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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 23 Oct 2007 by Holly_ and is called "This code will give you a Blazeken and a Gallade". The Cheat have a rating 1 by 17 our users. Also 3 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Holly_ and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Easter Egg - This code will give you a Blazeken and a Gallade

by Holly_ Oct 23, 2007

in your PC. It will also give you a Rampardos, a Deoxys, an Armaldo, a Lugia, a Garchomp, and a Regigigas with great stats in your party!!!!!!!!!. I hope you like it!

94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E0000304 000000ec
56f156f3 92b90000
4c3ca0bb e880e3bf
C457b261 2b7141a4
5768db82 56c02e7d
9862180a 39221813
88822b56 75f46df9
Cc24759e f6bd9cd9
26dd65e4 bca53ea6
9ed98259 f9286625
A08e4eb7 c40be0f7
1ca16f90 5dc81c65
0747dbd5 0493ac5e
Df579e78 4509fb4b
D16f79f3 2ba81e56
Caefda48 41e6f34a
48b7a80f 6b6b3b66
A13fe7df 3cb37f04
Ec8f8032 a478fbf1
781ee7ff 6588c308
7221b12e d9aec2da
E6f7e507 0031af71
14bf8152 d551eb54
1898685e 62e4b695
Ac5a5e73 1ae22c22
C0031f7f 583bb16c
D8a6d15e 18e4bc49
6aa2565a 4533131b
A31743f5 186ceb31
549581e5 7e9b896c
Fb17d55f 00000000
E00003f0 000000ec
Febaf99e ac1d0000
349ab116 84125a56
Ece49d3d fa1719ab
13e7cda3 dcf37cbb
Eec2bc98 e35dca2b
B6aa3ff5 7a48cb11
7dc0330c c491c6a3
Bef064fa 2eda9d43
A6f22f4d d728ce68
2b7e9912 6acd2863
561f0606 87b846b0
E4f5f10a 5466b301
4192a6c5 7d56d860
5cd2576c 73953147
D1f7a614 91c43771
74ab9ffa bceaaebd
1990d666 50e24ede
90539bde 98209e7d
Ecc2dee6 5f48a394
Bba8e51a c5d743d0
5cb8b7a8 297a2f22
82c3ee03 2a409d4c
Bcb9500d 838a59a6
64339bbb 5ed7cf6c
7ae58c89 b94542d6
B5ba4cab 9d578765
163dc588 34f8c780
B63a8367 f7c0313e
A9a4206b 79759c85
1ab96abc 00000000
E00004dc 000000ec
0abb0ab9 73120000
A5f3b4ca d93ad70d
C3570573 b08e942f
825c8f74 22fa9931
8efccfc7 d7a4098a
Ddf99e40 95324dfd
1ed8177c 098d48ce
9ee78e69 73526790
9410e8d8 999d7703
Ceae0924 3b622b74
8789ac0e 2a35a626
839db12f 5535b191
419728b6 5c6eb75c
4276ec23 4470fa10
4b10a78b 88d5e4d4
2cf15393 9ef5895e
D11d8cab 35b7da08
Cfbbd2fe f29c0080
97024b68 935cc76b
3c29cea5 95702c7b
Dda86475 036a24d2
09252fd3 a7334221
B52081e1 c29de72b
23b51a9a f304facd
Fdfb6810 827ead87
Ea56f18f 9851133a
34095103 fca49533
580f5e96 63798067
8b2a729d 72db3400
8d3be1b4 00000000
E00005c8 000000ec
35a71d80 48f60000
Ad83fbe0 4054ff89
7154455e 8deecda3
50f95546 9184f88a
Bf04e6d3 45c1222a
7254e62f 4f6bc57a
6b374473 ab9beddf
6d08c0e2 6323e4f7
8900839c d1353569
4ffd9185 2717b231
E89ba884 bded4b7b
Bdc12460 f851466c
788facd7 669e52cc
8fbca22f fab0195a
F1581f64 fda838f1
1e64d7e5 784dbc02
D195c434 3c72805e
1dc81424 5b9f62a7
B6ad6513 dd6a87ea
Bd83ce99 45ca62a0
94b4383e 2610ae0f
873b91fd a8d1d3e5
F3f9ba81 93ecaa9d
A1841532 1520481f
231c7697 01ada979
9aeb352f 6c3b21ce
5c8c7381 b4fbc48e
33d1f771 780b3ee6
53c022d5 fe1ed47a
31dfe148 00000000
E00006b4 000000ec
8d197c28 0ad80000
7dea3f56 4961a4ae
2345c84a 76c4b902
F531c439 4a27ed73
1e2ef9b1 e30b450b
Af650c32 390a8f58
B55e2840 3ac860f5
A9cb2e22 89515fc7
84dc1f50 58d88b52
632a7460 f11232d3
6284425a da205b0d
Dfba89a6 0a752d4e
4596ba76 5566bc2d
47c4a814 f70cfd3d
Fabaf310 079b8308
Afda3ea1 e2895e96
Ae825c9b 4108d56c
Fef2069e 4e376c4f
77f626b6 520da313
Ba19380a 8fe6749c
Fc7cab20 aa4b9543
E1382e35 25ad30fe
6534e73c b2d4904c
Ba34b277 6e9396e2
A310d24d 3be45fe2
147048a6 9c50694c
1dd67179 aa9402b4
5ee1b2a2 1b81f335
8cd054f8 69238aa5
Cc44da9e 00000000
E00007a0 000000ec
96fd96fd dfbf0000
C47ad074 7014b69e
E5edd8b6 c2f8eee8
0bb0451f bff1ea11
470a9524 810a3b87
48da3096 d3198922
6e5da57a 9a3d97c4
F4429161 6a29523b
84101511 17988e53
A20a1e82 81459cd2
Ba36baa7 8f09b26c
D74fe08a 22c3e9db
273cd97a 3953337a
Cb2142cf 631736ad
F4926a12 684661fd
57303a80 14d2ef77
5fdedc7a 204b1d25
Aa6f92a8 c40a8843
34670d14 b22c4e59
92a8caa9 fa067adb
F99829de 365ad5ea
81172206 433ad37e
Efce0b59 abbca505
23582363 46845d9f
39eebf78 8334fce1
1ef89f1d 1b2261d5
4ce600a7 194b6a45
D8415c22 6d88c238
17fce873 7eff27bc
7f104ec0 00000000
20000300 00000006
E000c370 00000088
2df32df3 6bc00000
D8ef3683 6dac3e9e
E04b2616 0a857889
E00883f6 a9b19a54
641fbbd0 1a858799
41f7c321 8a487ee8
3c1d0c3c 55d8c779
Bf7ccb6e 8f4806a0
8cb9a887 c24a580a
9564b462 64cec263
B41db77a 666f2498
868c6366 d199675c
A0551de8 8d14521d
E64f70fe d19d7582
8a4ce02d 6d345858
86c44cf5 6dc765f1
0f6770e3 66b7fb79
E000c3f8 00000088
7cf67cf3 f51b0000
0f40b9d5 82d4347a
1a02c35b 553317e1
2ea4fbfa e54a5881
567a22ff 5d99891c
Fa71e237 5ebb9d42
56e99a86 a1523427
Dcc72430 6dcf2db2
9a1813ab eb5ab600
64e28a54 092b57ce
877570fe ae8fdbb8
F7432bb5 ee0d186f
6f8e502a f452436f
66b1eab9 245eb820
Ebdd25d1 31a08cfb
81259c0a 5f80a61a
Abada14d 910d43c9
D2000000 00000000

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