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Petz: Hamsterz 2 Cheats :

This page contains Petz: Hamsterz 2 cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 6 unlockables, 1 glitch, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Petz: Hamsterz 2 on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Unlocking Characters to visit with your hamster

by Unregistered Jan 25, 2010

Some of this may seem abit complicated but it does work

This is the order you should be able to unlock them in:
1st Cousin
Shop Visiter (You can unlock them at any time)
2nd Cousin
3rd Cousin (can unlock any time after 2nd cousin)
Shop Clerk

Unlocking The AuntTalk to your cousin 20 times
Unlocking the Second CousinTalk to your Aunt 20 times
Unlocking the Shop VisiterKeep talking to them in the Shop
Unlocking the Third CousinAfter you've unlocked the 2nd cousin, Talk to your 1st cousin 20 times
Unlocking the Shop Clerk part 1Talk to your 2nd cousin 20 times, then go to the pet store and talk to the shop visiter then go back and talk to the 2nd cousin 20 times again. After that go to the menu where you choose which hamster cage you want to go to and choose a different one. Your cousin should come in and talk to you.
Unlocking the Shop Clerk part 2Go talk to the Shop Clerk, then go talk to 2nd cousin twice, and then go talk to the shop clerk again.
Unlocking GrandmotherTalk to 3rd cousin 20 times
Unlocking GrandfatherTalk to Grandmother 20 times
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Secret - Get a Baby Hamster In Less Than 3 DAYS

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2010

Okay. you want a baby hamster, and yuo know it takes 3 weeks to mature your hammie. Mybe you're terminally ill and can't wait 3 weeks. So, her it goes... Get a male and female hamster of the same breed. Save your game. Now go to the DS settings and adjust to 3 weeks later. Go back to your cage. put the hamsters in the cage, and leave the DS on overnight and the following day. That night, go to the pet store, and Bergman will tell you that your hammie is prego. WOO HOO!

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Unlockable - Unlocking places to take your hamster !!

by hamsterz2-master Nov 15, 2010

Hi every one i am the hamsterz2-master i have some cheats for you on how to unlock people to visit some one posted these before but some of them were wrong so i have posted the right ones they seem way to long because they are just do one a day because if you do them all in one day your hamster will be upset and wont give you stars (money)

people you can unlock-


second cousin

third cousin

shop visitor

shop clerk


auntvisit cousin 20 times
second cousinvisit aunt 20 times
third cousinafter you unlock second cousin talk to first cousin 20 times
shop visitorkeep talking to them in the shop
shop clerkTalk to your 2nd cousin 20 times, then go to the pet store and talk to the shop visiter then go back and talk to the 2nd cousin 20 times again. After that go to the menu where you choose which hamster cage you want to go to and choose a different one. Your cousin should come in and talk to you.Go talk to the Shop Clerk, then go talk to 2nd cousin twice, and then go talk to the shop clerk again.
grandmatalk to third cousin 20 times
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by Soxz Sep 08, 2010

ok, so get your pair in the same age, get about 9 food dishes and three water bottles (i have 5 foodies and 3 water bottles, but when i wake up everything is empty, so i reccomend more.) leave ur ds on charger over night, and when you wake up, save turn off your ds, boost the date up a month and turn it bakc on, go to the pregnant hamsters cage and go to the store, and as soon as you go, the store owner will tell you your hammie is pregnant, turn off ds, boost date up 10 days, turn back on go to pregnant hamster's cage and u have a baby!

NOTE: if you do not like the baby, just turn of ds and turn back on (repeat as necesary)


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Unlockable - Unlocking the grandfather and other hamsterz and charaters

by 123testing Mar 05, 2012

you can unlock the shop visiter any time you want

unlocking the grandfather is REALLY hard

after unlocking all charaters breeding is really easy

if does not work send me an email


shop clerk part 1talk to 2nd cousin 45 to shop visiter, talk to 2nd cousin 46 times. now go a choose a diffrent hamster cage your cousin should start talking to you
shop clerk part 2talk to: shop clerk,then 2nd cousin 3 times and then shop clerk again.
grandmothertalk to 3rd cousin 23 times
grandfathertalk to grandmother at least 43 times
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Code - How to get baby hamster easy

by hamsterz2-master Nov 15, 2010

every one wants baby hamsterz right so i the hamsterz2-master will tell you how to -

1. put to hamsterz in a cage together (same breed)

2. put 2 water bottles and 2 food bowls in the cage

3. put your ds on charge leaving your game running and leave it on over night

4. keep doing this until the guy at the pet shop tells you your hammie is pregnant (make sure your hamster is an adult first though)

i have done this procedure 5 times and its worked every time :)

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Code - How to cure form sickness your hamster in just 2 minutes.

by TheMrTamagotchi Sep 13, 2010

1. Give capsules to your hamster.

2. Save your game.

3. Reboot your NDS.

4. Go to settings NDS and adjust to 3 days later.

5. Save settings and turn off your NDS.

6. Reboot your NDS and go to HamsterZ 2 to look your hamster.

Your hamster is neat and will give stars !

