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Pokemon Black Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Black cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 53 cheats in our list, which includes 40 cheats codes, 1 password, 12 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Black on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

PoKemon Trainer Card Ranks

by Bramblefang Mar 21, 2011

Like in the past games, your Trainer card ranks up if you do certain achievements. Completing each "objective" will change the color of your trainer card. The objectives you have to do are listed below, but you can do them in any order to rank up your trainer card. Credit goes to Serebii.net!

Purple Trainer CardDefeat The Elite 4
Red Trainer CardCollect all Pokemon Musical Props
Silver Trainer CardGet a 49 win streak in both the Super Single and Super Double lines in the Battle Subway.
Gold Trainer CardComplete the National Dex
Black/White Trainer Card (Depends on your game version)Obtain all Entralink Powers
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seCret egg moves for unova pokemon

by iceluxray266 Aug 25, 2011

lillipup female +male bibarel with the move yawn= yawn lillipup

bibarel male with yawn+female eevee= yawn eevee

*ditto with metal coat+cherim = morning sun cherubi? idk how but i did this 1 and a cerubi who knew morning sun came out wth!?

lillipup female + male mightyena with howl = howl lillipup

zoroark female + zangoose male with move detect = detect zorua

sawsbuck female + male leafeon with grasswhistle = deerling with grasswhistle

mandibuzz + swanna male with roost= roost vullaby

female serperior + male roserade with magical leaf=magical leaf snivy

female serperior + male glaceon with mirror coat =mirror coat snivy

female seperior + male seviper with glare= glare snivy

(from here on out are breeding combos that do not include unova pokemon)

male espeon with move morning sun+female arcanine or rapidash= morning sun ponyta or growlithe

male kingdra with hydro pump+female salamence = hydro pump bagon

male tangrowth with power whip + female venusaur = power whip bulbasaur

manetric male with fire fang + female luxray = fire fang shinx

male seviper with poison fang + mightyena female= poison fang poochyena

luxray female+ male weavile with night slash= night slash shinx

wailord male with water spout+ octillery female= water spout remoraid (this combo might be able to be used to pass water spout on to squirtle. i would try it but i didnt get a female squirtle and/or a male water spout remoraid yet)

machamp male with dynamic punch + female electrivire = dynamic punch elekid

walrein male with ice fang+ female luxray= ice fang shinx

i think thats all i have at the moment but theres a lot more combos

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by platinummaster8 Feb 17, 2011

Here are the starters:


Type- Grass


Snivy- Lv.17 Servine- Lv.36 Serperior


Type- Fire


Tepid- Lv.17 Pignite- Lv.36- Emboar


Type- Water


Oshawatt- Lv.17 Dewott- Lv.36 Samurott

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SpEed up egg hatching by 50%

by WolfGirl77 Jul 28, 2011

Having a pokemon that knows the move 'Flame Body' will reduce the amount of steps you need to hatch an egg by 50%.

NOTE: Having more then one pokemon that knows the move will not reduce the amount anymore

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piChu with the move volt tackle

by lydiabby Apr 11, 2011

first you HAVE to have a female pikachu then get a male pikachu (or pokemon in the same egg group) then have the female pikachu hold a light ball and put the two pokemon in the daycare, walk around for a bit and you should have an egg when it hatches you should have a pichu with the move volt tackle.(ive done this and it works)

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GeT an extra master ball

by pokemaniac11 Jul 14, 2011

To get an extra master ball in pokemon black you need to have 5 star pieces. These are obtainable from the challengers rock once a day. Once you have 5 star pieces head to anville town on Sunday and there will be someone who will give you a master ball for 5 star pieces.

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ExTreme Day Care Leveling

by kelz Mar 17, 2011

You gain experience at the Day Care based on the amount of steps you take, one step for each point of experience. (It averages about 2 EXP per second, 120 EXP per minute, 7200 EXP per hour etc.). Bring a lot of cash when you pick up your Pokemon! Note: The moves that a Pokemon learns whilst in the Day-Care Centre will be taught to them, replacing random moves as the Day-Care Lady sees fit.

1.Drop two of your Pokemon off at the Day Care on Route 3.

2.Go to the Battle Subway in Nimbasa City.

3.Position your character in the middle of the path.

4.Find something heavy to set on the DOWN and A buttons on your DS. Rig your DS so these buttons are held down and you can leave and come back later.

5.Leave your DS On for a long time (Leave your DS Charger plugged in) while your character technically takes many steps.

6.Return to the Day-Care Lady for your Pokemon.

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UlTimate Pokemon

by AeroglyphLake Jan 30, 2012

Hi everyone!

Today I will tell you how to get some ultimate Lv.1 Pokemon.


1. First get a Ditto.

2. get a Pokemon like Garchomp which knows fire blast, earthquake, stone edge, draco meteor.

