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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Diamond cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 1010 cheats in our list, which includes 94 cheats codes, 14 passwords, 144 unlockables, 93 easter eggs, 73 glitches, 592 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Diamond on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - All credit goes to LugiaEx1001 (Kayla)

by AlexGETsomePIE May 29, 2007

If you have Deoxys in your party, then go to Veilstone city and touch the different meteors. Your Deoxys will change into different forms depending on which meteor you touch! RATE THIS CHEAT!

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Unlockable - Event items without going to event

by flaminginferno465 Jun 07, 2007

This isnt really a cheat...well kinda, the only bad thing is this can only work on the day of the event, you'll find out how to activate the mystery gift, this mite be kinda wrong...dont blame me i forget, my friend told me to post its so...

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Mystery Giftgo to the 3rd floor and talk to this old guy and he'll ask you a few questions, 2 to be precise, answer everyone happy for the first and wifi connection for the next. wait for a day(or mess with time) and you should have a mystery gift. use it on an event day and u get a event item...now i gotta find when the next event is comin up
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Code - Obtain Any Pokemon

by chaizard4life Feb 11, 2008

You need to use Action Replay. The 3 Xs in the code should be replaced with the numbers after each Pokemon on the right of the code. Press L + R to activate. To recieve the Pokemon, go to the Mining Museum in Orberg City and talk to the man at the front counter, then he will give you the Pokemon. Enjoy!

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 10001170 00000XXX D2000000 00000000Bulbasaur 001 Ivysaur 002 Venasaur 003 Charmander 004 Charmeleon 005 Charizard 006 Sqirtle 007 Wartortle 008 Blastoise 009 Caterpie 00A Metapod 00B Butterfree 00C Weedle 00D Kakuna 00E Beedrill 00F Pidgey 010 Pidgeotto 011 Pidgeot 012 Rattata 013 Raticate 014 Spearow 015 Fearow 016 Ekans 017 Arbok 018 Pikachu 019 Raichu 01A Sandshrew 01B Sandslash 01C Nidoran (Female) 01D Nidorana 01E Nidoqueen 01F Ninoran (Male) 020 Nidorino 021 Nidoking 022 Clefairy 023 Clefable 024 Vulpix 025 Ninetales 026 Jigglypuff 027 Wigglytuff 028 Zubat 029 Golbat 02A Oddish 02B Gloom 02C Vielplume 02D Paras 02E Parasect 02F Venonat 030 Venomoth 031 Diglett 032 Dugtrio 033 Meowth 034 Persian 035 Psyduck 036 Golduck 037 Mankey 038 Primeape 039 Growlith 03A Arcanine 03B Poliwag 03C Polywhirl 03D Poliwrath 03E Abra 03F Kadabra 040 Alakazam 041 Machop 042 Machoke 043 Machamp 044 Bellsprout 045 Weepingbell 046 Victeribell 047 Tentacool 048 Tentacruel 049 Geodude 04A Graveler 04B Golem 04C Ponyta 04D Rapidash 04E Slowpoke 04F Slowbro 050 Magnemite 051 Magneton 052 Farfetch'd 053 Doduo 054 Dodrio 055 Seel 056 Dewgong 057 Grimer 058 Muk 059 Shellder 05A Cloyster 05B Gastly 05C Haunter 05D Gengar 05E Onix 05F Drowzee 060 Hypno 061 Krabby 062 Kingler 063 Voltorb 064 Electrode 065 Exeggcute 066 Exeggutor 067 Cubone 068 Marowak 069 Hitmonlee 06A Hitmonchan 06B Lickitung 06C Koffing 06D Weezing 06E Rhyhorn 06F Rhydon 070 Chansey 071 Tangela 072 Kangaskhan 073 Horsea 074 Seadra 075 Goldeen 076 Seaking 077 Staryu 078 Starmie 079 Mr. Mime 07A Scyther 07B Jynx 07C Electabuzz 07D Magmar 07E Pinser 07F Tauros 080 Magikarp 081 Gyarados 082 Laparas 083 Ditto 084 Eevee 085 Vaporeon 086 Jolteon 087 Flareon 088 Porygon 089 Omanyte 08A Omstar 08B Kabuto 08C Kabutops 08D Aerodactyl 08E Snorlax 08F Articuno 090 Zapdos 091 Moltres 092 Dratini 093 Dragonair 094 Dragonite 095 Mewtwo 096 Mew 097 Chikorita 098 Bayleef 099 Meganium 09A Cyndaquil 09B Quilava 09C Typhlosion 09D Totodile 09E Croconaw 09F Feraligatr 0A0 Sentret 0A1 Furret 0A2 Hoothoot 0A3 Noctowl 0A4 Leydyba 0A5 Leydian 0A6 Spinarak 0A7... 

