Pokemon Black Review

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Pokemon Black Review :

Amazing Beyond Belief

by iMAN123 Apr 29, 2011

One word can describe this game:Awesome.

Along with its counterpart,Pokemon White,the Generation 5 Pokemon games are truly amazing. With its new features like PGL,C-Gear and Entralink,this game has everything you need to past the time. Other new features include PGBU & PDW,both part of Pokemon Global Link(PGL).

Although lacking some features such as PokePark,it gives equally good features like PokeTransfer.

Another example of replacement features is the Battle Frontier,which is replaced by the Battle Subway which can be reached before finishing the main story.

This game,and its counterpart, is a must-buy for all Pokemon fans.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
Very unique & intersting.The story of N and Team Plasma is very intriguing,even after finishing the main story.Although somewhat lacking a good storyline like previous games,it is still the best among the rest.
Purely awesome.The graphics are,obviously,from an angle which makes things seem 3D.The best parts when this is put to use are Castelia City,Black City & when riding the Ferris wheel in Nimbasa City.
Music is highly entertaining,especially the Elite Four &,my favorite,the Nimbasa City music.I also like other music like Cheren & Bianca battle music & the Gym Leader music.
Purely awesome with C-Gear & Entralink...But What I like best is the Pokemon Dream World!I also like the Pokemon Musical & battle Subway a lot.
10Lasting Appeal
With this masterpiece,you can play FOREVER!I'm gonna say this again!FOREVERFOREVERFOREV ERFOREVERFOREVER!
(Out of 10)


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