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Pokemon Black 2 Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Black 2 cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Black 2 on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Latios and Soul Dew

by LilligantMaster Jun 27, 2012

The Soul Dew can be obtained after you capture (or defeat) the wild Latios. Latios will appear in the Dream Yard, which is the east of Striaton City. Once there you will be ambushed by Latios and then it flies off. You will need to chase it in certain areas to intercept it. Once you finally tire out Latios, go on the second floor of the Dream Yard and head for the eastern-most part of it. But before you do, save your game.

Note: Latios' only attack is Psychic, so I recommend bringing a Dark-Type Pokemon to make it useless in battle.

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Secret - Locations of the 3 Dragon Orbs

by LilligantMaster Jun 26, 2012

The Shadow Triad will not give you the 3 Dragon Orbs for Dialga, Palkia and Giratina after you beat the game... But! The good news is they can still be obtained. If Dragon Spiral Tower is available for you, there is a certain floor where you will see three stray items laying on the floor. Those items are the Dragon Orbs. Each will boost 20% attack power of their primary type and Dragon.

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Secret - Zekrom Kyurem Black Kyurem

by LilligantMaster Jun 26, 2012

To get N's Zekrom, you will need to beat the game at least once. Do you remember where you found Zoroark but will not move? Well, now you should go back to the Victory Road and it wants you to follow it. When you follow Zoroark, you will see N's collapsed castle. N will be there. Reasons for him being there is unknown, but after you confront him at first he will join you. If you go to his room, he will tell you what happened 2 years ago or when he was a young child. He leaves the room, but he will still follow you once you leave.

I am unsure if there are any wild Pokemon in N's Castle, but keep on going until you see the center-most entrance where the old hero and N had their biggest battle in history. Once there, N will appear behind you and asks you if you're ready. His only Pokemon is Zekrom, but it is powerful otherwise. You will get to battle N, but this battle is deemed short. Once you beat N, you will acquire the Dark Stone from him. After all that, N will stand there in his castle alone. No one knows what would become of him, but it's going to be a waste of time if you insist on pestering him.

Take the Dark Stone to Dragon Spiral Tower to the top-most floor. Then the Dark Stone will become Zekrom again, where you will able to capture it. Once captured, Kyurem will be available in the Giant Chasm. Both of them will be at Level 70, so come prepared.

Remember the item that Drayden gave you when Opelucid City is frozen? This is one of the Link Pin that can be used to fuse Zekrom with Kyurem. It can also be used again to reverse the fusion. Once you used the Link Pin on Kyurem with Zekrom in your party, you will now have Black Kyurem, being the third strongest Physical Sweeper. Freeze Shock and Fusion Bolt will become available for Black Kyurem, however, Bolt Strike isn't available. Black Kyurem will have Teravolt as its ability.

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Secret - TM95 Snarl

by LilligantMaster Jun 26, 2012

Go to north-eastern of Nimbasa City and head for Lostlorn Forest. You will see couple of trainers, but at the northern-most of the forest, you should see a male backpacker mentioning about Zoroark. After that, he gives you TM95. And as soon as he leaves... the man was in fact Zoroark! Snarl is a pretty useful move to cripple your foe's Special Sweepers.

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Unlockable - N's Zorua

by LilligantMaster Jun 26, 2012

To obtain N's Zorua, you will need to follow the requirements below. The Zorua you get will be at Level 25. You will not need any event to get Zorua.

N's ZoruaDefeat the Sage Rood in Driftveil City and make room for your team.
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Secret - The 3 Musketeers

by LilligantMaster Jun 26, 2012

The first member of the 3 Musketeers, Cobalion, will appear before you and right upon your arrival to Chargestone Cave. After that brief scene with Cobalion it runs off somewhere. Cobalion will appear in Route 13, Virizion appears in Route 9, and Terrakion appears in Route 22. They will all stand in the middle of the road awaiting for your capture.

Upon approaching Terrakion, Professor Achroma appears and gives you the Achroma Machine. It is used to control Pokemon, mainly the Crustle that blocks your path in order to continue the story. You can catch it or defeat it to get through, but it can be used once.

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