3. put them in the daycare.

4. get and hatch the eggs. you will have gible which knows- fire blast, tackle, stone edge, earthquake.

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CeLestial tower glitch

by gamesrule32 Aug 01, 2011

For those who don't want to battle any trainers from room 3 and up theres a glitch if you press B it will turn all the people in the room! do it right and you can walk right thru without very many battles! (may be 4+ not 3+)

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by killer1757 Nov 07, 2011

u will need wi-fi for this so go to enterlink go into the forest and arcues will be there!!! hope u liked it

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Re-Battle Reshiram

by pika2523 Jun 18, 2012

B2000024 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
20020C97 00000009
D2000000 00000000

prees select before going to the last floor of dragonspiraltower

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fiVe detailed steps to get kyurem

by lucariomaster2000 Oct 27, 2011

1. get to the foresty bit of giant chasm

2. work your way to the southeast corner

3. go right along the wall and go through the grass

4.go throug the grass until you reach a hole when you aproach it kyrurem will cry and gian chasm will fill with snow

5.remember the unreachable staircase from earlier? its reaclebale now inside the cave is kyurem. remember to save at this point just in case you ko kyurem!

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HoW to get infinite zoruas

by Unregistered Aug 10, 2011

1. First you need a zoroark and a ditto

2. Put them both in daycare then go to nimbasa city.

3. go to the battle subway and use a heavy object and use it on the down button

4. put your ds on charge and leave for half an hour

5. then after half an hour go to the daycare centre

6. speak to the man outside and he will give you an egg (zorua) make sure you have enough space in your party.

7. go back to the battle subway and repeat process till the egg hatches and repeat for as many zoruas as you want.

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WeDnesday Special

by skyp Jul 21, 2011

You know the cafe in Nacrene City? If you talk to the waitress, woman at front door, on a non-Wednesday, she says thatthey have a special on Wednesday. If you talk to her ON a Wednesday, she will give you a SodePop, Wednesday Special.


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FoSsil Pokemon

by Poketastic May 16, 2011

You can teach a fossil pokemon an Electric type move in any type (must be pokemon form)

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HoW to get tm Volt Switch

by GOODIE9876 May 03, 2011

To get tm no.72 Volt Switch you need to beat Nimbasa City Gym Leader Elesa who is strong if you have starter Oshawott like me.

Well if she uses Volt Switch your probably gonna faint with a water type.

If you beat her shes gonna give you the Volt Badge and also Volt Switch

Hope it helped!

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PoKemon Black Action Replay Codes

by ARCodes Mar 04, 2011

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Infinite Money (SELECT)
94000130 FFFB0000
0223CC0C 0098967F
D2000000 00000000

Have All Gym Badge
1223CC10 0000FFFF

Instant Text Display
5201D0B0 D1024281
1201D038 000046C0
1201D0B2 0000D1D1
D0000000 00000000

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GyM Leader Drayden Strategy

by skyp Aug 03, 2011

You'll face Drayden in Black and he'll use three dangerous Dragon-types. Fraxure will try and warm up with Dragon Dance, so immediately hit it with Ice-type moves before it can boost up. Druddigon is extremely dangerous, as it'll wipe out many of your Pokemon with Revenge. Wear it down with moves like Leech Seed and hit it with paralysis-inducing moves like Thunder Wave for good measure before taking it out. Use the same strategy with Haxorus, because it's incredibly fast and paralysis will give you a fighting chance. Bring in at least two Ice-types for this fight.

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HoW to get Tornadus

by aliisa89 May 09, 2011

To get Tornadus there will first be a storm in Route 7 . Then you will see a house. I am not sure if it is in route 6 or 7. The lady will give you soup in the house. After that you will see the pokemon. But it will be blown away by the storm.If there is a storm on a different route go there and tornados will appear. This may take some minutes. If it is on the same route, go in the building where you get to a different route or city if you cross it. Then go out again.(the same way you found tornados). You will see tornados(a luxury ball miight be good to catch it cuz my brother cought it with a luxury ball with full HP in one go). I am not lying!

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7 New rare pokemons

by pokemon-informer Mar 16, 2011

1 virizion = level 42 grass type ( needs number 4 to catch )

2 tornadus = level 40 flying type ( black only )

3 thundurus = level 40 electric / flying type ( white only )

4 cobalion = level 42 steel / fighting type

5 terrakion = level 42 rock / fighting type

6 landorus = level 70 ground / flying type ( needs number 2 and 3 to catch )

7 kyurem = level 75 dragon / ice type

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AcTion Replay Codes

by ghosty567 Jan 04, 2011

Note: These will only work with an action replay

Link to post; http://www.dsactioncodes.com/?p=419

Effect is the name of the code.

