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Pokemon Black Version 2 Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Black Version 2 [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 31 May 2013 and is called "Team Plasma Appearances (Colress as well)". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 10 other cheats for Pokemon Black Version 2, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Team Plasma Appearances (Colress as well)

by Unregistered May 31, 2013

Team Plasma is here still in Unova. This time, there are TWO Teams: One for peace, and one for destruction. Both teams are key factors in the story, so I'll show you where and when to prepare.

1st Appearance: Floccesy Ranch. A Herdier has gone missing, and you're required to find it. After going through a maze in the back of the Ranch, you'll find a Grunt physically kicking the Herdier. Once he sees you, he distracts you by giving you a Frustration TM. He then leaves after that. You do not battle him.

2nd Appearance: Virbank City. After defeating Roxie, you'll see Roxie confronting three grunts. Your rival will also arrive to help deal with these grunts. After you beat one, they run off toward the west, where you must find one of the grunts on Route 20. The battles will be easy, as you just trained against Roxie and her band.

3rd Appearance: Castelia Sewers. When you try to challenge the gym, Clyde prevents you from going in due to Burgh's absence. Iris then informs you that Burgh went off into the sewers to deal with a problem. When you go down into the Sewers, your rival will follow along and assist you. Due to this, you can't capture any Pokemon until he leaves, due to the fights being double battles. At the point where the Sewers reach another entrance to the North, two grunts appear and challenge the two of you. Defeat them, and you shall find Burgh, who declares that he defeated the rest. Colress then appears, stating that he is a scientist who is researching on how to "bring out the power in Pokemon". Your rival then leaves the Sewers, allowing you to capture the Pokemon.

4th Appearance: Route 4. When you find the bunch of Crustle, Colress will come along and remove them. He then tests his theory in a Pokemon battle with you. He uses two steel types, so a Sandile would be excellent to train against him. After the fight, he gives you a Protein, and leaves. Colress also has a Super Potion to heal his Pokemon.

5th Appearance: Nimbasa City. After you defeat the gym, you'll see your rival fighting some grunts. Your rival tells an emotional story that Team Plasma stole a Purrloin from him, which he was going to give to his sister. However, the Grunts ignore him and battle you. Defeat them and they will leave.

6th Appearance: Driftveil City. As you enter, you learn that Team Plasma divided into two parts over the years. The two of them are fighting, where your rival appears and forcefully punches the New Team Plasma member. Rood then appears, who asks of you to come to the North of town, where Old Team Plasma resides. When you get there, Rood tests you in a Pokemon Battle. His Pokemon can be rather tough if our Pokemon are underleveled. After that, Rood tells the tale that Team Plasma had separate opinions on how Pokemon were to be treated. One half followed N, who wanted to give apologies for their previous wrong doings; and the other followed Ghetsis, who wanted to still take over the world. Ho

7th Appearance: PWT. Team Plasma and Colress make two appearances here. At the PWT, you'll face Colress as the last contestant. Colress, like the rest of the trainers, is incredibly easy to defeat, as his Pokemon are only level 25. After the Tournament, you'll learn that New Team Plasma is docking the Plasma Frigate, a flying pirate-themed ship. You, Cheren, and your Rival all go onto the Frigate, where you confront numerous grunts. After you beat them all, Zinzolin, who has followed Ghetsis, orders the Shadow Triad, still loyal to Ghetsis, to kick you guys off of the ship.

8th Appearance: Lacunosa Town. Whilst on the move to Opelucid City, you'll find Zinzolin once again with a Grunt. The two attempt to stop you from following them in a Double Battle. Zinzolin has two Cryogonals and a Sneasel, meaning that a Fighting type will easily dispatch of Zinzolin.

9th Appearance: Opelucid City. After you defeat Drayden, he'll start giving valuable info. Upon doing so, the Plasma Frigate attacks by Ice Beaming the town, turning it into an ice maze. You'll face numerous grunts, and then Zinzolin. Zinzolin now has a Weavile and his two Cryogonals, so use Physical moves. Drayden will then hand you the DNA Splicers, but the Shadow Triad steals themn upon doing so. One of the members challenges you to a battle with two Pawniard and an Absol. Unleash the fighting types!

10th Appearance: Route 21 and Route 22. When you try to go through the Eastern Exit in the Seaside Cave, a Cruste will block your path, unwilling to move. When you spot Terrakion on Route 22, Colress will appear and ask a question. Pick yes and he'll give you the Colress Machine, which he used to move the Crustle on Route 4. Use the machine to move the Crustle, and advance onto the Coast, where you spot the docked Plasma Frigate. Your rival will arrive and swarm the ship with you. You will face numerous grunts. You will also have to get to the control room via a puzzle. After you complete the puzzle, Zinzolin and a Grunt will once again challenge you and your Rival. Zinzolin hasn't changed, besides his level of annoyance. After beating the two, the Shadow Triad will kick you off once again.

11th Appearance: Giant Chasm. You will find Rood and some Old Team Plasma members talking with the new ones, and how they're trying to fight with each other. A couple of Grunts then challenge you to battles. After you beat them with your rival, you will enter the Frigate once again. After beating MANY grunts and completing a new maze, youll confront Colress, who has joined Team Plasma in order to further his research on Pokemon. He then challenges you. One major flaw is that he uses many Steel and Psychic types, so a Moxie Krokodile can EASILY sweep his team! After you beat Colress, you will teleport to Ghetsis' office, where he explains his plan to freeze Unova. He then leaves and you must defeat the Shadow Triad. They all use two Pawniard; one uses Absol, one uses Accelgor, and one uses Banette. After you beat them all, they will give you the Lieperd that your Rival's sister was supposed to have, but it has no memory of your Rival.

After you enter the deepest part of the Chasm, you will meet Ghetsis and Kyurem. Ghetsis orders the Pokemon to use Glaciate on you, but then N appears and uses Zekrom to destroy the attack. Ghetsis gets furious upon N's arrival. He then uses the DNA Splicers to fuse Zekrom and Kyurem together. You them must kill Kyurem, as Ghetsis prevents you from capturing it. A furious Ghetsis then challenges you to a battle. His team is almost the same, with his Bisharp and Bouffalant being replaced by Drapion and Toxicroak. When you beat him, Ghetsis goes into a rage, and N tries to reassure with his "father". His father refuses his actions, and the Shadow Triad take him away. The two Pokemon seperate, and N thanks you for your actions. He then flies of on Sekrom.

12th Appearance: P2 Lab. If you go here, the Plasma Frigate has docked. The New Team Plasma Members decide that Old Team Plasma was right, and they try to do good deeds. Yu can also battle Colress here every day. His Pokemon are extremely tough, being around level 75.

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