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Petz: Catz Clan Cheats :

This page contains Petz: Catz Clan cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 1 unlockable, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Petz: Catz Clan on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - New breeds!

by Arceus_Queen Jan 05, 2009

If you read the instruction booklet, or have already gained a level, you probably already know that you unlock new breeds when you gain a level. However, there are breeds you need special codes to unlock. If you're lucky, you may find a cat at the park whose breed must be unlocked with a code. You can get one of your cats to fall in love with it, and get kittens of that breed!

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Code - Breeding cats (kitten patterns)

by SavageWolf Sep 24, 2012

hey guys im new to cheats guru and i got a couple of cheats for you this one is getting new patterns for your cat. heres is a list of cats you can breed and get a cool pattern off of

NOTE: it might not work but keep trying! and the number next to it shows how many times you have to tap signature on their pedigree paper TRUST ME IT WORKS!!

this is a secret but technically you dont need codes you just need your cats

here is how many times you need to tap the "SIGNATURE" button when you sign the pedigree papers

NOTE: it goes in order as the chart is set up the / on the chart means the cat is a mix breed

1. Male:10 Female:1

2. Male: 1 Female: 5,6, or 7

3.Male: 10 Female:1

4.Male:10 Female:1

5. Male:1 Female: 17

6. Male:1 Female:1

7. Male:10 Female:1

have any questions? email me

want to know what the breeds i forgot looked like? email me!

Male Egyptian Mau & Female Siamesewhite kitten with black splotches on back
Male Ocicat & Female Short-hair/Siamesemedium brown kitten with grey splotches
Male American Short-hair & Female Abyssinian(sorry fogot what the cat looked like) :-(
Male Scottish Fold & Female Short-hair/ Siamese(again forgot)
Male Oci/Short-hair/siamese & Female Mau/ Siawhite kitten with grey splotches
Male Oci/Short-hair/ Sia & Female Short-hair/Sia(forgot but email me and i'll give you the answers)
Male Bobtail & Female Siamesewhite cat spots on back of head splotch on back
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Code - Codes for petz catz clan

by Unregistered Aug 25, 2011

ok i found alot of codes :D they ALL work i tried them

and if you dont know how to get to the codes its the key on that brief case in the corner

thirstAngel Maine Coon, Angelic Wings/Halo
spacecArmy Ocicat, Training Pants
pswornAstronaut Mandrill, Spacesuit
petcatBallerina Capuchin, Ballerina Outfit 2
swindlBallerina Russian Blue, Ballerina Outfit
dr68jjCheerleader White Persian, Cheerleader Outfit, Pom Poms,
furbalClown Marmoset, Clown Hat 2, Frilly Collar 2
edcrfvDevilish Tamarin & Devilish Wings/Horns
tpcbkqDiva Siamese, Fluffy Scarf 2, Sunglasses 2
ctzluvEgyptian Mau & Red Scarf
thrillFairy Yorkie, Frilly Collar, Fairy Wings 2, Crown
laflinSuper husky toy and a super hero costume
stinkoNative American Chihuahua, Native American Feather
aptcayPirate Lemur & Pirate Outfit
lardsiRocket Abyssinian, Rocket Pack
eggsukRockstar Boxer, Leather Jacket Suit, Spiked Collar 2
gallonSuperhero Husky, Flying Cape
queenqSurfer Beagle, Surfer Pants, Sunglasses, Beach Ball
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Code - Caring For Your Clan!!

by bestestfriend101 Jan 06, 2011

If you take care of your clan for a long time really nicely,you might get a notice that says"new shampoo avaible!"or "new food avaible!"then when you go to your frigde,and your bathroom you will get something different!!Hope this works!!

caring your catnew food
caring your catnew shampoo
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Code - Codes for Petz: Catz Clan For Nintendo DS.

by Lyndarocks Nov 02, 2009

Don't worry I tried all these codes out first, and yes they all work!!!!

If you don't know where to put in the code...then your just stupid! :D

thirst= "Angel Maine Coon!" & Angelic Wings/Halo!
twinkl= "Ballerina Outfit!"
Hawaii= "Rocket Pack! + Rocket Abyssinian!"
Fuckul (Seriously I kidd you not.)= "Clown Marmoset!" + Clown Hat 2 & Frilly Collar 2.
Ctzluv= Unlockes: "Egyptian Mau!" + Red Scarf.
Shitul (No Jokes, It does work!)= "Fairy Yorkie!" + Frilly Collar 1. + Fairy Wings 2. + Crown.
Sk8eri= Soccer Jersey! + Soccer Ball.
Spacec= "Army Ocicat!" + Training Pants, + Dog Tag 2.
3r6hsj= "Cheerleader White Persian!" + Cheerleader Outfit (Pink.) + Pom Poms!
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Petz: Catz Clan Cheats


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