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Phantasy Star Zero Cheats :

This page contains Phantasy Star Zero cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 13 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 2 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Phantasy Star Zero on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Nests

by no-life Mar 23, 2011

If you enter places like Rioh Snowfields, Maraka Ruins or anywhere else, you may encounter Nests of certain rare monsters.

In Rioh Snowfield you may have a chance to find a Usanny's Nest. In Maraka Ruins you may find a Booma's Nest. For the Rappy's Nest... it can be found anywhere. No one knows until you find it.

If you find all 3 nests, you will be rewarded titles for finding them. That is all.

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Glitch - Fighting Mother Trinity and Dark Falz

by no-life Mar 23, 2011

This is a glitch that only works for this boss. When Mother Trinity is dead, use your Photon Blast during her death. You will then become invincible for round two; Dark Falz fight. At times, it may not work because of your timing. Be sure you stay alive until Mother Trinity is dead.

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Secret - Secret of the White Shadowed Beasts

by Aldermar Aug 06, 2010

Okay, so players found monsters with a "White Shadow." They are wondering what it means, and I think you should know this as well. Have you noticed your NPC Partners said, "Is this Mutation?" ~Sarisa, "This is gonna get ugly..." ~Kai, "More Mutants..." ~Reve, "What is this? Mutation?" ~Ogi.

So you probably wonder what's so great about White Shadowed Beasts. Well, here's a good thing and bad thing about them:

Good Things
You gain higher EXP than regular ones give
The Drop Item is Boosted (So if you're looking for a certain rare, now's your chance!)
If it's on (Weak) Rare Hostiles, you'll get something good for it (Super Difficulty to be exact)

Bad Things
The Hostile has a Higher HP than regular ones do
The Hostile is a bit stronger than regular ones
If it's on (Strong) Rare Hostiles, you'd be screwed already (if you're on Super Difficulty)

White Shadowed Beasts do not make Rare Hostiles appear after beating or meeting one. And you should notice the white glow under the Hostile. Lets say a Rare Zaphobos has a White Shadow and on Super Difficulty, you'd want the bloody red sword it drops. Once you kill it, there's a good chance you may get it--sometimes you may not. It's just luck (which no one believes...)

Now that you understand these so called "Mutations" you better keep your eye out for them. Your NPC partners will let you know when they see one. Good luck. :D

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Secret - Secret of the Cake and Pizza Shop (and more...)

by Aldermar Jul 26, 2010

So many players found themselves an unexpected place like the bakery or the legendary pizza shop. They would even say where did they find such place? For the Cake Shop is found at Ozette Wetlands and Gurhacia Valley. As for the Pizza Shop... I last found it in the Arca Plant while I was wandering around the place... and then I ran into the shop.

The best thing to find these shop in these confirmed areas is to keep checking for DEAD ENDS. And your missing 15th Mission is when you accept the Naura Sister's request to find their little sister in the Rioh Snowfield.

If you cleared all 15 quests in Hard Difficulty, you should get the Title, "World Protector". The Title reward is "Compress PA." You do not wish to sell or trade it because you can only get this once. JUST ONCE per game card. It has the ability to reduce PA usage time by 33% (Like 1/3).

While you are at the Cake or Pizza Shop, you should buy what they sell so you can complete your weapon gallery. It is awkward that you can use food as weapons but they usually collectables.

Also, please keep this in mind that you can only play the Bakery Quest ONCE! You can replay the quest again in Hard or Super Difficulty.

Enjoy your search.

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Secret - Humilias troubling for you?

by Aldermar Jul 26, 2010

Hvae you got problems trying to take down Humilias in higher difficulty? Well, here's a tip what you should do:

-You should equip Ice Protect that nulls frozen status (drops in individual boxes in the last room of Rioh Snowfield)
-If you're a Force, you should use Razonde, it works effectively
-When it shoots lasers roll dodge between the legs (he'll never hit you if you do)
-Stay between his legs if you can stay there long enough until he stay still

There are disadvantage about fighthing this boss:
-When he shoots WHITE lasers and you freeze, he'll knock you out in 2 moves (in result: DEAD)
-When he shoots RED lasers and you go slow-mo... chances you may live or die (use Anti or Sol Atomizer immediately if you live)
-Titles that changes color, wait for the right time to avoid the attack

Also I would recommend not to use PA that takes so long because Humilias moves so much that he will stay still for a few seconds. Unless you got the Compress PA unit equiped.

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Unlockable - Unlockable Modes

by cGub Nov 13, 2009

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Hard Mode - Single and MultiplayerReach Level 30
Super Hard Mode - SingleComplete All Quests on Hard
Super Hard Mode - MultiplayerReach Level 60
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Password - Special Item passwords, usable by all classes.

by cGub Nov 12, 2009

Enter these codes into the vending machine in the sewers to receive special items.

