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Nintendogs Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 116 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 68 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Need help in competitions?

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2006

Itís easier 2 wear a lucky collar and do a competition because they do the things u want them to do and donít make mistakes that much. 89% instead of 50% of doing what you want them 2 do.

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Hints - ņlying puppies

by b3n j3nkins Feb 10, 2006

When you get a pull rope dangle it in front of the dog when it grabs on, slide up with the stylus without letting go the still with out letting go the dog should dangle on the rope, spin the rope around as fast as you can and the dog should fly into the distance, this works anywhere.

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Hints - Win all the time!

by s-m-a-r-t-i-e-s Jan 09, 2006

Save the game, then participate in a contest, if you are not happy with your result, turn off your ds and try again ;) also works when you go on walks!

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Cheats - Meteorite

by Unregistered Sep 14, 2006

this is my first submitted cheat...

(this isn't a cheat...more of info)

the meteorite doesn't brake when you throw it, it acts more like a bowling ball, and it sells at £150/$150

hope this is useful

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Cheats - I KNOW about the SILVER CARTRIDGE!

by Unregistered Aug 14, 2006

i know ALOT of you people have been wondering about wut the heck that silver cartridge is. well.....i know! Its called "Dog Trainer" and it's in a yellow box. I bought mine from BEst Buy in the DS section. it gives u all the dog breeds, 99 of every item, and $999,999! if u get it insert your nintendogs game into the silver cartridge. Then "start GBA ngame" next overwrites it. it will say overwriting please wait. When that disappears you can shut it off and start playing!!!! - from a girl that knows

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Cheats - Infinite Walks And $$$$

by Unregistered Aug 03, 2006

well start off with the walks- in order to get infinite walks get 2 ascessorys...then go 2 the park and change will say saven...then u shut off game... u keep al items u find trainer points but ya stamina wont increase..u get to go again and againn...walk 2 ya drop!!!

next infinite cash!(<>{sweet a fish my dogs fav)first start training ur dog on agility durin infinite walks=)
once u feel confinedt enough do all 3 of ur contests before each 1 save so if u mess up u just can reset....
then turn off ur ds and set the day 2 days into past...and time on 23:59 next turn on ur game then w8 until 00:00 u will be able to do 3 more contests =)=/=0!!! go repeat for along time yay!!!

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Cheats - Don't listen to CHEATS! ONLY BUY THE DOG TRAINER!


Right, I used one of these cheats and it made my nintendogs mental I had to reset all my data! So now I am buying dog trainer...

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by oceanblue200202 Jun 25, 2012


Take your dog on a walk. It can be wearing an accessory- or not. get as many presents as you can on the way to the park then go home.


when your at the park,- (you should of gotten some stuff)- go to accessory's and put a different one on your dog. it should save. then turn off the power. keep doing this and you will have a good amount of stuff- go sell the junk at the second hand shop.



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Unlockable - Secret dogs

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 06, 2009

These are just some of the secret dogs that you can get in the game.

DalmatianWhen you are on a walk, find a "Fireman's Hat". And when you return home, go to the kennel and get a Dalmatian.
Jack RusselOn walks, find a "Jack Russel Book". When you return home, go to the kennel and you should see a Jack Russel!
Unlock ANY BREED!Go to bark mode with any friend with a breed that you don't have. When you go home, expect whatever breed he/she had knocking on the kennel door as well.
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Easter Egg - Find a Promise Ring

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 06, 2009

Get a Lucky Collar and a Clover Clock, set the clock up, put the collar on, then walk the dog you put the collar on. Sooner or later you will find a diamond ring called the Promise ring. AND, they are worth around $1,000! So they are worth a lot!

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Unlockable - You will love this

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2009

ok get the action replay for ds. go 2 nintendogs,and get da cheats u want.den put in nintendogs.u can get infininte bucks!and get 99 points in each disk comp!also wen u spen money it never goes down.last thing find any action replay at any video game store.

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Easter Egg - Bark Mode Voice Messages

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

When you go to Bark Mode, you will hear the voice message. If the pup sent you a present, then it will play a voice message you made in the White Record.

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Secret - Weird Alien

by sunnybunny Feb 07, 2008

When on a walk you may find a weird alien in the ? marks (When I found it my dog was wearing a lucky collar and I took my shiba inu) if your dogs dont like it I suggest you sell it because its worth 600 $! The weird alien makes a funny noise when you throw it and it jumps out of your dogs mouth when your dog gets it!