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Unlockable - How To Unlock Legendary Pokemons

by Khaled7 Jun 15, 2007


Unlockable:How to unlock:
1 - UxieGo To Acuity Lake Go To The Middle Of The Lake.
2 - MespritGo To Vareity Lake Go To The Middle He Will Run Chase Him Down.
3 - AzelfGo To Valor Lake Go To The Middle Of The Lake.
4 - DialgaAfter You Get The 6th Badge Go To MT Cornot Go To The Top Of The Mountain Youll Find Him Their.
5 - PalkiaSame As Dialga Butt On Pokemon Pearl.
6 - HeatranAfter You Get The National Dex And Get All The Badges And Beat The Elite 4 Go To Stark Mountain Youll Find A Guy Named Buck He Will Take A Magma Stone Go Meet Him at His House And Go Back To Stark Mountain Youll Find Heatran.
7 - RegiagasGet The National Dex Hed To Snowpoint Town Go To The Temple But First Migrate The 3 Regis Ice Rock And Steel.
8 - GiratinaGet National Dex Hed To Route 214 Youll Find A Path Opend Hed To Spring Path Into Tornback Cave.
9 - CresseliaNational Dex Go To Canalave City Go To That Sailors House You Will See A Kid Sick Help Him Talk To The Sailor He Will Take You To Fullmoon Island Cresselia Will Run Take The Medicine Help The Kid And Catch Cresselia Like Mesprit.
10 - PhioneGet Manaphy Breed Him With Ditto Youll Get Phione.
11 - RotomGo To Eterna Forest Go To The Spooke House Go To The 2ND Floor Go To The 1 Of The Rooms And Go To The TV Rotom Will Come Out.
12 . ManaphyImport Him From Pokemon Rangers.
13 - DarkraiGet The Members Pass From The Mystery Gift Go To Canalave City Go To Newmoon Island.
14 - ShayminGet The Oaks Letter From The Mystery Gift Go To The Pokemon League.
15 - ArceusGet The Azure Flute From The Mystery Gift And Then Go Spear Pillar He Will Be At LV 80.
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Secret - Invincible Pokemon!

by blaziken1234 Jul 23, 2007

You will need the following:

An Alakazam with Skill Swap and Role Play.
A Shedninja with U-turn. (It doesn't have to have U-turn, but it will help.)
A Spiritomb or Sableye. (Preferably Spiritomb.)

Go into a double battle with Alakazam and Shedninja, make sure your Alakazam is the fastest pokemon. Have Alakazam use Role Play on your own Shedninja, it will copy Shedninja's Wonder Guard. Then have Shedninja use U-turn. Get Spiritomb to come in battle to take Shedninja's place. Have Alakazam use Skill Swap on Spiritomb and it will have Wonder Guard. It's became a loop-hole!

Wonder Guard- An ability that makes the pokemon only take damage from super-effective hits.

Spiritomb- A pokemon that has high defense stats., and doesn't have any Super effective weaknesses.

Congratulations! If you have followed each step carefully and survived long enough to pull off this strategy, you should have an INVINCIBLE Spiritomb that won't take any hits! Battles will be easy if you do this right.

