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Pokemon Black Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Black cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 43 cheats in our list, which includes 8 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 32 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Black on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HiDden Team Rocket Music

by Bramblefang Apr 04, 2011

Ever played Pokemon Heart Gold or Pokemon Soul Silver? If you did, you might recognize the music that I'm going to tell you about.

First, go to the Game Freak building in Castelia City. Go up to the 22nd Floor by using the elevator and talk to the blue haired guy as shown in the picture to the left. (Pic from Serebii.net) He will create a drastic change of mood in the room. How? He'll start playing the "Team Rocket Takeover" music from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver! He even mentions Team Rocket when you talk to him for the second time.

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DiEno with Dark Pulse

by skyp Aug 03, 2011

The Dark/Dragon-type Hydreigon can conquer many Pokemon with the Dark Pulse move, but getting one is a little tricky. Import a male Ekans, Arbok, or Seviper from the previous generation of Pokemon games (after using the previous generation's TM79 on it) and breed it with a female Deino, Zweilous, or Hydriegon. They'll get you an egg that'll hatch a Deino with Dark Pulse.

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EaSy Elite Four (Post Elite Four)

by Unregistered Sep 05, 2011

I found a way to pretty much beat the elite four with only a few pokemon so here is what you need to do.

Go to challenger's cave and catch a Rilou and go to Giant Chasm to catch a Ditto. Or you can catch a female rilou and a compatible male. Evolve the Rilou into Lucarrio and breed them (the Diito, or the compatible male) (This way you get more EV's) Once you get eggs try for a nature that raises SP. Atk. I used Rash on mine. Then in the battle Subway go get a Power Lens and put it on your newly hatched Rilou. Go to Celestial Tower and go to the Floor with the nurse. Go battle the Litwicks and/or the Elgyems. For each one they give you 1 Sp Atk EV, plus the Four from the Power Lens.

Be sure your Rilou learns Nasty Plot. That will boast the already High Sp. Atk. Then once it Evolves be sure it also learns Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, and Psychic. Aura Sphere will take care of the Dark user, Psychic will take care of the Fighting user, and Dark Pulse will take care of the Ghost and Psychic users.

Train it up a lot. Preferably to the High 70's and 80's. By then you should have maxed out Sp. Atk. When mine was around those he had a Sp. Atk of 270, and attack of 200. Around lv 90 he/she should have around 300 ( mine had 302 at 90). Take your best team and this Lucarrio, and a lot of Full Restores, and Revives( incase Lucario Faints.) and take them on.

On my second time around the Elite Four I used mostly this Lucairo,

then I had a Reshiram lv 84 with the moveset of Dragon Claw, Fly, Crunch, and Fusion Flare)

and a Lugia I transfered over from Soul Silver at lv 85 with the move set Recover, Charge Beam (to boast its sp. atk once in a while) Aeroblast, and Psychic.

I know not everyone can get a Lugia if you cant dont worry! Lucarrio and Reshiram should do it for you, It worked fine for me. Lugia was just helpful for the fighting user.

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by skyp Jul 22, 2011

If it is your birthday in the game, some things will happen. The fog on Routes 15 and 14 wil disappear. Also, the nurse at Pokemon Center will wish you Happy Birthday!

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by skyp Jul 20, 2011

This was meant for Diamond just I made a Mistake.

First you must get your national pokedex by spotting every pokemon in the Sinnoh region. Afterwards head to Pro.Rowan and the rest will be simple from there.

After getting your national pokedex, head to the pokemon mansion. Instead of going in the trophy garden, talk to the owner of the the trophy garden. He will ask you two questions and you must answer yes to both questions. Every morning when you talk to him he will ask you the same two questions, and after you answer his questions, he will tell you what pokemon he saw in his garden that morning. Some of the pokemon are: marill, meowth, cleffairy, and eevee.

Keep going to him everyday until he say that he saw some Eevees in his garden this morning. When he does, then you go in the garden and you will find your eevee. It may take you a minute to find the first one but you will be able to catch a few.

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EaSy Leveling-Up

by skyp Aug 29, 2011

Just take the Pokemon you want to train and give it a Lucky Egg. Go to a place with high level Pokemon and tall grass, some pace like Route 10. Move around a lot in front of grass. Dont enter any battles. Once you see a shaking patch, approach it. If you did it on Route 10, it will be an Audino. Make sure that you have attacking moves and beat it. If the Pokemon with the Lucky Egg didnt go into battle, it wont get any EXP. If its holding the EXP Share, it will gain EXP. Any way, if you beat the Audino, you will get so much EXP. Keep doin' it over and over. Instead of doing this, I just train in the Battle Arenas.

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GeT more starters

by skyp Jul 28, 2011

If you want more Oshawotts/Tepigs/Snivys, you can just breed. To do that, you must have a Ditto. You can only catch the after you have the National Poke`dex. Go to the Giant Chasm and go through the cave. Once you are in the field, the grass will have Dittos. In both the Double Grass and Normal Grass, there is a 15% chance of finding one.


Double Grass: Lv 63 - Lv 65

Normal Grass: Lv 53 - Lv 55

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LeGendary Pokemon

by nina555 May 31, 2010

There has been a leak of the new legendary pokemon on Serebii.net
Their names are Reshiram and Zekrom. Reshiram is Dragon type and Fire type. Zekrom is Dragon type and Electric type.
Here are some pictures of Reshiram and Zekrom :
[/img]http://www.jehzlau-concep ts.com/news/wp-content/up loads/2010/05/Pokemon-Bla ck-and-White-Legendaries- Reshiram-and-Zekrom.jpg [/img]
The picture doesn't seem to work. I tried to make it work by posting it again in some comments u can se down there. I made several mistakes. This is my first contribute..and I know it's all weird but I made another contribute which is certainly better. =)

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