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Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 22 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes, 1 password, 1 unlockable, 3 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Dance...

by DoggiePupGirl Jun 23, 2009

If you have the record, "Flower Waltz" play it then your dog will dance but the best part is that at the end it does a FLIP!
Rate mine's thumbs up please if you don't believe me try for yourself!

If you have the record, "Naptime" play it then your dog will go to sleep!
Whoops... Shhhhh.....

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Secret - Cool rare presents

by raw25 Jan 17, 2008

there are three ways to get cool rare presents

1. if you set the ds date to your birthday and go on a walk youll get cool presnets

2. set the date to christmas and wear the santa claus hat on a walk

3. set the date to new years and wear the new year tiara on a walk

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Hints - Hints

by cGub Dec 13, 2006

Hint: Free Gifts and Toys
While you can purchase new toys for your pup to play with, you can actually get some goodies for free if you know where to look. When you take your Nintendog on a walk, outline a path that goes by the blue "?" boxes marked on the map. Your puppy is likely to run off screen at those points and come back with a present for you!
Your puppy will also randomly run to get presents for you if you leave the game on the "Home" screen for long. If left unattended, your Nintendog will leave the apartment and stay off screen. Simply tap on the center button (the circular one) to whistle and call back your pup who should be carrying a new present.

Hint: Gift Locator
To find out if garbage or a present is approaching during one of your walks, look at the top screen. There should be the little dog symbol on the path that you drew. If that dog symbol stops and your dog is still walking, this indicates that either garbage or a present is coming up on the floor. If it is a present, tug your dog to a stop and your dog will notice it. It will pick it up and bring it over to you. It is easier to do this when your dog is running.

Hint: Beat The System
Prior to attending a contest, save the game. While attempting the trial, you may opt to turn off the Nintendo DS and reload your save (before the contest) to retry without docking your daily contest limit.

Hint: Easy Trainer Points
Navigate to the screen where you wash your puppy. Instead of actually brushing the puppy, leave the brush over your puppy (in the center of your dog). For each real-time minute the brush stays there sits there, you should gain one Trainer Point.

Hint: Walk Till You Drop
Before making the last stop in the park, change your dog's collar to auto-save your game. Turn off the DS and cold boot the game. This will enable you to save any items you found during the walk and restarts your walk at the same time, allowing you to farm the park for items.

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Unlockable - Puppies

by LoveNintendogs May 28, 2008

if you catch your dogs on top of each other try to save the game as fast as possible and come back in a day you will have puppies but it has to be the same dog breed good luck

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Glitch - Get A lot of Trainer Points

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2007

For every minute you brush your dog you get a trainer point. Plug your charger in for your DS and leave the brush on your dog... If you do that all night when you wake up in the morning you will have A LOT more trainer points.

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Easter Egg - Hehe! Puppy Playtime!

by popcorn_girl Jan 26, 2009

Here are a few cool tricks your dogs can do with certain items.
Tug-O-War: You need a pull rpoe. Toss the blue rope into the room. If you have two dogs, they should bite one end of the rope and tug each other!
Flying Dog!: Have a pull rope out of its box. Move it around until one of your dogs bight the end of it. Don't lift your STYLUS! Make circles with your stylus and your dog should be flining around! Eventually it'll fly off!
Jump Rope: You must have two dogs and a jump rope. Take out the jump rope. One dog will bite the other end. Swing the jump rope. Your other dog(s) will jump over the rope and might jump so high that it falls on its belly!
Dancing: Dogs will dance when you're playing a record! Certain songs make your dogs do certain things such as bark, turn in circles, ect.

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Code - Breeding

by bestestfriend101 Jan 06, 2011

You can breed Nintendogs if you want to learn more,please read the following below:

1.Make sure you have at least 10,000 trainer points

2.Get 2 dogs (same breed can be different colour doesn't have to be same colour)

3.ONLY feed your dogs dry food (or natural dog food)and milk

4.Let them snuggle lots (100 times)

5.Do not enter any competitions or walks (you can go for walks for the male but I recommend not too)

6.If you have the Naptime record use it a couple times a day.(If you don`t have it don`t go for walks just to look for it)

7.Please do not get mad at me if it doesn't work after the second try!


9.After about 4-5 days (or longer) the female dog should get fat


11.Don`t get mad at your dogs or yourself if it doesn`t work the 3rd time!

12.Try to not let them fight so much!

13.Stay clam even if Nintendo says it is impossible to breed Nintendogs
14.If it doesn`t work and you keep trying under any circumstances shall you use Action Replay it could mess up your game FOREVER!!

15.Get a Rose (for the female) and a Lucky Collar (for the male) NOTE:Get them before you mate you can either recieve them from bark mode if someone gives it to you or you can find it on walks. *_*


17.Good Luck!

P.S. comment if there is anymore stuff to breed



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Secret - Quick Trainer Points

by Unregistered Jun 24, 2008

Go To 'Supplies list' and click on the 'care' section. Get your brush (can be wire or rubber) and drag it to the middle of your dogs body, it must be there for the cheat to work. Also, YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR NDS OPEN FOR THIS CHEAT TO WORK! If you do this, you should get 12 trainer points a minuite. This works on any N/D Version.

