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Nintendogs Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 116 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 68 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Item prices[sell price]

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

[these are only items i have]
rc helicopter-200.00, moi statue 100.00, lisa doll-30.00,rubber bones-1.60, discs go from 2.40-6.00 depends wat kind,every
collar-10.00, checked ribbon-4.00,blue poka dot ribbon-7.00,party glasses-7.00,yellow cap-8.00,beret straw hat knit hat and sombrero-10.00, pirate hat-24.00,stick-0.50,leather shoe-6.oo,marble and silver clock-16.00,records-5.00-10.00, "dog's theme" box-6.00

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Cheats - Most valuable items (that i know of)...

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

The Moai Statue is worth $100
The Stuffed Bear is worth $60
The Stuffed Dog is worth $50

Stuff that you get alot:

Bubble Blower
Juice Bottle
Black boot (or white but white is rarer)
Cushion Die

Other stuff:

The piggy bank is worth $2 in shop but throw it and u get $2.60.

The maoi statue is worth $100 (and i have one, YAY!)

Goldens can have ribbons on thier heads but huskies have them on their neck.

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Cheats - ?????

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

when you are about to go on barmode go to kennel and if you dont have a labrador and the other person does ask them to bring it and when you go on barkmode keep petting and playing with the other persons dog and when you go home it will say the kennel brought in Labrador puppies!!!

please note you cN ONLY DO IT 1 TIME

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Cheats - Walk 'Till You Drop

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2007

People say this will give you walks unlimited.... but it doesn't... You will need to reapeat this every time. Here are the steps:
1.Put an accesory on the dog you would like to walk
2.Choose any route but you MUST go to the park!!!
3.When you are at the park, change your accesory.
4.The screen should say "Saving... Do Not Turn Power Off".
5.After the save turn off the DS immediatly!!

Voila!!! You can go on another walk without having to wait 1/2 an hour!!!

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Cheats - Interact with neigbors

by themagicalZ Jan 04, 2007

Are u always annoyed about how ur dog is still confused abourt the other dog? well do this,

read the persons comment, then drag the leash nearer to the other dog, they wll sniff eachother, if they like eachother this nice happy music will come on, if they dont, this drum
will sound.

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Cheats - REAR PRESSIES!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2006

Put a santa clause hat on your oldest dog.Then when u
hear a siren take that dog out for a walk. Go through
all the ? blocks and all the corners.You have to have
at least 30000 tp if you want to come across a rear
present with this cheat.this is from kyle

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Cheats - Knowing when you have anyother gift

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2006

When you are walking with your dog and you look at the untouchable screen and the dog icon isn't going forward it means there is garbage, a box, or a presant there. (so slow your dog down if your are running with it)

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Secret - Presents

by Katusma Apr 13, 2010

If you want to get a meteoroid you have to spend a lot of time with your pet like if you have 2 or 3 pets and a skipping rope it would make your pet happy and if you want to have presents all the way when you are on your walk you have to skip with your pet 1 hour and then go for a walk and if you want to have a lucky day when you go for a walk if you have the lucky collar and the clover clock put the on and then go for a walk. You can get a meteoroid and a alian. Happy Walking
Katusma(the name katusma is from moshi monsters.)

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Secret - To get more breeds

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

For more types of dogs, find another person with Nintendogs (other version) then both go to bark mode, you can get new types of dogs from the other person!

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Glitch - Infinate walks

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 06, 2009

Here's how to be able to walk you dog without having to wait a half hour and also get hordes of items. For this trick you need: At least 2 accessory items Draw your walk path to any park and back passing as many areas as you can. Start your walk, hitting the areas and getting items. Once you make it to the park, change the accessory that your dog is wearing. The game will auto save. Now after the save is complete, shutdown your DS. Turn it back on and you will have all items that you collected and you will also be able to take your dog for another walk.

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Secret - No to combat copter

by Unregistered Jun 24, 2008

I got a combat copter, and every dog that I have tried to get to play with it just barks and growls at it. None of my dogs like it at all. Sell it, it's worth $300.

