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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 26 Mar 2008 by The_Master_of_____ and is called "Sweet ghost team". The Cheat have a rating 0 by 2 our users and has been commented 1 times. Also 9 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up The_Master_of_____ and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Code - Sweet ghost team

by The_Master_of_____ Mar 26, 2008

this will give you a team of the somewhat common ghosts, all infected with pokerus, and maxed out stats, all level 100, pokesav generated, so put in code and press l+r

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC A46CC3F7 A5090000 8F122072 BF7FE078 680DF84F B47B8024 9FE5484E D2A264E3 48330E43 3EB3D5BF 54BD7FED EB42612E 59C17991 9FC7A66F 25D2747C 736DB422 62909035 B4FF135C 526FDA3E 61C8A60C 19338789 70A65127 AEB27066 3E8A56B8 83B26D03 85096BE6 CD99052F C0D40355 5D1E0322 D20BA934 F1774D3A 439D80BD 4B9AFE35 2436E723 F84B6E0F 4B05A2B8 C5764E4F 3D5748E8 E5D98DC1 AA8AE95B A664D4A0 3BB467FC 55627687 9D63DC5E 1E067E39 48BE5BFA 289308A9 63D4E47D EFD329E4 CAA94CA8 024EE29A 95925F77 A2B8E9DD B0C28585 FBAA4F27 5923A0AE DA9538A1 9269FDF5 25F241A1 00000000 E00003F0 000000EC A691D1F7 3B130000 D40994FA 5A44D77B 655137CB F7BF8123 3811CD3A 78AD8204 5C6BA478 BB51AEC3 5BE23CC1 019D65B0 675019A0 831A4C26 6BBA4714 BEB18879 989729EC 104ED7D2 C8BC0F96 718BDEF2 3D953FD2 137D7EA7 225BF800 E3B3E241 C3A3BF99 9B049690 EF9578EB 7C4E2418 509FC677 E367021A 15226A1F D9FBE926 A7FE6EF2 94BF3550 FFEA761A 26B53333 7AD40B83 E1293CA4 2EC88017 D042258D B9666ED9 F038ECA2 F92D8A3B B0A22C5E C73617BF 9B87429B F7A7A3B6 15D39B64 8F29478F 486D01DB 6424FF58 86891B5D 9F2CD384 C53970E3 CEBADAEE F84AAAAA 821E591D 684DE216 9FB47CC9 00000000 E00004DC 000000EC C1123DD7 31E80000 6D5A9187 24C8D4AD 0E6BF60C 41888DC8 0EFAAC4D 0F62A7CB 6988813B 9A2BCD67 31CA678D 69A3F67A 68F27307 393453CA 90C11909 4CB6C7DA A38D661F 10D8A189 D2A00DEF 199BB69E 7D9255AC B04DBBCB FA3DAAAB 8FA6993F 2977FEC9 CA4977FA 5A9DD9FD 3F7D1E8A 52355028 D18CC940 D338F71F 6F5C9F6C 6B5D7CCE BEFDC670 233B2EE6 65EEEBDF 3A99F246 6AFB59E5 7169D8F7 74B1B659 725153C0 E31C6F0E AFABC920 97C439AF ABD509D5 DF6FB30C 66E17119 4FA77F87 E248EF9F ADD1D1F8 F01E871B 337E7CD0 C186FA06 C401F180 E867B3A2 E741D21B C05F2C3C 9DD0F939 72F74DB0 00000000 E00005C8 000000EC F5D3BCF5 59090000 48E44087 D2188D77 F02EAB4B DB3B80E6 CBF684C6 5FACBA9D 323B93D6 A8083966 64215E9A 27CCF2A3 46BE6CBD A1819AED 0A99A35C 73896A96 0F4C9609 06E900DE 6B5D2956 F8841493 E1B4FB34 1771F3CD 04DCED2F 900595E9 B51DB5EC 8EC8675F 6C717E87 388DD633 65971EE3 F156F1E8 D9613F8A BEDD30A7 01D2CFAA 050904F9 5A0C8938 C3E963EE 443F6B22 C4139839 A26DC2F5 988A84EA 85C43AA6 46629BF4 3626AE25 1DF3F99B AB96B5BD 9BB3347C 36DB6DA1 FE1EAA3B 30910AE8 82A587CA C13D276E 7DE511EB 16A0E7FC C31BF1F3 9A4F60A6 0ED78ACF FD83DB74 68F09A4C 2E2DE544 00000000 E00006B4 000000EC 51EF89F7 52EA0000 E795A5BF D8540BD1 1E6EADD1 78228D7F 6A9C5068 D100CABB BE79F535 5DDFE84E 21F3E8A9 A470A396 1A27B611 FA6E099E A3404B0B 2DFBD54D 09A3E1D4 17D9F5D8 8536045C 8C07E1B8 91F11ED3 4F1A26B6 FA6CDFD7 DB13109E 87733F30 3EF9F18C 7954FB4C 28046F6E 5B2690F9 57DF36C0 502D6C9D 2901B030 A1D9CD1B B8875462 1A0A4B11 551C07DE 213DF4B2 747A1142 6DFD623C D7B2903B B81D1AB1 6A74F01A 785B17B8 BEE14BB7 16D4BBBA 3A821A6E 6F2C0886 55C1F9C8 858E650D 05077E69 A7E072DB 9F062F2C 6E38B7E5 D4520E8B 4E8D2084 8C365644 B7B19DC1 BAC5493A E77E63D2 00000000 E00007A0 000000EC E6170007 7B8E0000 FFE0C270 585801DA 4545FD2D 4D223758 CDAA01DD 90ADD89F 41E65179 B8DC19EA 829863D6 90173BA8 CDA4D688 E4AF2737 5AAE93EA E10049AF E35452D8 74930AED 861D52E4 D9EBF485 1C60DE1C B2A8C946 B414CEE7 573509EF A4571FE2 903C4A56 444AD5E4 C7F4615E AA5BE552 85E93F6C 16FE7E73 53BA0E6F 2B959615 61323752 715FC637 649F6840 4BA64BDC C802E13C 0DD37481 9E93AFE9 6270A955 81AD3A1E F6949959 19FA600A AAFA67B9 6662274E 9E0DF294 2DC2DB0A FA5274F3 A90381C4 C0970954 BA67CD8D 016BD065 4626EA65 39D0C010 8039CEDE C72E5EB7 4374F300 A68BEEC0 00000000 20000300 00000006 D2000000 00000000pokemon are shedinja, banette, dusknoir, froslass, gengar, and spiritomb
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Pokemon Diamond Cheats


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