8331 7716"Miku Hatsune" wand
4624-5828Boom Bazooka
4898-1642Dengeki DS
8841-3383Dokkan Cannon
5397-8287Famitsu Magazine Wand
4841-9476Get a "V Jump Shield"
5247 3115Get a claw
3489 9723Get a gunblade
7772-2919Get a Slicer
4137 5476Get a spear
5848-4768Get an "One hand sword"
3486-1881Hylia Shield
8741-4615Light & Darkness Staff
2893-1983Nintendo Dream
6337-6325Samus's Power Beam Cannon
9425-3366Selvaria's Shield
1795-6762x5 Heart of Lassi (Mag Evolution Item)
1914-9256x5 Heart of Toppi (Mag Evolution Item)
7762-1268x5 Puyo Hearts
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Password - US Passwords

by cGub Nov 12, 2009

For the US version, the following passwords will net you the corresponding items.

7839-3594Blade Cannon
7162-5792Game Master
5531-0215INGame: Greg&Kiri
4775-7197Lassie Soul
3171-0109Nintendo Power
3470-1424Puyo Soul
4294-2273Selvaria's Shield
5703-8252Selvaria's Spear
9475-6843Taupy Soul
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Secret - Arena Battles

by Aldermar Nov 08, 2010

Have you kept checking your map on the Touch Screen often? Well, on fields, wherever you go you might be lucky enough to see a teleporter to the arena. What of arena you ask? You know the tough hostiles that roams certain locations? Well, here's what you will need to know...

There will be 2 regular tough hostiles and 1 rare tough hostile. You better prepare yourself for that as there are 2 rounds with the same condition.

The teleporter to the arena appears occasionally in every middle of locations you picked. The teleporter will not appear in quests that starts from Halfway to the end. That's rather cheap as SEGA thinks so. You must do a complete map to make the teleport appear.

Gurhacia Valley Arena: This one is a little hard, just dodge when Helions pounce. That goes for the Blaze Helion as well.
Rioh Snowfield Arena: First round there will be Hildegaos and Hildegigas. Second round there will be Hildeghana and Hildegigas (again).
Ozette Wetlands Arena: Flocks of flying birds are practically harmless if you're not near them. Just the fat one bothers me so much... ;-;
Oblivion City Paru Arena: These giant apes are annoying especially with their guns. There's also a naked monkey... PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!
Makara Ruins Arena: Lizards with crystals on their backs. How I hate their annoying attacks. They delay after they finished, now is your chance!
Arca Plant Arena: Trust me on this--If you are on Super, you'll most likely die. This one is the hardest I ever been into.
Dark Shrine Arena: I like this one the most, giant arc knights with giant swords! Yay! And also a grand smiter that could kill Forces with a critical hit...

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Unlockable - Unlocking Difficulties

by Aldermar Nov 01, 2010

Read the requirements to enable other Difficulty for Phantasy Star Zero.

NOTE: To gain access to Super Mode you must complete all Quests on Hard (including Eternal Tower) in any order you want. Just be sure you have completed each Quest only once. You should now gain access to Super on your Secondary and Third Character.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Hard (Solo)Beat Story Mode
Hard (Multi)Reach Lv30 on that Character
Super (Solo)Beat all quests on Hard including Eternal Tower
Super (Multi)Reach Lv60 on that Character
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Code - NPC Talk

by Aldermar Oct 29, 2010

Each character will say something on field. As you go, at the start of every combat only one of them will say something. (I'll shut up and categorize their speeches.)

Start of the Combat (Weak Hostiles):
Kai - Here comes the action!
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - I could handle this alone.
Reve - Weaklings.

Start of the Combat (Tough Hostiles):
Kai - Stay sharp!
Sarisa - Watch out--They're tough!
Ogi - Tough hostiles!
Reve - At last, a challenge.

Getting a Status Condition:
Kai - You'll pay for that one...
Sarisa - I don't feel too good...
Ogi - There's no need to rush to this.
Reve - My body felt strange...

Near Death:
Kai - This isn't over yet!
Sarisa - I'm not done yet!
Ogi - This is bad.
Rever - It's like a bad joke... [OR] Ngh, this is nothing.

Knock-Out (NPC Death):
Kai - S-Sorry...
Sarisa - I can't fight anymore...
Ogi -
Rever - This... can't be... happening!

Healing "HP":
Kai - Here, I'll back you up!
Sarisa - Try not to do anything crazy! [OR] Are you okay?
Ogi - [Does not talk in this condition]
Rever - Stop wasting my time!

