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Nintendogs Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 116 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 68 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Order pizza

by raw25 Jan 18, 2008

in order to be able to get pizza for your dogs you must first find the telephone on a walk
when you get it click on it and dial 254-724-5487
in thirty mins pizza will come but it costs 30 dollars its really cool ive dun it

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Hints - Lovable

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2007

Just love your dogs and play the game right!! In the end, you'll have more money, trainer points and your dog will love you even more! If you train your dog right and be kind to it, you'll do better in contests and have more money and love from your dog...

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Cheats - Pressies

by Unregistered Jul 12, 2006

When taking dog for walk if you find a lucky collar put it on you puppy when you get home turn off your ds after it has saved change the date and time then take it for walks then go on game then when you walk your dog again you should get loads of "?" boxes if not your game is weird

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Hints - How to get a Dalmation

by Unregistered May 10, 2006

To get a Dalmation you have to wait until you hear the fire truck siren then go on a walk and first thing a mystery present comes up and get it and you will have the firemanís hat.
PS: it took me a few tries to get the Dalmation.

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Cheats - Wrong!

by Alice J Oct 26, 2006

lizz is wrong.The mostvaluable thing u can get is a gold bar that sells for £2,000.00 and the ring only sells for £1,000.00(trust me I have the silver cartridge)!!

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Cheats - Silver Cartidge

by cartoonatic Sep 18, 2006

I am not one of the people to have sent a cheat about the silver cartigde, but I have it so here are some facts about it : 1)it is called dog trainer 2)it was not made by nintendo 3)it doesn't give u $1 million dollars it gives u $999,999.99 4)use it only if u are willing to lose the puppies u have now

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Hints - Agility trials

by kukuxumusu Aug 23, 2006

The more times you practice the hurdles, tunnels, seesaws or slaloms, the faster your dog will get at doing them.

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Cheats - Unlimited Walks

by Unregistered Oct 23, 2006

Want to have lots of lots of trainer point?Well,Do this!

Go to your stuff and then click on the care and then click on the grooming comb leave for a minute or so you will have many trainer points!

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Cheats - $200 dollar item

by Unregistered Oct 04, 2006

If you find the Very Fine Vase its worth $200!!!

I no thats not much but no one has posted the Vase before so i thought i would!

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Cheats - Disc Competitions

by Unregistered Apr 04, 2006

Get a Boxer if you want speed. Get a German Shepherd if you want it to jump high.

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Cheats - Rare presents

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

when your on a walk,sometimes you can find presents without finding them by seeing the blue ? boxes make sure that if you see them touch them cause there most likely to be rare presents

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Cheats - Unlikable Breeds

by Saton Aug 29, 2006

if u want 2 unlok the Dalmatian and the jak russel then u will need 2 hav lots of trainer points. make sure u can go on a long walk and then wear evrything lucky u hav then go through as many ?boxes as u can. once u get the firemenís hat u will beable 2 buy the dalmatian breed...they are $680/£680 so ul hav 2 save up if u havent got enough...once u hav got the firemens hat it will be allot easier 2 get the jakrussel book. when u get the jakrussel book u will beable 2 buy jak russels in our kennel. good luk in unlocking dogs!

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Cheats - Trick: Break Dance

by Unregistered Jun 09, 2006

First, you have to teach your dog to spin and rollover. Command your dog to roll over. When your dog is belly-up, command it to spin. Voila! Your dog can break dance.

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Hints - Lion/dog

by curtis(red ohm) May 22, 2006

You must have a lion's mane and a labrador or daschund(weenie dog).The dog you choose must have a yellowish/lite-brownish coat to resemble a lion's.As soon as you get the right dog put the lion's mane on him/her.Your dog will now look like a lion.Don't forget to name it something special.

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Secret - How to Get More Trainer Points!!!!

by Saunders12345678910 Jan 07, 2009

Okay go out for a walk then go through as many "?" as you can.
When you meet another dog leave it on e.g Erik has some stern words for you and leave it like that over night. (Screen Open and Charging)And don't worry the screen will go black after a while. Every 10 minutes you will gain 100 trainer points!
I left it on for 3 days and completed the game!

Hope this helped alot!

P.S Rate this cheat plz!

