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Nintendogs: Dalmation and Friends Cheats :

This page contains Nintendogs: Dalmation and Friends cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 12 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 2 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs: Dalmation and Friends on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - How to unlock all the dogs

by blackUmbreon Mar 02, 2010

This cheat will tell u how to unlock each dog in dalmation and friends.

Cavalier K C Spaniel2,000 Trainer Points
Chihuahua8,000 Trainer Points
Jack Russel TerrierFind the Jack Russel Book while on a walk
Labrador Retriver45,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Dachshund50,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Pinscher30,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Schnauzer20,000 Trainer Points
Pembroke Welsh Corgi10,000 Trainer Points
Pug16,000 Trainer Points
Shetland Sheepdog4,000 Trainer Points
Shiba InuFind the Japanese Collar while on a walk
Shih Tzu35,000 Trainer Points
Siberian Husky22,000 Trainer Points
Toy Poodle14,000 Trainer Points
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Code - Nintendogs Dog Names

by Riverstar Nov 08, 2010

Just out of interest, what are your dogs called? Mine are called:


Flloyd,*newest dog, dalmatian*

Mango, *brown and white king Charles spaniel. Good dog*

Boysie, *brown german shepard, my bad boy, but I love him!*

Lee, *black Shetland sheep dog, follows Boysie's pawsteps!*


Peaches,*Golden king Charles spaniel, shy*

Buet *black beagle, fab agility dog, oldest dog, I love her!*

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Code - Judges talk faster

by saffron74 Aug 20, 2008

in the disk/obedience/agility trials the judges talk kind of slow to me, but I found a way to make them talk faster.all you have to do is wile they're talking press the pen thing up to the screen and then hold it there.

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Hints - Get better presents

by Unregistered Dec 12, 2006

You can get better presents you've never had before if you find the lucky clock and set it as your regular clock before taking a walk.

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Secret - How to have puppies

by Unregistered Jun 27, 2011

ok first you get two dogs from the kennel a boy and girl note to self they both must be friendly #2 the other dogs you have at home put them in the hotel to have the boy and girl alone #3 put a red ribbibon on the girl and a red collor on the boy #4 only feed them milk and dry food #5 dont take them out or dont really play with them espeslliy the girl #6 your girl dog stomche should be getting bigger #7 then wait a few weeks or if luck days p.s if your girl dogs stomche is fatter that means your puppy is almost out.hope it works im still trying it.bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!!!<3:D

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Code - Random Tips

by Soxz Nov 08, 2010

So, as many of you might know, People say you can breed Nintendogs. I am not totally convinced that it's true, or that it is fake. Here are a couple ways i have seen people say it is done (Haven't tested these yet, never really cared to. xD)

Here is a simple 5 step way to get your Dogs to breed:

  1. Must have at least ten thousand Trainer Points
  2. Get a male and a female of the same breed, Skin color does not matter.
  3. Get the two dogs to become really good friends, so they wont bite, bark, or tackle (at) each other. Eventually, they'll start walking slowly with each other, and Will lie down with eachother
  4. Remember, only feed them Milk and Dry food!
  5. In a few days, the female will start to look fatter. If your lucky, she will give birth soon.

NOTE: Dont take any dog on walk, or competitions.

Here is a 4 step way. Very similar to the first one.

  1. Only feed your pups Milk and Dry food
  2. Of course, have one male, and one female of the same breed in the house.
  3. Dont bring Female on walks
  4. No competitions

NOTE: These processes might take a while.

What Dogs For What Competition?

Ok, so as many of you may wonder, What dogs are good at what competitions? Well, I have been playing nintendogs since the year it came out, and i have a whole crap-ton of experience with it. So please, don't doubt this Information, it is real, and i have tested it out.

Disc Competitions:

Haven't you always wanted a dog that can run super fast, and catch a frisbee at lightning speeds? Well, here's a lsit of dogs that are GREAT for that!

Pembroke Welsch Corgie:

In my thoughts, the fastest dogs in the game, They're super fast, and are PERFECT for disk competitions. Simply Perfect!

