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Pokemon Black Review :

One of the best

by mudkipmaster Apr 02, 2011

The newest game in the Pokemon series along with Pokemon White, although it lacks some features from other Pokemon games such as the Pokewalker,the safari zone,pal park and berry planting it is still a mind blowing game with an amazing storyline this game will last you ages! Explore the Unova region with brand new Pokemon and some new characters and connect with you real friends using WiFi, some new features include the Xtransciever,rotation and triple battles,the Pokemon musical,the season changes and much more your aim in the game is to stop team Plasma from completing their goals and at the same time completing your Pokedex and becoming the Strongest trainer in the Unova region by beating the champion Alder.

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9Story line
A spectacular storyline involving you to stop team Plasma along with N,Ghetsis and the other sages this will take you from place to place trying to stop them from stealing peoples Pokemon.
The most noticed update in the games the graphics went from good to amazing when you cross Skyarrow bridge you would know what I mean the Pokemon battles have also recieved some graphic update aswell.
The games music differs from area to area but there is a new feature that when you talk to a person playing an instrument it will play around the music playing Ex.When you talk to a guy playing the guitar you would hear guitar sounds in the backround.
The game has the usual controls the D pad to move your character the A button to continue or pick up an item the B button to cancel the X button is the menu and last but not least Y which has your registerd items.
10Lasting Appeal
This game will last you from 1-4 months, if your a Pokemon addict it will last you a life time trying to complete the pokedex especially with the seasons changing all the time.
(Out of 10)


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