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Secret - How To Unlock All Dogs

by kakashininga Apr 07, 2008

Well, adoration points unlocks dogs, and this cheat shows you hot to get them. While you are brushing your dogs, you get 1 adoration point per minute, so, if you leave your ds on the charger, on the brush screen, overnight, you could unlock a dog or 2.

This is another way to get dogs, but you need someone with a game that you have never connected to (eg. if i have duchand and friends, and i have connected to my friend with his dalmation and friends, it will not work with dalmation and friends anymore, unless you start a new file)What you must do, is get your friend to send you a dog that is not in your kennel on bark mode, and then, when you go back home, that dog will be unlocked. Hope ypu find this helpful, ill put more on later!!!! (P.S. with the second cheat, if u send a dog that your friend doesnt have, and yor friend sends a dog taht u dont have, u will both unlock those dogs)(and these cheats work on any version i think, not sure about Best Friends, but u can try)

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Easter Egg - Pull Rope Trick

by jencheats1024 May 14, 2009

When you buy a pull rope, you should really try this out! First, drag the rope in front of the puppy. Then, when he/she grabs it, pull on it and wait a bit. Don't pull too hard or the puppy will let go of the rope. After a couple of seconds, your puppy will hang on the rope! Try swinging the rope around! It's really funny to swing your puppy across the room! Sometimes if you swing too hard, the puppy will let go. See how long you can keep your puppy hanging on the rope! Tell me how long it took with a comment!

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Secret - Jack Russell Terriers

by Unregistered Feb 04, 2008

On Feb. 2nd, I unlocked the Jack Russell Terrier! People say to wear a lucky collar and use a clover clock to find the book used to unlock them with. And it worked!!! It took me DOZENS and DOZENS of walks. My suggestions on finding it would be to use your oldest dog and take it for a long walk. Be sure to have a lot of trainer points. After going over every "?" mark on the map, draw the path to the park, then right back to your house. On your way back, do not go over ANY "?"s. Go on your walk. When you finally reach the park, change your dog's collar, bow or hat. It will say "Saving...Do not turn the power off". Then, (if you didn't find the book) after that, you turn the power off. When you turn it back on, your data would have saved, but you could go for another walk without having to wait 25 minutes! Keep on doing this until you find the book.

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Secret - Jack Russell Terrier (Part 2)

by Unregistered Feb 04, 2008

To find the book, I suggest you search around the ranch areas. Some people say that they found it in the beach areas. So, when drawing your path, go past the shorelines and ranch areas with your oldest dog.

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Secret - Fast, easy MONEY!

by cheaterpants Jul 22, 2009

First, you need a dog that has an acessory on. Then you take it on a walk by mark boxes but that are heading to the park. Once you get there, take OFF the acessory and put ON a NEW one. It will save. Then, turn your DS off. Turn it back on and your dog will be home with all the stuff you got on the walk. YOu can sell the all the doubles and after you do this for a while, you will have ALOT of money. I did.

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Code - My tips on how to breed

by bestest Mar 25, 2011


Okay. Right now I am trying to breed my dogs on this nintendogs game. Here are tips and instructions on doing so. I have never actually bred, but my dalmatian has gotten fat.


1. Get 1 male and female of the same breed NOTE:does not have to be the same color

2. Get lots of dry food and milk at the pet supply store

3. Feed them that ONLY

4. Make sure none of the dogs go out and NEVER go to the house changer thing and switch houses


Q:Can I take my female for walks?

A:No you can take the male out for walks, but I don't recommend it.

Q:Can I take my dog for baths?

A:Yes but only when they are dirty or filthy.

Q:Should I take my dogs for contests?

A: No.


1. Never give up and keep trying no matter what.

2. If it doesn't work,don't go to that action replay thing it could screw up your game FOREVER.

3. Remember, it takes lots of work and patience to have baby puppies, and it might take 1-2 weeks of time

4. Work really hard.

5. Your dogs have to cuddle about 100x so I recommend putting on a soothing, loving song that makes your dogs cuddle.




lollaughing out loud
so yeahignore this little chart
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Code - Nintendogs - Trainer points cheat

by bestestfriend101 Jan 06, 2011

If you want a TON of trainer points then keep reading this:

First make sure your dogs are beautiful,

if not,well then go give it a bath to make sure,

once your dog is beautiful go take out your dog's preferred brush for your dog's hair coat,

keep the brush in the middle of the dog,then plug in your recharger so that your ds/dsi won't die off on you,

then keep the ds/dsi on and open.leave it for overnight and ta-da!there you go.i did it lots and i got the beagle i always wanted


wash your doggets it beautiful
put brush in middle of the dog and plug in your recharger and keep ds/dsi on and opengets tons on trainer points
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Secret - Walk in a circle

by Unregistered Jan 22, 2009

To get your dog to walk in a circle tell it to begg and then say stand. It then should walk in a circle. Your dog doesn't have to know stand but needs to know to beg

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Code - How to make a dog couple

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2012
  • Female and male
  • Calm music such as nap time record
  • Have female and male cuddle if they don't cuddle... then get an other female
  • You also want the female and male to be a different type
  • It is very simple and easy and I did this before so don't guess I didn't!
  • If it doesn't work tell me! :)
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Secret - Secrets

by bestest Oct 24, 2011

If you have a NINTENDOGS RECORD, your dog might bark to it.But what you probably DIDN'T know is that it is a personality reset button.Only temporarily.

