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Nintendogs Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 116 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 68 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Walk same dog over and over

by cheatmaniac53 Feb 16, 2009

Take one dog out for a walk. Then,take another dog out,but only infront of your house.It will still count as a full walk. then, you can take one dog out for a real walk.It works!!!

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Unlockable - DOGS

by mollyyay Dec 24, 2007

look after your dogs good

Unlockable:How to unlock:
beagleget 12,00 trainer points
boxerget 3,00 trainer points
dashhoundget 40,00 trainer points
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Cheats - Shiba inu

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2007

to unlock a sheba inu you have 2 find a japanise print collar

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Cheats - Exersise

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2007

If you want your dogs to have a workout but you don't have Mario Cart and you do have the record "Colonel Bogey" then just put on that record and your dogs will run around in a circle.It's such a funny workout but it really works!

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Cheats - Speaking

by pottypenguin Feb 09, 2007

when teaching your dog a new trick, turn your volume rght down, this removes any background noises from confusing your dog, and when you get to the obediance trials, again turn the sound right down. As they have learnt the trick this way any background noises will only confuse them and result in lost points. i found it helped after endless attempts, i hope it helps someone else too.

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Cheats - Wat diging at the park

by nintendogs fan!! Jan 22, 2007

some 1 said you can make your dog dig in the park how do you make your dog dig????

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Hints - Make your dog raise their back leg

by karentendo25 Jan 08, 2007

Try and get near the tail, rub in a circular motion the area under their tail this will make the back leg raise and you will gain trainer points quick and free treats for your dog

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Cheats - Helpful hints

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

ok what u have 2 do is get the pembroke welsh corgi(there gd at agilty contests) take im 2 the gym and practice till he can do every thing bye him self(still help in see saw tho!) and if u can finish the championship with out ne points and under 30 seconds u get 5000 not 1000!! i have alot of money this is a gd hint!
also i ahve most of the items on nintendogs the luigi hat and so on arnt worth 30k so dont waste time lookin 4 emm(stuffed dog is only like 200!!)i used no cheats just the 1 i sed above!!also theres loads of cheats like if u press al the buttons u get stuff this dosent work it just deletes ur save i noticed sum1 wanted 2 ruin ppls lives.. ne way enjoy

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Hints - Get amasing items

by dsking67 Jan 04, 2007

To get amasing items you will have get a clover clock or a lucky clollar.Or it works even better with both of the items wich bring good luck.p.s GOOD LUCK.

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Cheats - STUFF STUFF STUFF $ $ $ !!!

by Unregistered Nov 07, 2006

i you want a lot of stuff on walks go on as many ? boxes as possible. Also watch the top screen if the dog picture stops moving pull back on the leash because there is either rubbish or another pressent there. If there is rubbish keep going but if it's a pressent pull the handle of the leash towards it to pick it up. When you are at home keep one of everything, only 1, except for food, water and shampoo etc then sell the extra at the second hand store to get more money. Make sure you practise a lot at the gym because the agility comp gives away the most money for prizes! $ $ $ Good Luck!

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Hints - All the walks in the world

by Unregistered Nov 03, 2006

if you get bored waiting 1/2 an hour just to get your dog to go out for a walk then every time you go for a walk go to the park and give it something like a different collar it will save the game once it has saved turn it off you can then go for another walk when you turn it back on

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Cheats - Get better prizes

by Unregistered Oct 23, 2006

If you have a chihuahua take for a walk and make it go through the blue "?" marks and if your chihuahua finds a present press and hold the A button for 3 seconds and you might get something usefull.(on my game it only works on the chihuahua.)

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Cheats - Dalmatian and Jack Russell Terrier

by Lora Oct 09, 2006

Dalmatian:you can unlock this bred if you find fireman's hat on one of your walks.
Jack Russell Terrier:you can unlock this bred if you find Jack Rusell Terrier book on one of your walks.

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Cheats - ???Silver cartridge???

by Unregistered Jul 27, 2006

Hey man wut brand is the silver cartridge???I wasted my time googling and calling stores asking for a silver cartridge and i found nothing!!!Were did u get the silver cartridge??Tell me cause i want a million dollars and every item.So please tell me wut brand it is and where u got it :)

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Hints - Get more trainer points by the minute

by The WEE Guy 04 Apr 15, 2006

When you brush your puppies fur you get trainer points. So when your on the home screen you can go to your supplies list , press care, scroll down the menu screen and select rubber brush or wire brush and select a dog (with fur that's for the right brush) and you should have the screen look like it's doing a brushing thing. Check an hour later and you will see you have more trainer points.

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Hints - Agility Trial-SeeSaw

by Mrs.Nintendogs Apr 05, 2006

Having trouble on the seesaw? Well when your dog goes on wait until it is almost off and hold down your styles until the seesaw touches the ground. If you don't do this you will miss it (may only work for dogs who do it themselves).

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Hints - Archie's secret records

by Unregistered Mar 09, 2006

If you are lucky you will find one of Archie's secret records. The trick is giving your dog a combination of jerky and biscuits. They are mostly found at the bottom park works best with a dog who has been with you a long time. Oh yeah don't forget to put on the lucky collar after jerky and blah!

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Secret - This might be already known...

by Shepard-gurl Jun 16, 2008

When you use a balloon before you click it to throw it blow into the microphone on your DS and you will blow it up! Then throw it!!
NOTE: Throw it QUICKLY after you blow it up, the air comes out if you dont hurry!!
--- Hope yu have fun!!

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Secret - How to get a Jack russel

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 10, 2008

When your out on a walk with one of your dogs try to find an iten called a jack russel book, then when you return to the house go to the kennel scroll through the dogs and eventally you will see a Jack russel dog!!!

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Code - Restart

by madimaye Feb 11, 2008

when the game is loading and says nintendo press a,b,x,y,left and right. then it will ask you do you want to erase data press yes. it will ask you are you sure press yes

press a,b,x,y,left and rightIt restarts your game completely
you will come up to a door knock on it and you can buy your self a new puppy!!!! :D
Hope this helped any questions you can e-mail me at
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by supabee123 Feb 23, 2007

first you gotta actually use your stylus to wind it up then let go it will walk your dogs may be freaked about it at first but then when it starts to stop walking the dogs will like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW the meteorite DOESNT BREAK and those who say that the dogs can do the WOO-HOO you are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheats - This does not work

by Unregistered Jan 22, 2007

the nintendog cheat when u leave your nintendo on for half an hour on the nintendogs screen and get a pressie is FALSE it does not effect it in any way

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Cheats - The best NOT disc

by Unregistered Dec 04, 2006

do u no yhe best disc? its not a disc at all! its a dartboard!i have it u need a LOT of tp. the dog (if it jumps rite) will do flips in the air tryin' to get the disc!

p.s. I also made the nip trick hint!!!!!

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Hints - Get it back!

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2006

If you wanted to teach your dog how to bring the Frisbee back here's a great help! You only need a park, a Frisbee and a little love. First, throw the Frisbee, second, CALL your dog (it should come) and third, pet him/her until he/she sparkles at least once. Do this several times and soon he/she will bring it back without YOU calling him/her!!!!! I did this with my beagle, Daisy and it worked!

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Hints - Mathematical pup/dog

by Unregistered Jan 13, 2006

Get you pup 2 sit then gently lift his paw into the air when the icon appears say sum mink like 3 add 1 or any thing that adds up to 4 then when u say 3 add 1 he will lift his paw as if to say its 4 I know it work I have got my m8s doing it now.

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