Enjoy took me a while to get all these codes.

94000130 fffb0000 0223cc0c 0098967f d2000000 00000000Max Money (Select)
2224f7ac 00000001 94000130 fffd0000 2224f7ac 00000000 d2000000 00000000Auto Run (B to walk)
521a94b4 d1032800 121aa4b0 0000e001 d0000000 00000000 521a94b4 d1032800 94000130 feff0000 121aa4b0 000046c0 d2000000 00000000No Wild Pokemon (Hold R for Instant Encounter)
94000130 fcff0000 02233e0c 02890001 02233e10 00640002 d2000000 00000000 94000130 fffb0000 da000000 02233e0e d3000000 00000000 d7000000 0224fe70 d3000000 00000000 da000000 02233e12 d3000000 00000000 d7000000 0224fe72 d3000000 00000000 d9000000 0224fe70 d3000000 00000000 c0000000 00000037 d6000000 0224fe70 d2000000 00000000Catch Any Pokemon (L+R) (Select)
94000130 fcff0300 5200768c 1e523308 1200768c 0000c303 d2000000 00000000 94000130 fcff0100 5200768c 1e52c303 1200768c 00003308 d2000000 00000000Box Pokemon Clone (Hold L while moving)
521ad2ec 62606220 94000130 fdff0000 121ae2ee 0000e009 d0000000 00000000 94000130 fdff0200 121ae2ee 0000d109 d2000000 00000000No Forced Trainer Battles (Hold L)
521b8a70 1c28d108 121b9a6c 000046c0 d0000000 00000000Learn Any TM/HM
1223d70c 0000270fMax BP
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EaSy starters

by Unregistered May 19, 2011

the best way to get starters is to bet the elite four twice. then bet Cynthia. once you do you need to talk to all the seven sages. then talk to professor Jupiter. now you need to talk to your friends they will tell of a massive out break of rare Pokemon. location will be deferent the next day so talk to them again if need be. make sure you talk to both your friends first, the second friend will tell you. this took me a while to find out. you don't even need two games. may not work on white.

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PrEmier Ball

by Bramblefang Dec 14, 2010

To obtain a Premier Ball, buy 10 Pokeballs or more at the shop in the Pokemon Center. The man behind the counter will give you one Premier Ball in exchange. It's not useful at all because it acts like a regular Pokeball but it does have a unique design!

Premier BallBuy 10 Pokeballs or more at the Friendly Shop.
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HoW to get some items

by aliisa89 May 24, 2011

This shows a vrsion of POKEMON BLACK HOW TO GET SOME ITEMS on nintendo DS(i)etc.

To get those items you may need a dowsing machine,but no problem! this is also on the list!.....

You will get the dowsing MCHN from bianca. to get the CLAW FOSSIL you need to go to twist mountain and try to find it,maybe ydont need the dowsing MCHN.....anorith will be the pokemon which will be revived.To get armor fossil(shieldon) go to twist mountain,you are lucky you can find this fossil even if you do not like it! To get helix fossil you need togo to twist mountain again the pokemon is omantye .to get crandios you need to go to twist mountain. get clover fossil in relic castle to get tirtogua. the dome fossil is having the pokemon kabuto, which evolves into kabutops.to get it ,you n eed to go to twist mountain. get aerodactyl by old amber get it by goin to the place again. to get archen get plume fossil,you will chose to get archen or tirtogua in relic castle. the root fossil is to get lileep to get lileep y go to twist mountain.

if you have kirlia and want gelaid,if kirlia is a male get a dawn fossil by shoping in black city or going to the folowin routes: rote ten and giant chasm.this will continue.

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GyM leader 1. Chilli Cress and Cilan

by greenemerald May 23, 2011

Hello GreenEmerald here!. Anyway from now on i am giving gym leader hints. These leaders were a pain for me but if you train your pokemon ( Unlike me) you should destroy this gym. Now as soon as you get to the gym leader make sure you have one of the elemental monkeys. If not you will have a hard time. The monkeys can be given to you by a lady in the Dreamyard, the monkeys will be Pansage a grass type, Pansear a fire type or Panpour a water type. The monkeys are strong the gym leader so don,t worry. Now storm through the gym and when you meat the gym leaders you will be up against the Gym Leader your starter is weak to. Now his team is if you pick Snivy, Lillipup(level 12) and Pansear(level 14). If you pick Tepig, Lillipup(level 12) and Panpour (level 14) and if you pick Oshawott, Lillipup(level 12) and Pansage(level 14). First he Will send out Lillipup which can be beaten after 2 embers,water guns, or vine whips, then the pain in the neck Gym Leader will send out one of the elemental monkeys so switch out to your own and use it,s signature move 2 or 3 times and you win the Trio badge

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