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Pokemon Black Review :

Pokemon Black - Oustanding

by platinummaster8 Apr 06, 2011

Pokemon Black, along with Pokemon White is the newest game in the Pokemon series. There is brand new Pokemon and you are now in the Unova Region. There is a lot of new changes like the new Battle Scences where the Pokemon move while not attacking instead of staying still. Also you have two friends that you see throughout the game instead of just one, plus you also have a girl Pokemon Professer, which is a giant change to the series. This game is missing features that are in the other Pokemon games like berry planting, pal park and the safari zone. You can connect with your friend over WI-FI and battle to decide who is the true champion. This game is certain to last you ages.

Pokemon Black is an amazing Pokemon game and Nintendo have done an outstanding job producing it. It is always nice to see new Pokemon and characters. There is even a new team of villains, Team Plasma, they have a very poor taste for clothes.

Hope you enjoy my review.

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9Story line
In the story of this game you have to battle Team Plasma and stop them from stealing other trainers' Pokemon. You will also run into a legendary Pokemon towards the end of the game. All packed into one entertaining adventure.
The graphics in this game or a giant improvement to the other Pokemon games. With new shades, 3D effects and the elements are all included in this game. Brand new battle animations and moves make this game have great graphics. A improvement from the other Pokemon games.
The sound in this game varies depending on where you are. Also if you talk to someone who has an instrument it would play it in the background. Pokemon cries and footsteps like walking in the grass are included.
You plays this game with the key pad like any other Pokemon game for the DS. You can use Y to use registered items. The arrow keys are for movement and the touch screen brings the usual element of interaction to the player. Overall good gameplay.
9Lasting Appeal
Pokemon Black is a game that a long time fan of the Pokemon series should buy. The game is very good and like any other Pokemon game, creative. This game will sell loads of copies in every country it is on sale in.
(Out of 10)


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