I hope this cheat will work.

If you want watch video, click this link on comment folder.

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Unlockable - Star Hamsters!

by Lotty Aug 10, 2010

Star Hamsters are a breed of hamster on Hamsterz 2 DS. They have any coloured fur, but have a star on their head and three stars on their back. Here's how you can get one...
You need two Golden Hamsters with different patterned fur and they need to be one Male and one Female. Partner them up and leave your DS on charge overnight, the following day, the night after and the following day. Make sure they have at least four food bowls and water bottles so they have plenty of food and water overnight or they will get sick. Then go to the Pet Store and the man there should tell you your hamster is pregnant! Now save, turn of your DS and skip the date ahead by ten days. Turn back on, go to the female's cage and she will have had a baby! Now, it may be a normal breed at first and if you don't like it, turn off the DS, turn it back on and keep doing that until you get a Star Hamster. My two Goldens, Kimi and Rocko had a baby and I only had to turn it off once before I got a Star Hamster, which is now called Aero. :-)

Star HamsterThe instructions above.
Racoon HamsterKeep talking to the man in the Pet Store, eventually he will run out to get some supplies. Keep doing that and eventually, there will be Racoon Hamsters in stock!
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Glitch - Easy Rare Items!

by blasko98 Sep 14, 2009

Ok, first on your DS, set your birthday to the currant day. You will get a present from Jane or Mike. I got a whistle from Jane! You can do this as many times as you want.

IMPORTANT NOTE!:After you do it, set the birthday to the original date.

Ps: Don't change the time unless its wrong.

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Secret - Lots Of Money!

by blasko98 Sep 14, 2009

First, pick up your hamster then stroke it as much as you can. Put it back down then after 1 minute, do it again. Keep doing this to get lots of money!

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Secret - Get your hamsters older faster!

by jdognj10 Mar 23, 2009

If you want to be able to breed your hamsters as soon as you get them here's how Save the game Then turn off your DS Turn it back on and set the year to 2020 Then turn it off and back on to your game again Save the game and set the year back to 2009

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Secret - How to get stars SUPER QUICK

by Draculaura Jul 18, 2012

Okay so I'm going to tell you how to get coins/stars fairly quickly on Hamsterz 2.

First go onto your hamsters it doesn't matter which cage. But make sure that it has at least something to play with.

Second (optional) put another hamster in the cage to play with. This will make getting stars quicker. I usually put in hamsters that are in love to help then bond.

Next sit back and relax make sure your DS is on charge so your battery wont run out.

After however long you choose to leave it (after you've done whatever you need to do) check how much the hamsters have earned on there own!

*ADVICE* Check on your hamsters now and again if possible to make sure there food and water is up and they don't get ill. Also they need attention every so often so make sure you give them lots of love!!

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Code - Tiger Hamster

by xapple Jun 20, 2012

This will tell you how to get a tiger hamster: BUT PLEASE COMMENT ME IF IT WORKS OR NOT

1. Buy a male and female. 1 an albino cambell and the other a NORMAL dwarf.

2. Make them boyfriend/girlfriend then leave your DS on overnight and get the female pregnant(go forward 3-4 days).

3.Skip to when the female gave birth (10 days) and if you see a Dwarf normal with pudding fur, just keep turning the DS on and off until you get a Tiger <3

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Unlockable - Unlock 2nd Clerk in Shop!

by Lotty Aug 10, 2010

Its complicated, but you can unlock the 2nd clerk in the Pet Shop. First, you need to unlock your 2nd cousin. Do this by talking to your Aunt 20 times. Then once you've unlocked the 2nd cousin, talk to her 25 times. After 25 times, the 3rd clerk will come in and you will be intoduced. Then you visit her in the Pet Shop and she will say your cousin has a 'thing' for the clerk and maybe you would help her out. Then you go back home, go onto the menu where you select the cages and go to a different cage then your cousin will come in and ask you to intoduce her to the clerk at the shop. Go to the shop and talk to the 2nd clerk then you will introduce him to your cousin and they will talk for a bit. Then, go back home and switch to a different cage again and your cousin will be back, saying she talked with the clerk and exchanged cell phone numbers. Then you talk to the clerk, then switch cages again and your cousin will say she's finally on a date with the clerk and she'll tell you how it goes. Talk to the clerk AGAIN then switch cages AGAIN then your cousin will tell you the date was a success, then go and talk to the clerk again and switch cages and once your cousin stops coming to your room, talk to the clerk and he will invite you to go and play with his hamster. Which is a Hedge-hog breed. Hope this helps!

