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Phantasy Star Zero Cheats :

This page contains Phantasy Star Zero cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 7 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 2 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Phantasy Star Zero on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

NPC Talk

by Aldermar Oct 29, 2010

Each character will say something on field. As you go, at the start of every combat only one of them will say something. (I'll shut up and categorize their speeches.)

Start of the Combat (Weak Hostiles):
Kai - Here comes the action!
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - I could handle this alone.
Reve - Weaklings.

Start of the Combat (Tough Hostiles):
Kai - Stay sharp!
Sarisa - Watch out--They're tough!
Ogi - Tough hostiles!
Reve - At last, a challenge.

Getting a Status Condition:
Kai - You'll pay for that one...
Sarisa - I don't feel too good...
Ogi - There's no need to rush to this.
Reve - My body felt strange...

Near Death:
Kai - This isn't over yet!
Sarisa - I'm not done yet!
Ogi - This is bad.
Rever - It's like a bad joke... [OR] Ngh, this is nothing.

Knock-Out (NPC Death):
Kai - S-Sorry...
Sarisa - I can't fight anymore...
Ogi -
Rever - This... can't be... happening!

Healing "HP":
Kai - Here, I'll back you up!
Sarisa - Try not to do anything crazy! [OR] Are you okay?
Ogi - [Does not talk in this condition]
Rever - Stop wasting my time!

Healing "Status Condition":
Kai - Don't charge ahead alone! (Sometimes cast Shifta or Deband)
Sarisa - Here, I'll heal you!
Ogi - [Does not talk in this condition]
Reve - [Needs to confirm]

Encountering a Boss Hostile:
Kai - Get ready!
Sarisa - Please be careful!
Ogi - A suitable challenge!
Rever - Finally, I was getting bored.

Taking Damage:
Kai - [Needs to confirm]
Sarisa - [Needs to confirm]
Ogi - Are you trying to anger me?
Reve - Was that meant to hurt?

Using Photon Art:
Kai - [Needs to confirm]
Sarisa - [Needs to confirm]
Ogi - Settle down!
Reve - You end now!

Using Photon Blast (Individually):
Kai - [Needs to be confirmed]
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - [Needs to be confirmed]
Rever - You wish to see my power?

Donating Photon Blast (to Player):
Kai - Ready anytime!
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - Ready when you are!
Reve - Let's see what you can do!

Encountering the Rappies:
Kai - Ugh, I hate these things.
Sarisa - Aww! Cute!
Ogi - Don't be fooled of their looks!
Reve - What is this? Get away from me!

Issuing NPC Command:
Kai - [Needs to be confirmed]
Sarisa - [Needs to be confirmed]
Ogi - Roger!
Reve - You owe me!

Credit goes to Aldermar
[There's a lot of confirming to do still. When I have time to play PS0, I'll edit this later.]
(Some needs to be confirmed, will edit later. PM me if you know... 
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ElEment Protect Units

by Aldermar Oct 29, 2010

There are 6 kinds of Element Protect Units. And each has their own ability to nullify status ailments. There are reasons why you should use these units. Some may be considered as burden.

Heat Protect - This unit will keep you from being burned and you never will be burned once you have this on. It's only useful when you are 'severely' burned. Which can drain your HP 10% over time. That is 5 times worse than being Poisoned. Good thing is, it lasts shorter than being poisoned. If you don't fear being burned, use Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer.

Ice Protect - This unit will keep you from being frozen for delay. Freeze Traps can be annoying but so is the boss in Arca Plant, Humilias. If you somehow unable to beat this boss, this unit is your best bet since this boss will often freeze you and finish off with its sword. This is mostly useful for Force Class with low HP but if you're still annoyed being frozen, then go ahead and use it. On the side note, when you are frozen, you cannot move at all and you are VERY vulnerable to any attack nearby.

Stun Protect - This unit will keep you from being shocked/paralyzed. This unit is really not necessary to use. Because being paralyzed lasts for like 2 or 3 seconds so don't waste using Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer.

Slow Protect - This unit will keep you from being slowed down. Your speed will be cut down to 1/3. You will move very slow when you walk or run, your weapon attack speed is reduced, casting a technique is also reduced. Some say this is an issue but use Anti to get rid of it. If not, use a Star/Sol Atomizer.

Light Protect - This unit will protect you from being confused. When you get this confused status you will run around like mad and not able to hold still. You can still attack but at random directions. Use Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer. When confusing hostiles, they will mistakenly attack others with their wide or penetrating attacks.

Dark Protect - This unit will keep you from being poisoned. When you do get poisoned, it will drain 2% of your HP over time. It lasts much more longer than being burned but it does get annoying. If you're a CAST race, don't bother using this unit at all. Because they're robotic humanoids, they can't get poisoned. Use Anti or Star/Sol Atomizer.

Credits goes to Aldermar

Heat ProtectNulls Burning
Ice ProtectNulls being Frozen
Stun ProtectNulls being Paralyzed
Slow ProtectNulls being Slowed Down
Light ProtectNulls Confusion
Dark ProtectNulls... 
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HoW to Erase Phantasy Star Zero's Data

by Aldermar Oct 29, 2010

A lot of players are wanting to know how to delete not only their saved files where they have 3 Character Slots with 3 different classes and or races.

If you plan to delete Phantasy Star Zero's game data, you will be deleting the following:
-> Vending Machine Items Given out
-> Items that is stored in Joint Trunk
-> Player Ranks
-> Player Titles
-> Meseta (Money)
-> All 3 Character Slots (along with their gear, supplies and learnt techniques)
NOTE: Deleting all three of your character slots will NOT help deleting the entire game itself. If really wish to do this, then follow the instructions very carefully.

Hold A+B+X+Y+L+R when the game starts up. You will then see the options to delete Phantasy Star Zero's entire data.

This is your one time warning: once you delete Phantasy Star Zero's entire data, you can never retrieve your old game data again. Just remember, you can only do this if you somehow messed up your game or you want to sell it.

Credits goes to Aldermar
Information all thanks to Chukie sue in PSO-World Forums

Hold A+B+X+Y+L+R Buttons when the game starts upEnable the option to delete PS0 Game Data
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