Warning: Spiritomb might take damage from side moves (Like Sandstorm and Future sight.) and conditions (Like Poison and Confusion.), there are 2 abilities that can destroy this strategy:

Mold Breaker: (Cranidos and Rampardos have this one.)
Scrappy: (Kangaskhan and Miltank have this one.)

Besides that stuff, Spiritomb is unstoppable this way!


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Secret - Old chateau ghosts

by DIAMONDDUDE Jun 08, 2007

there are 2 ghosts in the old chateau you might see one [a old man] in a room with a long table.the other[a little girl] you might see in one of the bedrooms

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Code - Shiny pokemon code

by pokemonmaster1aka9 Jun 20, 2007

ar all pokemon will be shiny even on the gts but not to any 1 els only 2 u they will be shiny

12068ac66 00004600its short but it works
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Hints - Here is some info on those wierd Incenses.

by coresMICcores Aug 01, 2007

Some pokemon have pre-evolution or "baby" forms that can be required only through breeding. But you can't just have to pokemon breed, you need your pokemon to hold one of these things called incenses. Here is a list of all of them.( Alphabetical listing)
Full incense - Snorlax breeds to Munchlax
Lax incense - Wobbuffet breeds to Wynaut
Luck incense - Chansey breeds to happiny
Odd incense - Mr. Mime breeds to Mime jr.
Pure incense - Chimecho breeds to chingling
Rock incense - Sudowoodo breeds to bonsly
Rose incense - Roselia breeds to bedew
Sea incense - Marill breeds to azurill -or- Mantine breeds to mantyke


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Secret - Old Chateau Ghosts

by Sceptile-Lad Jul 30, 2007

You can find the Old Chateau by flying/walking to Eterna City then going Left to Eterna Forest and walking Left some more and cutting the first trees you see and then you will see the Old Chateau Mansion.

Rotom: After you See all 150 pokemon of Sinoh and get the National Pokedex then wait until night time and go to the Old Chateau, you will see the Gym Leader out side there 2.
Go into the Old Chateau and walk up the steps on either side, then go threw the door that is in the middle and you will see A LOT more doors, the one on the left has a TV save then click a on the TV and you will battle Rotom, Catch him, because there is only 1 of him.

Gengar: In one of the Rooms in the Old Chateau there is a little painting on the wall and if you go up close to it the Red eyes will dissapear but when you back away you will see the eyes come back into the painting, save and turn your game off, insert a Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Saphire or Pokemon Emerald into the GBA gome slot in the DS and turn your game on, then look around in that room that your in and YOU MIGHT see a Gengar but you have to Have the National Pokedex and he is VERRY RARE so happy hunting!

Also there is a Girl and a Old Man that you may see rarley in the Old Chateau and they will leave Tm's or items every so often...

I hope that this is helpful and please rate my cheat!

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Code - A few action replay codes for the DS

