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Plants vs. Zombies Cheats :

This page contains Plants vs. Zombies cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Plants vs. Zombies on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Real proven way to get a lot of money fast

by fire-dragon Apr 02, 2012

step one beat the game step two go to last stand after you unlocked it step three plant all possible lilly pads on the water spaces step four plant two/three columns (up and down, sideways are rows) of tallnuts closest to where the zombies come step five plant all marigolds behind it step six press the play button or whatever it is in that level step seven enjoy lots and lots of money

thanks for looking at this and please hammer that like button if you did like it

P.S. you might want the buy the plant on heal tallnut/walnut/pumpkin plant on heal for if a zombie drops sun when it dies to heal or replant one

P.P.S. do not expect to win it with this strategy and feel free to tweak it to your liking also comment good stuff

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Code - Awesome strategy for Last Stand minigame

by cordell2000 Oct 05, 2011

1. Put 5 columns of lily pads in pool

2. In the column closest to the house, put a column of threepeaters.

3. In the next column, plant repeaters.

4. Next column is torchwoods

5. leave the next column blank

6. plant a column of wallnuts

7. in the blank row, plant 1 magnet shroom and a coffee bean to wake it up.

8. keep collecting sun by fending off zombies and planting more magnet shrooms.

9. If done right, there is a 96.8% chance you will win.

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Code - How to Grow Zen Garden Faster

by Unregistered Jun 06, 2011

Just turn off ds go to time zone change time by a hour and go check ur zen garden

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Unlockable - Achievements

by Peashooter765 Nov 30, 2010
ExplodonatorBlow 10 zombies with 1 unit cherry bomb
SPUDOW!!Blow zombie with single potato mine
GroundedComplete one roof level without using catapult plants
MJZ no DZEnable Dance code and you have MJ Zombie.
China legendHave 50~100 streak in vasebreaker endless
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Secret - Last stand

by Unregistered May 28, 2012

Stuck on last with non lawn mowers well here's how ya beat it.First put a bunch of reapeaters , then turn them into gatling peas next is torch woods and to top it all off tallnuts.

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Secret - What you get from puzzles (streaks in endless for prizes)

by fire-dragon Apr 17, 2012

There are 2 puzzle modes: I,zombie and vasebreaker. I know the streak rewards for them. For I,Zombie the extra bonus is that when you eat a brain you get a gold or silver coin but gold coins are rare. The streak bonus for I,Zombie Endless is every 3 levels (meaning at 3,6,9 so on ) you win a present containing a Zen Garden plant which range from mushrooms(not doom or freezeshroom) to daytime plants to roof catapults, chocolate, a bag of 5 gold coins, or a bag of a single diamond. For Vasebreaker Endless every 10 levels (10,20,30, so on) you get the same bonuses from I,Zombie. I think the game creators think Vase breaker is easier so they made it a higher streak reward.

P.S. post comments if you want me to post strategy guides for both of them

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Code - Where to get stuff for zen garden (ignore the code part)

by fire-dragon Apr 16, 2012

if you're thinking of getting the aquarium garden you might want to hold off because there only three different plants able there because no upgraded plants. Below there is info for where to get stuff.

chocolateanywhere (have to buy stinky to get chocolate)
mushroom and aquarium gardens and wheelbarrowcrazy dave
tree of wisdom, tree of wisdom foodcrazy dave
marigoldscrazy dave
fertilizer, bug spray, phonograph, golden watering cancrazy dave
plant moving glovecrazy dave
stinky the snailcrazy dave
mushrooms and night plantsnight survival and night levels
day plantsday survival and day levels
aquatic plantspool survival and pool levels
aquatic and night plantsfog survival and fog levels
roof plantsroof survival and roof levels
all plantsendless survival
zen gardenadventure level 5-4 on the first time
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Secret - A Rainbow of Marigolds

by rocko23 Jan 10, 2012

Although you only see three marigold pots in Crazy Dave's shop, they are not always the same. They are a different color every day. I collected every color and made a rainbow of marigolds in my zen garden.

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Unlockable - Heat Wave

by bearon May 27, 2011

You know how in the Heat Wave level/mini-game your plants can get dehydrated and you have to "shout" at them for encouragement? There is an easier way of "shouting" at them than actually shouting. Just blow into the microphone! It works a lot better than shouting and can save the strain from your vocal chords.

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Code - Action Replay Codes

by ghosty567 Jan 19, 2011

You need an action replay to use these codes.

Link to post :

Effects is the name of the code.

520977C8 E5903008 020977D4 E5802008 D2000000 00000000Max Money After Spending at Crazy Dave's Shop
520A6964 15940028 020A6968 128110FF D2000000 00000000Quick Repurchase/Replant
52065508 E0820000 0206550C E3A04000 02065510 E0420004 02065514 E5810AF8 D2000000 00000000Purchase Plants During Level Doesn't Cost Anything
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Code - 8 bit arcade plants vs zombies game + cheats for it

by fire-dragon Apr 16, 2012

After you have beaten the game can play more than 3 mini-games. A mini-game you can play after beating the game is Air Raid. It is the Plants vs. Zombies version of some old 8 bit arcade game. A hint for it is when the zombot has a plant in a blue energy ball you shoot the ball then go have your craft touch the plant and it will equip to your craft and power it up. Pumpkin and threepeater are the equips. Jalapeno is a bomb type of thing that damages the zombot. You can equip threepeater and pumpkin at the same time.

threepeaterturns your gattling gun into a threepeater that shoots 4 peas out each head
jalapenowhen out of the ball it will sit there for a brief moment then puts fire out left and right of where it is
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Code - A monkey zombie!?

by supersmartsonic Oct 10, 2011

i was minding my own business killing zombies and then i was like is that... a monkey!?yes yes it was it was a weird as on all fours and with brown fur and zombie face it climbed over all my plants!have u seen it?here is a tip on the zed garden too.mess with your zed garden.scip a hour on the setings water you plants or what ever and rince and repete!

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Secret - How to get mushrooms in your zen garden:

by puffy54045 Aug 30, 2011

You'll have better luck on night time survival mode or night time mini games.

Mini game unlock ables: scardy shroom, doom shroom, puff shroom, hypno shroom, fume shroom, and ice shroom,

Survival mode: all off the above + magnet shroom and sun shroom.

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Code - Go to china!!!

by Unregistered Jun 06, 2011

go to achievements and click more then drag stylus up again and again u will see a zombie worm and a bookworm gems a sewer monster a skeliton of a unicorn a pipeand a skeliton (human) with gems in its eyes. all these are from other popcap games

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Unlockable - Heat Wave - How to Cheat

by mregisters May 27, 2011

Having trouble on the Heat Wave with only 4 Pea shooters and 2 Wall nuts?Here's how to EASILY win.You need to:Turn on a TVFind the MIC on the DSFind the Speakers on the TV1. Start the level (or minigame.).2. Turn on the TV.3. When it says "shout!" put the DS MIC right next to the TV speakers.It should make the plants red.Please verify if you beat it using this!

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