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Secret - Presents

by Unregistered Jun 24, 2008

Keep your game on the home page (where it shows all of your dogs), and leave it there for roughly 45 minutes. Come back to your game, and one dog will be missing. Press the call icon, and the dog willl come back, with a present! I can't assure this will work 100% of the time, but it works!

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Secret - Styli'n Accessories for Chihuahuas

by Unregistered Jun 13, 2008

Collars:Red Leather,Purple Leather,Pumpkin Leather,Dot,Camo,Woven,Lucky and Pearl Necklace.
Glasses:Sport and 3-D
Hats:Both caps,Beret,[Not the clip,the French Hat]Newsboy Hat,Green Hat,Red Hat,Tiara,Crown,Sombrero and Santa Hat.

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Hints - Walking and walking

by nz-stranger Mar 12, 2007

i cant remeber where i got this but...
i got away to walk without wateing half a hour ok
so you go take a dog for a walk it does not matter where you go but you have to go to
a park note the park is the last place you should go so dont go to a few ? the park and more? ok so you walk when you get to the park put a accesoreb on it will save game turn off your nintendo ds turm it but on and you will be at home take your dog for a walk agian without having to wate half a hour just to tell you you keep the items but dont get stamia

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Hints - Jack russle terrier

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2007

I got the the Jack Russle book!!! I took my German Shepered on a walk wearing sport glasses. I found it near one of the empty parks.U guys should try it.

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Hints - Helicopter pilot

by Unregistered Feb 14, 2007

If you find a combat or rc copter when out on a walk, when you get home get it out and press L1 and you can become the copter pilot!

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Cheats - Dog trainer

by princesskittilover Jan 22, 2007

go to google and type in dog trainer under images...a some pictures will pop the one of a yellow box with a dog on should be able to find all the info on dog trainer you can see for your IS real

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Cheats - Unlimited walks

by Unregistered Jan 19, 2007

go for a walk and then put the dog that u went for a walk with in the dog hotel and then take it back out and you can go for another walk without having to wait 30 minutes

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Cheats - Gold bar

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

you no if you get 100,000 trainer point you can take your dogs out for a swim the next time you go for a walk.I no you can take your dogs out for a walk every 25 mins but if you go to the park and change its accesory you can take your dogs for a walk again only if you turun you nintendo off.

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Cheats - More Walks and Contests

by Unregistered Dec 29, 2006

Walks and Contests Anytime

There’s an easy way you can take as many walks and contests as you like, whenever you like.

- After taking a walk and/or 3 contests, shut off your DS
- Don’t save anything just turn the power off (there’s a switch at the side of your DS)
- Take out the Nintendogs game.
- Wait one minute (Literally one minute wait 60 seconds)
- Put your Nintendogs game back in
- Turn the power on
- You can take more walks and do more contests

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Hints - Unlock dalmation

by Unregistered Dec 20, 2006

1. Unlock milk and canned food
2. Find fireman's hat
3.When you get home, it should say that there are dalmation pups available!

Jack Russel terrier
1. Find the Jack russel book on a walk
2.When you get home, it should say that there are Jack Russel pups available!

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Cheats - Hop, hop, hop!!!

by Unregistered Nov 20, 2006

I know I way to make your dog hop! If you know how to make your dog stand up with 2 legs and it also know how to jump, make you dog stand up with 2 legs and say "jump". Then, click the lightbulb and teach it hop. Your dog will now hop like a kangaroo!!! Yay! :D

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Cheats - Connect while walking

by Unregistered Sep 25, 2006

connect in bark mode and one of you exit. then that person goes for a walk and when s/he meets a dog it will be the other persons dog.

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Cheats - Big Money

by Diamond12547 Sep 11, 2006

To get a lot of money, have 3 dogs win the competitions. The easiest for me is agility. Then you get the other dogs from the dog hotel. You will have $24,000 if you have 8 dogs if you win 1st place in the championship. In Nintendo’s I found a gold bar which is $2,000 and a promise ring which is $1,000. So um, how do you let your dog swim? Do you just get all the T.P.? that you can get?

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Hints - Agility Trials

by kukuxumusu Aug 23, 2006

The more a dog practices a Hurdle, seesaw, Tunnel or Slalom, the faster it is doing it.
This helps in Agility championship, and you only have a 5% chance of failing.

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