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Phantasy Star Zero Cheats :

This page contains Phantasy Star Zero cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Phantasy Star Zero on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

SeCret of the White Shadowed Beasts

by Aldermar Aug 06, 2010

Okay, so players found monsters with a "White Shadow." They are wondering what it means, and I think you should know this as well. Have you noticed your NPC Partners said, "Is this Mutation?" ~Sarisa, "This is gonna get ugly..." ~Kai, "More Mutants..." ~Reve, "What is this? Mutation?" ~Ogi.

So you probably wonder what's so great about White Shadowed Beasts. Well, here's a good thing and bad thing about them:

Good Things
You gain higher EXP than regular ones give
The Drop Item is Boosted (So if you're looking for a certain rare, now's your chance!)
If it's on (Weak) Rare Hostiles, you'll get something good for it (Super Difficulty to be exact)

Bad Things
The Hostile has a Higher HP than regular ones do
The Hostile is a bit stronger than regular ones
If it's on (Strong) Rare Hostiles, you'd be screwed already (if you're on Super Difficulty)

White Shadowed Beasts do not make Rare Hostiles appear after beating or meeting one. And you should notice the white glow under the Hostile. Lets say a Rare Zaphobos has a White Shadow and on Super Difficulty, you'd want the bloody red sword it drops. Once you kill it, there's a good chance you may get it--sometimes you may not. It's just luck (which no one believes...)

Now that you understand these so called "Mutations" you better keep your eye out for them. Your NPC partners will let you know when they see one. Good luck. :D

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SeCret of the Cake and Pizza Shop (and more...)

by Aldermar Jul 26, 2010

So many players found themselves an unexpected place like the bakery or the legendary pizza shop. They would even say where did they find such place? For the Cake Shop is found at Ozette Wetlands and Gurhacia Valley. As for the Pizza Shop... I last found it in the Arca Plant while I was wandering around the place... and then I ran into the shop.

The best thing to find these shop in these confirmed areas is to keep checking for DEAD ENDS. And your missing 15th Mission is when you accept the Naura Sister's request to find their little sister in the Rioh Snowfield.

If you cleared all 15 quests in Hard Difficulty, you should get the Title, "World Protector". The Title reward is "Compress PA." You do not wish to sell or trade it because you can only get this once. JUST ONCE per game card. It has the ability to reduce PA usage time by 33% (Like 1/3).

While you are at the Cake or Pizza Shop, you should buy what they sell so you can complete your weapon gallery. It is awkward that you can use food as weapons but they usually collectables.

Also, please keep this in mind that you can only play the Bakery Quest ONCE! You can replay the quest again in Hard or Super Difficulty.

Enjoy your search.

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HuMilias troubling for you?

by Aldermar Jul 26, 2010

Hvae you got problems trying to take down Humilias in higher difficulty? Well, here's a tip what you should do:

-You should equip Ice Protect that nulls frozen status (drops in individual boxes in the last room of Rioh Snowfield)
-If you're a Force, you should use Razonde, it works effectively
-When it shoots lasers roll dodge between the legs (he'll never hit you if you do)
-Stay between his legs if you can stay there long enough until he stay still

There are disadvantage about fighthing this boss:
-When he shoots WHITE lasers and you freeze, he'll knock you out in 2 moves (in result: DEAD)
-When he shoots RED lasers and you go slow-mo... chances you may live or die (use Anti or Sol Atomizer immediately if you live)
-Titles that changes color, wait for the right time to avoid the attack

Also I would recommend not to use PA that takes so long because Humilias moves so much that he will stay still for a few seconds. Unless you got the Compress PA unit equiped.

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ArEna Battles

by Aldermar Nov 08, 2010

Have you kept checking your map on the Touch Screen often? Well, on fields, wherever you go you might be lucky enough to see a teleporter to the arena. What of arena you ask? You know the tough hostiles that roams certain locations? Well, here's what you will need to know...

There will be 2 regular tough hostiles and 1 rare tough hostile. You better prepare yourself for that as there are 2 rounds with the same condition.

The teleporter to the arena appears occasionally in every middle of locations you picked. The teleporter will not appear in quests that starts from Halfway to the end. That's rather cheap as SEGA thinks so. You must do a complete map to make the teleport appear.

Gurhacia Valley Arena: This one is a little hard, just dodge when Helions pounce. That goes for the Blaze Helion as well.
Rioh Snowfield Arena: First round there will be Hildegaos and Hildegigas. Second round there will be Hildeghana and Hildegigas (again).
Ozette Wetlands Arena: Flocks of flying birds are practically harmless if you're not near them. Just the fat one bothers me so much... ;-;
Oblivion City Paru Arena: These giant apes are annoying especially with their guns. There's also a naked monkey... PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!
Makara Ruins Arena: Lizards with crystals on their backs. How I hate their annoying attacks. They delay after they finished, now is your chance!
Arca Plant Arena: Trust me on this--If you are on Super, you'll most likely die. This one is the hardest I ever been into.
Dark Shrine Arena: I like this one the most, giant arc knights with giant swords! Yay! And also a grand smiter that could kill Forces with a critical hit...

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