by Lugia27 Oct 09, 2007

Get an AR at your local Wal*Mart. Then enter in these codes

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 0000AA3C EDB88320 2000AA68 0000000A D2000000 00000000Gives you Arceus. Press L+R. Go into any Pokemart. There will be a Man in a Green Suit. Talk to him. He will give you the Azure Flute. Now, head to the top of Mt. Coronet (Spear Pillar, or the place you saw Dialga) Step forward onto the little white square. The Azure Flute will make some noise. You'll play an eerie song, and the Hall or Origan Stairway will apper.
94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 0000AA3C EDB88320 2000AA68 00000008 D2000000 00000000Gives you Darkai. Press L+R. Go into any Pokemart. There will be a Man in a Green Suit. Talk to him. He will give you the Member's Pass. Now, head to Canalave City. Go to the house above the Pokemon Center. You'll fall asleep, and enter Newmoon Island.
94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 0000AA3C EDB88320 2000AA68 00000009 D2000000 00000000Give you Shaymin. Press L+R. Go into any Pokemart. There will be a Man in a Green Suit. Talk to him. He will give you Oak's Letter. Now, head to Route 224. (Go through that extra part of Victory Road. HMs: Rock Climb, Defog, Surf, Rock Smash) Go to that giant white rock. Pro. Oak will be there. He will talk about having the same huge rock back in Kanto. Then he'll say it's connected to pokemon, and he needs a true trainer (you) to tie the feelings together or something... Type in anything you want. The ground will shake and Shaymin will apper, then run away. Run after it.
12069C5E 00004288 94000130 FFFE0000 12069C5E 00004280 D2000000 00000000Gives your Pokemon Pokerus (Pokemon Virus) It's a very helpful virus that boost your lv up stats. Press L+R. Select the Pokemon you wanna give Pokerus to. Put it in the front of your party. Run around in the tall grass (or anywhere you can encounter wild pokemon). Once you encounter one, hold down the A button. Keep holding it and Select Run. Then, let go of the A button. Head to any Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy will say your Pokemon is affected with Pokerus.
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Secret - Here are some great strategies and combos:

by blaziken1234 Aug 08, 2007

PorygonZ- (It has to have Adaptability to work.) Hold Silk Scarf. Use Nasty Plot once or twice then Hyper Beam. If the opponent has mediocre or lower defense, it'll almost always a one-hit kill. Except for pokemon that are Rock, Steel, or Ghost-types.

Machamp- (It has to have No Guard to work.) No Guard makes it so any move from you and your opponent WILL hit. So teach it powerful moves with low accuracy for great results. Like Dynamic Punch, it's the same type, very powerful, used on a fighting-type quadruple weakness pokemon will give more power, and as a bonus: The opponent get's confused. Give Machamp a Fist Plate for extra power!!!

Rattata or Raticate- Put one of those at a low level into battle. Have it know Endeavor and Quick Attack. Give it a Focus Sash. When a high-leveled opponent attacks it, it will most likely die. But with the Focus Sash, it is leaved with 1 HP left. Use Endeavor to make the opponent have only 1 HP as well. On the next turn, use Quick Attack for the kill. This is a one-use per battle strategy. But it is really good!

Absol- It doesn't have to be Absol, it only has to be a pokemon with Super Luck. But I highly recommend Absol to do it because of high speed and power. Give it a Scope Lens to improve the critical hit-ratio. Super luck will help it a lot more if it has that too. Teach it moves that have high critical hit-ratios. If they're physical, then they'll do more damage. This way, almost every move Absol uses will be a critical hit!

I hope these strategies helped! I'll make more combos some other time. PLEASE RATE! I worked hard to type all this!!!

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Hints - Mystery Gift

by Empoleon13 May 22, 2007

fly to Jubilife city and go to the tv station goto the 3rd floor and talk to a man there, he wil ask u wat u fell about tv or somethin say "everyone happy" then after that answer "wi-fi connection" and you'll get mystery gift option on the title screen (this is the only way to get Oak's letter, azure flute or heavens pipe without a Nintendo event) EmPoLeOn13

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Unlockable - Just Some New Evolutions (10) Evo

by Khaled7 Jun 14, 2007

Stones And Level Up And Trades

Unlockable:How to unlock:
1 - TogekissGive Togetic A SHINY STONE It will Evolve Into Togekiss.
2 - RhyperiorGive Rhydon A PROTECTOR and Trade Him He Will Evolve Into Rhyperior.
3 - GliscorGive Gligar A RAZOR FANG and Trade Him He Will Evolve Into Gliscor.
4 - DusknoirGive Dusclops A REAPERS CLOTH and Trade Him He Will Evolve Into Dusknoir.
5 - MagmortarGive Magmar A MAGMARIZER and Trade Him He Will Evolve Into Magmortar.
6 - ElectivireGive Electabuzz A ELECTIRIZER and Trade Him He Will Evolve Into Electivire.
7 - WeavileGive Weavile A RAZOR CLAW and Trade Him He Will Evolve Into Weavile.
8 - Porygon - ZGive Porygon2 A DUBIOS DISC and Trade Him He Will Evolve Into Porygon - Z.
9 - GalladeGet A Male Kirlia and Give Him A DAWN STONE It Will Evolve Into Gallade.
10 - FroslassGet A Female Snorunt and Give It A DAWN STONE It Will Evolve Into Froslass.
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Unlockable - Legendaries

