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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 29 Jul 2008 by jacknhoho and is called "2nd two of the elite4 help". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up jacknhoho and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - 2nd two of the elite4 help

by jacknhoho Jul 29, 2008

3rd:fire type(actulay also has a driffblim (ghost 'n flying(caution: has willo-wisp which will burn you), a Loppuny (normal (has dizzy punch which may confuse you)),'n a steelix (steel 'n ground (for some reason it has sunny day 'n I don't know why))(note: Rapidash is pretty fast 'n if it uses sunny day its solar beam is deadly, also will annoy you whith bounce.) (WARNING!: inferape is the fastest pokemon of the shinoh region has earthquake, flare-blitz (has recoil damage + if sunny day is up its power goes from 120 to 180), mach punch, 'n thunder punch whitch can do x2 damage on water, 'n flying) recomended moves: surf, hydro pump, earthquake, shadow claw, shadow ball, flame thrower, brick break, close combat, phsycic,aireal ace, drill peck, bite, crunch, thunder bolt, 'n icebeam.
4th: phsycic type: (jumbo hint: only his bronzong has good defence the rest are only good at speed, sp. attk, 'n sp defence. so try for phsyical moves e.g: shadow claw, crunch, or anything were you have hit 'em yourself.) (mr mime is fast 'n annoying keeps using barrier 'n light screen so get him with a good move quick (phsyical is best) good stuff for him is shadow claw, x-sissor, or crunch)(his medicham is fighting 'n phsycic making bug, 'n dark not as good but does hate flying, 'n ghost has high jump kick (hope for it to miss), thunder, ice, 'n fire punch allowing it to nail many types down) (alacazam has very powerful moves 'n a high sp attk, 'n speed. get out some good pkmn with high sp defence then hit hard 'n fast.)(giraphirig is also normal making ghost not effective has stomp, phsycic, 'n crunch (i don't know the 4th) fast but of course got weak defence.) (bronzong is also steel making many moves not to effective is slow but has good defence unlike the rest has levitate making ground type moves no effect 'n is only weak to fire so use a flamthrower or fire bast on him)reccomended moves: x-sissor, crunch, drill peck, shadow claw, shadow punch, pay back, flame thrower, mega horn, 'n fire blast.

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