Healing "Status Condition":
Kai - Don't charge ahead alone! (Sometimes cast Shifta or Deband)
Sarisa - Here, I'll heal you!
Ogi - [Does not talk in this condition]
Reve - [Needs to confirm]

Encountering a Boss Hostile:
Kai - Get ready!
Sarisa - Please be careful!
Ogi - A suitable challenge!
Rever - Finally, I was getting bored.

Taking Damage:
Kai - [Needs to confirm]
Sarisa - [Needs to confirm]
Ogi - Are you trying to anger me?
Reve - Was that meant to hurt?

Using Photon Art:
Kai - [Needs to confirm]
Sarisa - [Needs to confirm]
Ogi - Settle down!
Reve - You end now!

Using Photon Blast (Individually):
Kai - [Needs to be confirmed]
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - [Needs to be confirmed]
Rever - You wish to see my power?

Donating Photon Blast (to Player):
Kai - Ready anytime!
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - Ready when you are!
Reve - Let's see what you can do!

Encountering the Rappies:
Kai - Ugh, I hate these things.
Sarisa - Aww! Cute!
Ogi - Don't be fooled of their looks!
Reve - What is this? Get away from me!

Issuing NPC Command:
Kai - [Needs to be confirmed]
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - Roger!
Reve - You owe me!

Credit goes to Aldermar
[There's a lot of confirming to do still. When I have time to play PS0, I'll edit this later.]
(Some needs to be confirmed, will edit later. PM me if you know... 
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Code - Element Protect Units

by Aldermar Oct 29, 2010

There are 6 kinds of Element Protect Units. And each has their own ability to nullify status ailments. There are reasons why you should use these units. Some may be considered as burden.

Heat Protect - This unit will keep you from being burned and you never will be burned once you have this on. It's only useful when you are 'severely' burned. Which can drain your HP 10% over time. That is 5 times worse than being Poisoned. Good thing is, it lasts shorter than being poisoned. If you don't fear being burned, use Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer.

Ice Protect - This unit will keep you from being frozen for delay. Freeze Traps can be annoying but so is the boss in Arca Plant, Humilias. If you somehow unable to beat this boss, this unit is your best bet since this boss will often freeze you and finish off with its sword. This is mostly useful for Force Class with low HP but if you're still annoyed being frozen, then go ahead and use it. On the side note, when you are frozen, you cannot move at all and you are VERY vulnerable to any attack nearby.

Stun Protect - This unit will keep you from being shocked/paralyzed. This unit is really not necessary to use. Because being paralyzed lasts for like 2 or 3 seconds so don't waste using Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer.

Slow Protect - This unit will keep you from being slowed down. Your speed will be cut down to 1/3. You will move very slow when you walk or run, your weapon attack speed is reduced, casting a technique is also reduced. Some say this is an issue but use Anti to get rid of it. If not, use a Star/Sol Atomizer.

Light Protect - This unit will protect you from being confused. When you get this confused status you will run around like mad and not able to hold still. You can still attack but at random directions. Use Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer. When confusing hostiles, they will mistakenly attack others with their wide or penetrating attacks.

Dark Protect - This unit will keep you from being poisoned. When you do get poisoned, it will drain 2% of your HP over time. It lasts much more longer than being burned but it does get annoying. If you're a CAST race, don't bother using this unit at all. Because they're robotic humanoids, they can't get poisoned. Use Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer.

Credits goes to Aldermar

Heat ProtectNulls Burning
Ice ProtectNulls being Frozen
Stun ProtectNulls being Paralyzed
Slow ProtectNulls being Slowed Down
Light ProtectNulls Confusion
Dark ProtectNulls... 
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Code - How to Erase Phantasy Star Zero's Data

by Aldermar Oct 29, 2010

A lot of players are wanting to know how to delete not only their saved files where they have 3 Character Slots with 3 different classes and or races.

If you plan to delete Phantasy Star Zero's game data, you will be deleting the following:
-> Vending Machine Items Given out
-> Items that is stored in Joint Trunk
-> Player Ranks
-> Player Titles
-> Meseta (Money)
-> All 3 Character Slots (along with their gear, supplies and learnt techniques)
NOTE: Deleting all three of your character slots will NOT help deleting the entire game itself. If really wish to do this, then follow the instructions very carefully.

Hold A+B+X+Y+L+R when the game starts up. You will then see the options to delete Phantasy Star Zero's entire data.

This is your one time warning: once you delete Phantasy Star Zero's entire data, you can never retrieve your old game data again. Just remember, you can only do this if you somehow messed up your game or you want to sell it.

Credits goes to Aldermar
Information all thanks to Chukie sue in PSO-World Forums

Hold A+B+X+Y+L+R Buttons when the game starts upEnable the option to delete PS0 Game Data
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