Nintendogs: Best Friends Review

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Nintendogs: Best Friends Review :

Great game

by EmilyEve Feb 07, 2011

Nintendogs is really fun to play!

You take care of 1-8 dogs, join competitions and many fun things. The pets look so cute, and you can even dress them up! Put hats or glasses on them and your all ready to show the other dogs whose the hottest dog there is!

I have ahd it for 5 years now and still enjoy it. having to take care of virtual dogs can teach children a few things like, clean them, feed them, walk them and other stuff.

When nintendogs + cats come out... I can't wait to play it!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed it and over all the game is a 9/10

It was really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY GOOD!!!!!

I need to fill up space so...


I can sing... well so can my nintendog!!!!

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7Story line
Not really much of a story line. I mean you play it for as long as you want! But you take care of 1-8 dogs and well, though it may sound boring... its very fun!
the graphic's are good seeing as the game was made in 2005.GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT,GREAT! just need to fill some space up. :P
the sound is probaby the best part about the game. it sounds like a dogs bark, there's music and some of the toys even make a sound! it sounds real and you can sometimes here a fire truck go by!!
REALLY FUN! and you never have to stop! the days go on and on! its fun! its great! good childrens game! makes you smile! feel good!
9Lasting Appeal
The game was and still is in one of my top 10, and so its a great fat 9/10! It is fun and good and fun and good and fun and... I said that over and over and over and... oh CAKE!!! yum! :D
(Out of 10)


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