If you have a keyboard, randomly press some notes. Then either press the up or down arrow or X or B. It makes the notes different pitched!


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Easter Egg - Special Presents

by bestest Jun 27, 2011

Ok in this cheat I will tell all the people out there how to get special and rare presents.

1.Take good care of your dog:




Give it some drinkable liquids


2.Make sure your dog is by itself with no other dogs.

3.Put a lucky colar on and a lucky clock on (optianal)

4.Go to the "Go Out" menu and click "Walk"

5.Walk your dog nicely and abosloutley no pulling your dog or making your dog run!!

6.You should be able to find random presents on the street that contain rare items!


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Code - Tricks

by bestestfriend101 Jan 06, 2011

As you all know,the basic tricks are in the training book so i will not say those out.Anyways here are some tricks:

Sneeze:touch your dog's snout and click the light bulb in the top right corner

Sing:bring out keyboard and press notes.then click light bulb

Play Dead:when lying down,turn sideways and click the light bulb

Wash Face:hold dog's ear untill dog brings out his/her paw and swats his/her face then click the light bulb icon

Backflip:(here is one way to do it)bring out your flower waltz record(found on walks)and move the needle to the end of the record if your dogs are ready they should do a backflip and the little light bulb icon will appear!!


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Secret - Gift or Dog?

by Unregistered Mar 11, 2009

When you approach a question mark box your dog will stop and bark either 1 or 2 times. If your dog barks 1 time, it's a gift. If your dog barks 2 times, it's a dog. Hope I helped!!!

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Secret - Action reply

by raw25 Jan 17, 2008

go to the store and buy an action replay.
it tis so much easier than doing all of this stuff that doesnt work.
just buy one and look up cheats for it.

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Password - Action Replay Codes: The Longest Cheat Ever

by Unregistered Jul 15, 2009

All Items [North America]


94000130 fffb0000
e21a2afc 00000534
63000001 63000002
63000003 63000004
63000005 63000006
63000007 6300000a
6300000b 6300000c
63000021 63000022
63000023 63000024
63000025 63000026
63000027 63000028
63000029 6300002a
6300002b 6300002c
6300002d 6300002e
6300002f 63000030
63000031 63000040
6300003f 63000041
63000042 63000043
63000044 63000045
6300004b 6300004d
6300004e 63010000
63010001 63010002
63010003 63010004
63010005 63010006
63010007 63010008
63010009 6301000a
6301000b 6301000c
6301000d 6301000e
6301000f 63010010
63010011 63010012
63010013 63010014
63010015 63010016
63010017 63010018
63010019 6301001a
6301001b 6301001c
6301001d 6301001e
6301001f 63010020
63010021 63010022
63010023 63010024
63010025 63010026
63010027 63010028
63010029 6301002a
6301002b 6301002c
6301002d 6301002e
6301002f 63010030
63010031 63010032
63010034 63010035
63010038 6301003a
6301003b 6301003c
6301003d 6301003e
6301003f 63000035
63000036 63000037
63000038 63000039
6300003a 6300003b
6300003c 6300003d
6300003e 63000065
63000066 63000067
63000068 63000069
6300006a 63000046
63000047 63000049
6300004a 6300004f
63000050 63000051
63000052 63000053
63000054 63000055
63000056 63000057
63000058 63000059
6300005a 6300005b
6300005c 6300005d
6300005e 63000064
63020000 63020001
63020002 63020003
63020004 63020005
63020006 63020007
63000008 63000009
6300000d 6300000e
6300000f 63000010
63000011 63000012
63000013 63000014
63000015 63000016
63000017 63000018
63000019 6300001a
6300001b 6300001c
6300001d 6300001e
6300001f 63000020
63000032 63000033
63000034 63040000
63040001 63040002
63040003 63040004
63040005 63040006
63040007 63040008
63040009 6304000a
6304000b 6304000c
6304000d 6304000e
6304000f 63040010
63040011 63040012
63040013 63040014
63040015 63040016
63040017 63030001
63030002 63030003
63030004 63030005
63030006 63030007
6303001f 00000000
d2000000 00000000
Verify this code Rate this code I would like to report a problem with this code
Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: reptile tc on June 01, 2009
rating: --- link directly to this codeAll Items x99 [North America]

Press select during gameplay, gives you 99 of everything BUT it deletes all dogs in the kennel. But to reverse that just use a dog modifier so It really doesn't matter.

94000130 FFFB0000
E21A2AFC 00000534
63000001 63000002
63000003 63000004
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