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Nintendogs Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 116 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 68 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Good Items

by Shiba Inu Lover Aug 09, 2006

If you get the rainbor wig, put it on your first dog and take it for a walk. Make sure it is not hungry or thirsty then you will find good items.

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Cheats - Reset

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2007

to reset the game,turn on your DS,select the game. when the white screen comes on sayin "nintendo"on the top screen and "all rights including the copyrights of games...."shows on the bottom screen,the quickly hold X,Y,A,B and the L,R buttons and a message will come up sayin "are you sure you want to delete data", click "yes" and it will take you to the kennels and you restart the whole thing again

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Cheats - Unlockable Dogs

by cornelia Jun 29, 2006

always walk or enter in an contest so you can have lots of trainer points.

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Unlockable - Dogs

by Shiba Sep 25, 2007

trainer points

Unlockable:How to unlock:
german shepard4,000
shetland sheepdog16,000
Jack Russel Terrierfind book on walk
Dalmatianfind firemans hat on walk
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Unlockable - Dalmations and Jack Russels

by pokemongal316 Jun 13, 2007

Go on a walk

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Fire Man's Hat- DalmationFind on a walk
Jack Russel book- Jack Russel TerrierFind on a walk
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Hints - Unlimited trainer points

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2006

Buy a shampoo for your dog from the shop then take it home and use it. It will ask you what dog to use, choose your dog then leave the screen with a sponge on a dog over night or through the day this will count as time spent with your puppy and your trainer points will shoot up.

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Cheats - Through and pints

by KATE_TARA Dec 04, 2006

when uve got a disc throught it a few times when the dog comes bak with the disc rub its head and u will get a few trainer points

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Code - How to have a puppy PLUS BREEDING PROOF

by Nintendogs4life125 Jun 16, 2011

I know what you're thinking, but let's get this straight. Its just a game, nothing's wrong with trying to breed Nintendogs. Look, I DON'T CARE if they ARE puppies themselves its still possible. Also PLEASE don't tell me anything about emailing Nintendo. I don't care. I emailed them before but that didn't stop me. If u want breeding proof, ask Sarita222 (aka Sarah) This are her dogs and she had REAL PROOF:

-Get a male and female of the same breed. Can be different colours.
-Keep only the two dogs in your house. Leave a space for the puppy.

-Feed them milk and dry food. NOTHING ELSE.

-No walks/contests. You can take the male out but its better not to take them out at all.

-You can pet/play with them but not too often. 5 mins at most probably?

Breeding FAQ's:
Can u brush/bathe them?

-You can bathe them when normal/dirty coated. I don't know about brushing.

Can you feed them jerky or biscuits?

Can I use Natural dog food?
-Some people say you can but in my opinion, no.

How long will it take to get a puppy?

-It depends. Sometimes may takes a week or two probably even a month.

Can you mix breed them?

-No. Only same breeds. But you can have different colours.

Do I have to have all 99,999 points?

-It depends. I'd suggest getting lots of points. At least 300 so milk is available in the store. Some people say you do, others say you don't. Its a so-so answer for me.

Does it work everytime?

-No maybe a few tries.

Aren't Nintendogs puppies themselves so therefore they cannot breed?


I emailed Nintendo, and they said they can't.

-*sigh* They can!

How can I tell if my Nintendog is pregnant?

-She'll be lazier, sleeps often, get mood swings, the male becomes more protective of her....etc.


I'll try to answer any other questions if I can.

Plus, don't call me an ignorant liar for telling people they can breed Nintendogs. I'm not trying to shove it down anyone's throat about breeding on a video game. Don't come bashing at me if you don't get puppies. It's been a year since I've posted this cheat/trick, and I currently couldn't care less about whether they could breed or not. It's your choice to decide if they can or cannot.

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Secret - Nintendogs hints

by Unregistered May 17, 2011

Here are some training methods for contests:

Disc competition: Do not train at home, only train at the park. When your dog is close to you, pull out the disc you train with (make sure it's not the same color as the rubber bone you give them) and throw it before your dog sits down, but while they're close to you. Tap the screen once they catch or grab it, and they will bring it back. Do this enough and they will automatically bring it back without you having to tap the screen. When your dog brings it back, pet their head before taking the disc until sparkles show. This gains you trainer points. Do not do this in the actual disk competitions, this just loses time. When you're training, first throw the disk short, then start throwing it a little bit longer each time. Always throw it straight, don't curve it. And never train at a park where there's other dogs.

Agility competition: Big dogs that don't have short legs are the best for this competition. Practice alot on double hurdles, the tubes, and the slalom (the upright stick thingy). On the slalom, don't tap to tell them where to go, drag your stylus in and out of the sticks where they need to go. If you practice on the tubes and slalom enough, your dog will get really fast while in those obstacles. A huge problem I have with my dogs in the agility trial is that they run off of the correct track and do any obstacles that are near them, but not next in line. To train for this, find an area in your gym setup where the obstacle entrances are fairly close to each other, or in a line. Practice going around and avoiding the obstacles. Sometimes it's not the dog's fault, but it's that the screen thinks you're tapping an obstacle when you're really tapping the ground and guiding your dog around it. Don't be afraid to tap too far away from the obstacle to get your dog to avoid it.

