black boot$9.00
White boot$9.00
Lisa doll$30.00
Stuffed dog$50.00
Stuffed bear$60.00
Moai statue$100.00
Space shuttle$50.00
Werid alien$600.00
Promise ring$1,000.00
Gold bar$2,000.00
Piggy bank$2.00
Fine vase$100.00
Very fine vase$200.00
Jack russel book$3.60
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Secret - How to train 3 dogs

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2007

If you have 3 dogs they are hard to train because you can't train them all at once and when you start training one, the others always want to play so you can't train the dogs right. If you find the naptime record while going on a walk, go back home and play it until all the dogs fall asleep. Then, click home and click on the dog you want to train. Use the button in the middle to whistle to that dog and wake only it up. It should yawn and stretch and come right to you. Voila! Now you can train that dog without any interuptions! (At least until they wake up)

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Hints - More money from piggy bank

by steff Jan 22, 2007

did you know that if you sell your piggy bank you get 2 if you break it on the ground you get 2 dollars 60 SO BREAK IT NOT SELL IT

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Secret - To teach tricks

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

Some people want to teach tricks to their dogs, but keep messing up. In order to teach a trick to your dog, you have to:

1. Speak clearly and loud enough
2. Make sure your dog isn't confused
3. Speak the same word in the same tone 5 times in a row without messing up.

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Secret - Advanced dog tricks

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

These are tough tricks. Make sure youre dog is in a good mood and knows all the basic tricks.

Flip into air from back - Tell your dog to lay down then jump as fast as possible don't pet the dog tell after the trick.

Backflip - Tell your dog to sit then jump right away.

Hand Stand - Tell your dog to lay down then beg.

Turring in a Circle While Begging - Tell your dog to beg then to chase it's tail (or spin.)

Dancing (Fidgiting on hind paws) - Tell your dog to beg then grap it's front paw help it so it's only on it's hind paws then let go.

Bunny Hop - Have your dog dance as I said above then tell it to jump.

Breack Dance - Tell Your dog to roll over then tell it to spin (or chase it's tail)

Remember when you are doing these tricks not to pet your dog during the series of tricks. Just don't do anything at all but the tricks. When the icon to teach a trick comes up tap it as fast as possible because it goes away fast.not all these tricks will work for you.

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Unlockable - Compliments!!! yeah!!

by Unregistered Nov 25, 2008

if you do really well in compitions and when you go 4 a walk sometimes you meet other people they give you compliments!![ex. Jericho scored first in the obedince trial!Wow what an honor.]Iluv when they give me compliments ;-] fyi 4 all idiots who think all u have 2 do 2 get dalmation puppies is get a fireman's hat :) keep trying u won't get them not at least until u get 25000 tps. and the fire man's hat .so :P u can trust me I know ;.) !!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
dalmation puppiesu have 2 have 25000 tps.& have the fireman's hat
jack russell puppiesjack russell book
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Secret - Better Stuff

by sunnybunny Feb 13, 2008

If you want your dog to find better stuff on walks try this: when you are at home check if your dog's health is full.Your dog should be beautiful,full and quenched.If not feed your dog,water it and wash it.When your dog's health is full pet your dog till it sparkles once then go out for a walk go through as many ? marks you can then your dog should find more presents than friends and it will find presents instead of rubbish.And when you find a present it will most likely be something rare like the helicopter and the weird alien.

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