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Cheats - No title

by Unregistered May 31, 2006

If you want to get all of the things under , acessories, toys, sports,etc. in the supplys catagorie ( and get a million dollars, you go to any closest game store and buy a silver cartrige for 10 dollars, plug it into the gameboy slot on your DS and plug your Nintendogs cartride into the back of the silver cartidge, follow the directions and..... Tada! ENJOY!!

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Cheats - Reset

by Unregistered May 07, 2006

1. Nintendoís coming on.
2. Just as the photo of a dog appears press every button EVERY button apart from start and select(remember the arrows as well)
3. It will say something meaning reset.
4. Say yes and it will load for 2-3 minutes.
5. Then it will take you to the kennels and WALLA!!

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Secret - ~Present Cheats~ (Cool cheats you must know)

by DreamsTruth Mar 18, 2013

I will only explain to you two cheats. And they are cool.

Cheat #1: How to get presents without walking your dog

Alright, so you must stay at Home while your dogs are there. Then, wait for a very, very long time (probably half an hour) until a dog disappears. When a dog disappears, always click on one of the keys. Then, a dog will appear, running out of the entrance as it carries a gift box. That will be a present! :) I discovered this cheat and it's really cool.

Cheat #2: How to get presents you never had on walks

Alright... I tried this before. First, remember to have your dog to be well-fed. And make it clean. Then, take it on walks. You probably need to get as many blue question boxes as you can, just in case. ;] When you reach towards a blue question box, you might see another dog or a present. Remember, if the dog barks twice, it is another dog. And if the dog barks once, it is a present. When your dog goes and brings you a present, wait for two minutes or more.

(This should be notes that sometimes this cheat only works sometimes. But this cheats works a lot on me. :) So this cheat supposed to work on you!)

Enjoy the cheats! If you have any more questions, comment on this!

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Secret - How to get jack russel book the easy way

by Unregistered Feb 07, 2013

If you take your dog on a walk when it is hungry and thirsty there will only be one ? box. It will be in the top corner and most likely it will be the jack russel book. Hope this helps!

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Code - Trainer points

by Unregistered Jun 08, 2012

okay 1. you hook up your Nintendo ds to the wall and leave it there 2. then turn on your ds and put in the nintendogs game( works for any game I think) then get the rubber brush and put in the middle of dog ( you don't need to use your stylus ) 3. if you leave the ds on for a long time but keep the rubber brush on the dog you can get a lot of trainer points( you for example could keep it on while you are sleeping and then get up in the morning and you go to the go out menu, then info ,then trainer info and under trainer points you can see how many points you have.

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Code - Cheat - Some rare presents on each walk.

by Nintendogslover123 May 17, 2012

Okay, I have alot of things to explain here, so this is going to be a LONG text, lol.

Rare presents -

So, have you ever wanted rare presents? (I did, have had nintendogs 1 year and haven't got any rare stuff -.-) Anyway.

It's simple to get some rare stuff, like RC Helicopter or, lucky collar. Just follow these simple steps.

1 - Feed you're dogs, Natural Dog Food Bad, and Milk.

2 - Wash you're dogs, until they shine, and a sign comes up saying, 'Someone looks beautiful'.

3 - Brush you're dogs until they shine.

4 - Feed the dog you're taking out, a Jerky Treat.

5 - Pat you're dog for one minute exact. (I suggest you use a timer).

6 - Go out for a walk. Go through as many '?' boxes as you can.

Hope this helped.


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Glitch - Gold Bar

by Unregistered Mar 22, 2012

Don't sell all the items you get on walks.when you have 99 (everything), there will be no space for the other items and you will get gold bar and wait until you have 99 gold bars then sell it. I think one gold bar is worth 2000, I forgot the price, sorry.

(I'm sorry if there is any grammar errors or spelling errors or any erroor, I'm not good in English.

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Secret - Jr book

by nintendogpal22 Jan 06, 2012

listen you only get the jr book if you walk your dog non stop and it dont matter if there wearing a flower collar or anything like that it took me a year to get 5 of em

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Secret - Pressie on the floor

by nintendogpal22 Jan 06, 2012

they are usally better than ? boxes i got a promes ring in one on my 2 month on labs.

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Code - Nintendogs+CatsLover Presents:Nintendogs+Cats EXTRA PRESENT.

by Unregistered Oct 19, 2011

Ok So When Your Walking You Might Se Cones If You Do Zig Zag Through The Cones Without Touching Them. Then A Free Present Will Pop Up:)


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