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Hints - Easy Trainer points

by Unregistered Aug 23, 2006

Just get out a disk while youíre at home with your dogs, throw the disk then when the dog comes back with it pet its head and it should sparkle. That should mean you gain 1 trainer point, Just keep doing it and you can get loads. Might not work 1st time but it start working after my second.

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Hints - Different Food

by Shiba Inu Lover Aug 09, 2006

After you get 300 trainer points, go to the store and you can buy milk and a dog food can. if you feed you dogs both kinds of food and drink, it will be happier and it will find better stuff on walks.

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Hints - Secret Pressies

by Unregistered Jul 31, 2006

Only watch the top screen and when the black dog stops moving look at the bottom/touch screen if your dog is still walking then you will come to a bin(bad) or a secret pressie(good)

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Hints - Presents And meting With Dogs

by Unregistered Jul 24, 2006

when u go out on walk if u past an even number of question marks u will meet with another dog and find a present met but if u past an odd number what ever u past first u will past more times (so its like a pattern)

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Hints - Unlock more dogs

by Unregistered Jun 30, 2006

To unlock more dogs join with someone who has a different type of dog although this will only work once. If they have 2 dogs that u want put our game in their DS and they put there game in yours if u go to bark mode with a dog u havenít yet unlocked u will unlock it when u get home

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Hints - Ear Pull

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2006

when your interacting with a dog keep pulling his/her ear
up a couple of times and if your lucky it will either
do beg and shake at once or stay in beg for a couple of seconds!

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Hints - Different Presents, Different places!

by Unregistered Apr 09, 2006

When you go for a walk in a straight line on the side then you can hear mooing from the farms.
However if there is a present there then it will be a farm thing like straw hat or so mink like that!

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Hints - Loads walks

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2006

If you go on walk and get as many blue? As you can, then go to the park and change your dogs accessories then when it says 'saving do not turn off' quickly turn it off, and when you look a your items you will have all the things you found on your walk and also you will not have to wait 30 minutes before you go on your next walk!

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Hints - Get more points in Disc Comp

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2006

Want to be first place in Disc competition? Get a life ring first and throw the life ring to your dog (it must be a big dog) when they catch it, they fill do a somersault and if you do this in disc competition, you will get more points for your dog.

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Hints - Get lots of trainer points

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2006

To get lots and lots of trainer points, do this: before you go to sleep, brush your dog's fur (but leave it alone) recharge the DS and go to sleep. When you wake up, you can see your trainer points have increased and that means you can unlock more interiors and breeds!

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Unlockable - How to get ANY DOG BREED YOU WANT!

by Nin10dogsZoe Aug 01, 2011

Ok, if your friend has a dog you want, in the Kennel or Just has it, go on Bark Mode with that Dog and YOU will unlock it in your Kennel!

Any Dog In your KennelWhen your friend has the Dog Breed you want go to the Bark Mode with you friend's dog that you want and it will unlock it in the kennel!
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Code - Contest Help!!!

by Daniflame88 Nov 23, 2010

I'm new to CheatGuru so I thought the first thing I should post is a quick guide for one of the games that I've completed without cheating. It's so easy to deal with a game through watching and learning so I thought I'd share it with you.
Firstly, this is all about Nintendogs contests.
1) Disc Competitions:
Disc competitions are where you throw the disc for the dog to catch, based upon the distance you throw it, the more points you will recieve.
Suitable dogs are usually the medium-sized dogs or the large dogs such as:
Beagle, Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Dalmatian, Shetland Sheepdog, Boxer and Shiba Inu.
2) Agility Trials:
Agility trials are where dogs compete in a set time to complete an obstacle course. This requires a lot of training.
Suitable dogs are usually the largest. The best so far are German Shepherds! They are also featured in the design of the banner that you click on when you choose to enter an Agility Trial so Nintendo have provided a clue here.
If you do not have a German Shepherd to train, you could always use:
Siberian Husky, Dalmatian, Labrador, Beagle, Boxer, Golden Retriever and Shetland Sheepdog.
3) Obedience Trial:
An obedience trial is based around how well the trainer talks to the dog and how well the dog listens to it's trainer and performs accordingly. These are very hard and you must remember exactly how you say the command to your dog.
The best dog for this is, by far, the Chihuahua. Any sized dog can compete in an Obedience Trial but you would have to choose carefully in the kennels as each dog has a different personality. This decides on whether or not a dog is clever enough to be trained easily.
Males: Look for a personality where the dog is said to have a "good disposition".
Females: Look for a personality where the dog is said to have a "fine temperament".
And that's all I have for now. I really hope this helps!
- Dani x
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