Toy Poodles:

I have also had a Toy poodle, she was very fast, and very good at Disc competitions, but she still didn't compare to the Corgie.

Any Medium sized Dogs:

The two choices up there are the 2 fastest breeds of dogs in the game. I recommend ONLY medium sized dogs, so only Beagle sized. No little dogs (although, SOME might be able to, maybe a Yorkie.) The only Big dog that can even come close to as fast as any medium sized dog is the Siberian Husky. But are not fast enough for the championships, and are great at Agility Trials.

Agility Trials:

Siberian Husky:

They're wonderful at agility trials. The perfect speed.


They are great for agility trials as well.

Big and small sized dogs:

I advise you not to use a a medium sized dog because they can become to fast,... 

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Unlockable - Unlockable houses

by blackUmbreon Mar 02, 2010

This cheat will tell u how to unlock each house, how much money it costs & how much trainer points u need to unlock it

Desktop ($20,000)6,000 Trainer Points
Northern European ($5,000)25,000 Trainer Points
Outer Space ($100,000)18,000 Trainer Points
Seaside ($50,000)12,000 Trainer Points
Urban Living ($5,000)40,000 Trainer Points
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Secret - Nintendogs: Dalmation and Friends Cheats

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2012

Having puppies!!:

1. Drop off all of ur dogs so there is one left.

2. Wash and brush (With right shampoo and brush) the dog.

3. Go to shop and stock up on Dry food and milk.

4. Buy or get (from hotel) a dog of the same breed but the opposite gender as the one at home.

5. Name it and Blah blah blah. Make sure the dogs personality is friendly.

6. Have the dogs play together but NO FIGHTING!

7. Do not walk or play with either dogs and no compotitions. Feed them only milk and dry food.

8. The females tummy shuld be getting bigger and he should be following her.

9. After a few days (or maybe a week) PUPPIES!!!

Trainer Points:

1. Go to your dog and set it on brush mode with the right brush.

2. Don't brush it.

3. Put ur DS on charge

4. Leave it open and on overnight

5. You should have LOTS of trainer points

NOTE: It might freeze so save it before.

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Secret - Nintendogs secrets

by warriorslover Nov 03, 2011

How to have puppies:

Get two dogs of the same breed and one has to be a boy and the other has to be a girl (it does not matter if they arent the same color) and feed them ONLY DRY FOOD, NATURAL DOG FOOD, AND MILK!!!! Do not take any of them on contests or walks and you will notice that the female will get fatter. The dogs have to be alone and between 4-10 days you will have a puppy! (it sometimes does not work)

How to get more trainer points:

brush your dog but dont really brush it. Just lay the brush on the dog's belly and when one minute passes by, you get one trainer point. If you leave it over night, you get around 1200 points.

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Secret - Contest cheat

by Unregistered Jun 07, 2010

Oh shot i ran out of contests cuz i already enterd 3 turm off ds then take game chip out turn on ds then set the date 2 months be4 the date it is set the time 2 11:59 turn ds off put the game in wate til midnite and ha u can enter contests again!


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Code - Breeding On Nintendogs

by Riverstar Nov 02, 2010

I read somewhere that you can breed to dogs of the same breed by keeping them alone in the house, not going for walks or entering comps. You have to feed them only dry food and milk, and the girl should get fat and have puppies. I'm trying it now, please try it and tell me if it works!!! Thanks

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Easter Egg - Free Presents!

by mysimskingdomhelp Jan 26, 2009

Take your dog for a walk. And then when you're drawing your route always draw over the question marks. A tip is to take a really long route so you can draw over all the question marks. And then when your dog is walking, and it lands on a question mark, your dog will pick up a present, and there you have your free gift. The most best gift to get, is the Lucky Collar. It gives your dog good luck, and it has jewels and it's so sparkly! Hope this helps. Bye!

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Secret - To Get a 50 50 chance of a 10 in disk throwing.

by kjm0001 Sep 30, 2009

When you choose a dog to go on the disk competition throw the disk in the middle of the screen going up.You wil have a 50 50 chance of a 10. If it doesnt work for you,you must be doing it wrong or your unlucky.

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