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Secret - Simple Secrets-Hamsterz 2

by blasko98 Feb 22, 2010

If you hamster always dislikes petting no matter what, then try this:

1.Buy a loofa (the thing that looks like a peace sign).
2.Put it into Mr/Mrs Shy Hamster's cage.
3.Put your DS on charge.
4.Leave your DS on for 7-8 hours. If it's on overnight, then refill Hammy's water bottle and food bowl.
5.Wala! You will have lots of dosh!

Note:After this has been completed, you can pet Mr/Mrs Brave Hamster many times.

Email me for more secrets and i'll see what I can do!

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Secret - How to earn easy stars with no working!

by Unregistered Apr 08, 2009

To earn over 60,000 stars with no working on Hamsterz 2, you must have unlocked the dice treasure and have a hamster that is VERY attatched to you. First, you put the charger on your nintendo DS, and buy the dice treasure.(Unlocked by talking to pet store OWNER alot!) now, put the dice in the hamster's cage for 5-8 hours (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: LEAVE YOUR DS ON!) now wait 5-8 hours and you should have over 60,000 stars (Advice: I would wait 8 hours because you will get more stars!) I hpoe my advice works as well for you as it did for me! ~ Hamsterz 2 lover

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Secret - How To Get 47,000 Stars!!!

by HamsterMaster10 Aug 27, 2008

To get 47,000 stars you need 2 hamsters(breed does not madder). And unlock robo ham.Now put the 2 hamsters in the same cage. Then put robo ham in with them. Leave your NDS on all day and night and half a day(Make sure your NDS is charging).
Now check on the hamsters. If the hamsters liked the robo ham, you should have 47,000 stars!!!

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Code - How to unlock mini-Games in Hamsterz 2.

by TheMrTamagotchi Sep 22, 2010


Talk 40 times your first cousin (20st unlocks aunt)

You will unlock the Nintendo DS and the memory game.


After unlock Memory, Talk 20 times your first cousin

You will receive the Jump&Catch game.

Kitty race:

You have to unlocked Memory and Jump&Catch,

You need receive a baby hamster. (Cheat "how to make baby hamster")

After gived a name your new hamster, the first cousin will come:

He (She) ask his hamster and your new hamster will be the partners, click "Yes".

You will come to female hamster who she gives the baby hamster.

Go to the New hamster's cage and talk your first cousin.

(If you don't receive the Kitty Race!, talk 20 times your first cousin.)

You will receive the Kitty Race! game.

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Unlockable - How to unlock things on hamsterz2

by mandy-moo-262 Mar 04, 2010

This stuff doesn't seem to complicated but it might be so um take your time dont rush

treasuresif you want to unlock treasures just keep talking to the pet shop people visit your cousins and people on your list when you go to another persons house and fast forward the date on your ds it will make you get treasures quiker
items: houses,bowls,wheels,water bottles,food the same thing you do to get treasures :fast forward date, visit the shop lots,visit people on your contact list thingy and talk to the shop people.
characterson this website go to the cheat :unlocking characters to visit with your hamster -it will work for you cauuse it has worked for many other people.
hamstersyou unlock hamsters by doing the same things you do when you unlock treasures and items (above)
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Secret - Unlimited Money!

by Lotty Aug 11, 2010

Need some extra money? No trouble! First, you need to make sure you have unlocked the Birthday Cake in the Pet Store. You can get it by constantly talking to the man in the Shop. Then, you need to buy one.(It costs 2000*) Now, check the birthday of your current hamster and skip the date on your DS to that date. Then put the Birthday Cake in your hamster's cage and you will automatically get 1000*! Make sure the hamster doesn't eat it, or you'll have to buy it again. As soon as you've got your money, put the Cake away, put it out again and do this as many times as you like until you have the desired amount of money! Also, if you have two hamsters with the same Birthday, put them in the same cage and you'll get double the money! :-D

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