by blazekick Jun 11, 2007

all of this can be gotten by national dex

Unlockable:How to unlock:
regigigasmigrate all 3 regis to diamond head to temple and statue will come alive
giratinago to velistone cityand go south mostly on the east side and youll find spring path go inside a caveand go through doors then fight girantina
heatrango to stark mountain first time find that girl and you'll team up go through cave and you find a meteorite.Your partner will take it go to hher house and she'll return it. go back to the meteorite and you'll see stark mountain
rotomgo to the haunted house in entra forset and you'll see the gym leader talk to her and she'll leave cut through trees go inside into rooms and you'll see two people who are really ghost. Go to a room with a tv and examine it and thump it and you'll fight rotom
cressiliago to canalave city and go to a house next to the dock and talk to the boy and mom. just to tell you hes in a nightmare about darkrai the nightmare pokemon. Anyway talk to sailor and he'll say save his son. He will take you to fullmoon island. It's basicly emptie but you'll see cressiliaand examine it and it will run away and track it down but first keep your promise because it will drop the lunar wing. Go to sailor and he will sail you back and talk to child.
uxiego to lake acuity lakeand go to center and its right there
azelfsame with uxiw but got to lake valor
mespritsame with both but lake verity, and the difference is it will run you need to track it down
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Hints - How to get Dribloon

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2007

You go to the power plant near Floaroma town on friday and Drifloon will be waiting outside.

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Unlockable - Legendaries

by Lugia27 Oct 08, 2007

Some of the Legendaries in the game and how to unlock them

Unlockable:How to unlock:
DialgaSpear Pillar
PalkiaTrade with Pearl
ManaphyRecieve from Ranger, or go to an Event
PhioneBreed with Manaphy and Ditto
CresseliaNational Dex Needed. Meet at Fullmoon Island. Chase it around Sinnoh
GiratinaNational Dex Needed. Go to Veilstone and head down. In the grassy maze thing, there should be a new opening. HMs: Defog, Rock Climb, Rock Smash
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Hints - Rare pokemon

by HEATRAN May 23, 2007

dialga- go up mt coronet from hawthome city and if u see a guy with no pokemon blocking an entrance you dont get to dialga that way and i think you need to beat team galactic at the head quarters and get the master ball but i dont recommend using it on dialga.
after this the guy blocking sunyshore city will leave

azelf uxie and mespirit- you get azelf uxie and mespirit after you beat team galactic at the head quarters and you get dialga. go to the lake south of veistone city to get azelf bring dusk balls. go to the lake west of snowpoint city to get uxie use dusk balls. mespirit is at the lake near twinleaf town it runs away. you will have to follow it with a poketech app.

cresselia- it is always a girl. see all of the pokemon in the sinnoh region to get the national dex and go the city that took u to iron island talk to the mom and the sick kid next to the boat the took u to iron island, then talk to the guy and he will take u to fullmoon island talk to cresselia and it will run away take the item that was left and give it to the sailor then find cresselia like u found mespirit i recommend using ur master ball like i did if u didnt use it on mespirit already

heatran- boy or girl. get the national dex and go all the way up stark mountain. go back down and go to the city west of stark mountain talk to the red haired guy in the house with the old guy and go up stark mountain again. you will fight a lv 70 heatran. use dusk balls or ultra balls.

giratina- u will need rock smash and rock climb. get the national dex and go to the place east of the lake where u caught azelf there will now be a pathway go up and into the cave. keep going straight until u see giratina. it is also lv 70. use dusk balls or ultra balls to catch it.

rotom- get the national dex and go into the old chateau in the eterna forest at night go to the tv and it will ask you to thump, say yes and you will fight a lv 15 rotom. easy to catch. i just used 1 quick ball.

manaphy- trade from pokemon ranger

phione- get a ditto from previous games or on route 218(i think) after u get the national dex and breed it with manaphy

special event pokemon

for any other rare pokemon like regigas i am sorry to say i cant give u much details
but i hope this helped a little!