Obedience competition: Make sure you are in a quiet room by yourself when training for this, and when in the competition. Do not train at the park, you won't be able to teach tricks there. Only train at home, and if your other dogs are interrupting training, either put them to sleep with the Naptime record or put them in the dog hotel. Pet your dog every time it does a trick correctly (except in the actual competition, of course). This gets you trainer points. When teaching a trick, make sure to use a normal intonation, and to not say it differently than you normally talk. You need to be consistent. Also be sure the name of the... 

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Secret - Deleting Data

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

To delete data, you have to hold a,b,y,x,l,and r in the very beginning while the game loads. It will ask if you want to delete data, and yes that means losing everything. So just touch yes and you can start everything over.

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Code - Reset :)

by Unregistered Apr 01, 2008

On the screen where it says Nintendo in a white bubble with red outlining.

Hold A-B-Y-X and L and R at the same time.WHLA :) you can reset your game.
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Cheats - Easy way to get money

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2007

Get all your dogs in the championship of the agility trial. Enter them in the agility trial 3 times a day but if your dog gets a fault turn of the ds. Make sure you save your game before you enter. If you have 8 dogs you can get $24 000 in a day.

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Glitch - Points!

by bananaboo33 Jan 05, 2009

Ok a few things:

Brushing - At night before you got to bed plug in your DS to your charger, and put the brush in the middle of the dog. In the morning you will have 1,000 more points!

Park - This can help a few ways, Do the same thing with the Brushing but just keep him/her there. He/She can also dig and you can teach him/her that!

Dat is all i know.

Can you tell me how to get the freakin jack russel book!?!?!

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Secret - Present or dog #2

by hopehaley15 Dec 05, 2008

When you and your dog are on a walk and there is a blue spot that means that you or someone else's dog pee'd on poop'd, when you run over the question mark, look on the top screen. If it's a dog, the spot will be flashing.

Hope this helps!!!

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Easter Egg - Rockin' Records!

by Unregistered Sep 08, 2008

If you go on a walk and find these records: 'Suprise,' 'Flower Waltz,' 'Nintendogs,' 'Naptime,' or 'Colonel Bogey' when you play them your dogs will do this:

Suprise- At first the song is peaceful, but in the middle, there's a very loud note and your dogs get freaked out.

Flower Waltz- Your dogs do a cute little dance, and at the very end, they do a backflip.

Nintendogs- Your dogs will all sit down and sing/bark along to the song. In the middle they may stop, but usually they start back up again.

Colonel Bogey- All of your dogs will run around in a circle, depending on how fast you make the song go, ( you can change the speed with the bar on the right) your dogs will go that fast!

Naptime- All of your dogs (within 15 seconds) will fall asleep, even after the song is done.

Your Welcome!


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Secret - Racking in trainer points

by Iluvcubone Jun 25, 2008

Here is a secret to rack in a lot of trainer points! First plug in your DS charger into a socket and into your DS(I'm getting basic)! Then start to groom your pet, but don't move the brush just place it on your dog and leave it there! GO TO BED AND WAKE BACK UP AND YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF TRAINER POINTS! Hope this helps!!! I mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - Quick hint

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 04, 2008

If you can't find an item in one of your Nintendogs games, try another one of the nintendogs games, just maybe you can find that item in one of the other nintendogs games...

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Secret - Secret Tricks

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2008

* Get your dog to Lie Down and then Beg - it will then a Paw Stand.
* Tell your dog to Roll Over then Spin - call it Dance
* Get your dog to Beg and then Spin - it will then walk.

* If you want to teach your dog in SILENCE then if you have the Naptime Record use it.

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Cheats - Dance

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2007

ok when you go on a walk and you get"waltz of the flowers" go home and play it and your dogs will dance(it is a funny sight)

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Cheats - Valuable items

by kirganxox Jan 08, 2007

the most valuble item's are;
gold bar- £/$ 10,000
promis ring- £/$ 1,000

you can get theese items by going on loads of walks.
you can do this by going to most of the ? boxes and the LAST go to the park then home(DO THIS WHEN DRAWING ROUTE ONLY!!!). when you get to the park change your accesorie it will then say "saving do not turn off the power or toutch the game card" after it has saved turn the DS off and on again then you can take your dog for another walk.


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Hints - More dogs

by Unregistered Feb 21, 2007

if you want more than three dogs drop 1 off at the dog hotel than buy a new dog and switch the dogs out often so their not neglected

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by Unregistered Jan 22, 2007

On previous walks your dog has to go to the bathroom. If you go on the walk and go through the spot you dog will smell it. THIS CAN GET ANOYING! but when you see a spot coming up you can run and pul on the leash while running over the spot on the top screen. You dog will run right through it! HOPE THIS HELPS!

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Hints - Puppy Attack

by dakriththekitten May 20, 2006

Get the Toreador Record and play it. All of a sudden (mew) the dogs will growl and attack eachother... They even growl at you. (They did to me...) The Toreador Record IS said to be one of the mytical records that evoke nature Now we know, this one evokes violent nature!!! (Meoowwfff!!)

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Cheats - Finding Presents On Walks

by omi rye Jul 18, 2006

If you wake your dog up at night to go for a walk, it is most likely your dog will find trash instead of presents. If you treat your dog well and take him for walks only in the day you will always find presents and no trash. if there were no neighbors then we would be buried in presents. Curse those neighbors!!!

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Hints - Dalmation

by Unregistered Jun 05, 2006

When you hear a siren go out for a walk & you'll find a firemanís hat!

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