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Hints - Shiny pokemon

by Giratinamaster May 16, 2007

shiny pokemon are pokemon of different colors than normal (shiny rayquaza is black instead of green, shiny metagross is gray and gold instead of blue and silver, shiny charizard is black instead of red).
these pokemon are EXTREAMLY rare.
every time you see a wild pokemon there is a 1 in 8,192 chance that the pokemon will be a shiny pokemon.
shiny pokemon are alot harder than there normal versions.
despite this shiny pokemon have lower stats than their normal versions.
you can use the pokeradar key-item in the grass, if the grass shines any other color than gold......it's a shiny pokemon.

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Secret - Migrating Pokemon

by Charmence509 Jul 23, 2007

put your emerald, ruby, saphire, leaf green, fire red, etc. game in the gba game slot of your ds. then when you turn you diamond/pearl game on and go to the continue/new game screen, there should be something that says: migrate from(the game u put in). press that, and choose the six pokemon you want to migrate. then once those pokemon are migrated, go to the migration station or whatever it's called. then you can go catch your pokemon!!
p.s.: please dont give me thumbs down, i am answering a request.

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Secret - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl MIC. SECRETS

by BlackFire22 Sep 11, 2007

If your pokemon is asleep and you are about to attack,say "wake up"

And if your pokemon is confused,say "snap"

if you are trying to catch a pokrmon,say "gotcha"

Chatot Chatter

If you do some exploring and talking to people, you will eventually encounter someone who says Chatot can learn human words. Once you obtain one (after trading with a girl in an early town) and get it to about level 20, it will learn the move Chatter. Once it learns Chatter, go to your Pokemon menu and select "Chatot". It will show Chatter along with a summary, switch, etc. Then, press A and record what you want it to say into the DS microphone. Not only will Chatot say what you said whenever you use the move Chatter, but it will become its cry. Note: This is not permanent, so you can change its Chatter as often as desired. Also, the speech will be slightly distorted so it will not sound exactly as you said it. The recorded sound lasts for only one day, so you will have to re-record it.


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Code - Catch trainer pokemon

by digidetector94 Jul 23, 2007

enter on action replay version 1.52

9223b5fa 00002101 1223b5fa 00002100 d2000000 00000000catchs trainers pokemon
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Secret - Egg hatching technique

by Pyro7 Jun 18, 2007

Go 2 solaceon (spelling?) town, and on your bike, go to the very right of the dirt road, then go up, then down. Repeat as neccesary

warning: if you have not batled the cowgirl and cowboy, I suggest you do so first.

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Secret - How to teach pokemon old moves

by Pyro7 Jul 02, 2007

First, make sure you have a heart scale (you can find them underground). Next, fly to Pastoria city. After that, go to the house close to the water, (the one with the guy that says he's exactly in the middle of the city in front.) go inside, talk to the guy inside, if you have a heart scale, he'll teach one of your pokemon a move that it forgot (or never learned)! You have to give the guy a heart scale in return, though.

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Easter Egg - Pokemon Voices

by VampireBidoof Oct 15, 2007

Ok im not sure if im hearing things or not,
but Sometimes while your wandering around you will hear a a voice of a pokemon found in that area

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Secret - Did you always

by lucarioegg007 Sep 13, 2007

want a lot of the starter pokemon if you just started if you dont get a female start over and do it again it may take a wile it took me 2 tries please rate thumbs up

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