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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 06 Aug 2008 by joshua8 and is called "Natures: Pros and Cons on stats". The Cheat have a rating 0 by 2 our users and has been commented 5 times. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up joshua8 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Glitch - Natures: Pros and Cons on stats

by joshua8 Aug 06, 2008

I posted a Natures: Pros and Cons on stats. Use that cheat, and this walkthrough, to get
awesome stats! :D

Let's recount on how those work too, shall we? One Pok�mon can have at most 510 effort
points in total, and at most 255 in any given stat. For every four effort points in a
particular stat, the final stat that your Pok�mon will end up with at level 100 is raised
by one. What does this mean? It means that once you have 252 effort points in one stat,
that stat will be 63 points (252 / 4) higher than it would have been if you had had no
effort points, irrelevant of what the original value of the stat was. The thing is that
unlike the natures, effort points factor in through addition, not through multiplication -
which makes them an entirely different thing to work with mathematically. Imagine those
two normal form Deoxys again. Both of them have maximum IVs, so their maximum Attack and
Defense at level 100 are 399 and 199, respectively, and the minimums (with no effort
points put into them) are 336 and 136. Now let's imagine that one of the trainers of those
Deoxys effort trains it in Attack, while the other effort trains his in Defense. For the
sake of the example, we'll assume that the other effort points went into irrelevant stats
or don't exist at all. At first glance one could think that this will even out and not
matter in the end just like with the natures earlier, but look what happens if we
calculate the A / D factor of each Deoxys attacking the other...

Defense effort trained Deoxys attacks: 336 / 136 = 2.47

Attack effort trained Deoxys attacks: 399 / 199 = 2.0

The result is obvious: the Defense effort trained Deoxys' attack is nearly a quarter more
powerful than the Attack effort trained Deoxys'. But why? The reason is simple. The effort
points are factored in through addition rather than multiplication, and this means that
the 63 stat points are a much greater portion of 199 than they are of 399 - the Defense
effort trained Deoxys had its defensive abilities boosted by 46%, but the Attack effort
trained one only had its offensive capabilities boosted by 19%. While the Attack effort
trained Deoxys would get a greater boost to its attacking power even through simply
holding a Plate of the right type (at least in D/P) than it gets out of all those effort
points, the Defense effort trained one nearly gets a free Harden every time it comes into
battle - and this is simply because Deoxys started out with low Defense but high Attack.
In other words, effort training a Pok�mon in an offensive/defensive stat gives you a
greater advantage the lower the stat originally was. This obviously works for Pok�mon with
high Defense stats and low Attack stats too: effort training your Pok�mon for the low
attacking stats will yield a far greater increase in the damage you deal than effort
training it in the already-high defensive stats will decrease the damage dealt to you.
Speed and HP, again, however, are an entirely different matter thanks to factoring in
through comparison and subtraction rather than multiplication and division. Speed and HP
will benefit exactly as much from effort training if they're already low as if they're
already high. To twist things even more, you have to consider that since Speed is a
comparison, a greater advantage doesn't help you. If your Speed is higher than the
opponent's, you go first, no matter whether it's one or a hundred points higher. This
means that you only really need to decide which Pok�mon you are capable of outrunning and
want to be able to, and put your own Speed just above the Speed that those Pok�mon will
generally have. Any extra Speed points beyond that are wasted. Nonetheless, the
Attack/Defense thing sounds pretty revolutionizing, doesn't it? Don't people always tell
you to effort train your Alakazam in Special Attack and would laugh at you if you started
giving it defenses instead? This may make you want to try this sort of EV spread.
First You Need:
#1 WireLess Router
How To Do The Glitch:
#1 Go To Jubilife City
#2 Connect To The GTS(Global Trade Station
#3 Deposit The Pokemon You Wanna Clone
Note: Ask For A LV.100 Or LV.9 Under Darkrai Or Any LV. 9 Under Legendary(Except Jirachi)
#5 After 5 Seconds,Look At The WLAN(Light That Blinks On The Router)On Your Router.If It
Blinks Turn Off Your DS

#6 Turn You DS Back On.It Will Say "The Save File Is Corrupted,The Game Will Be Loaded.
#7 Connect To The GTS Again.If It Says Summary,You Did It Right.Press Summary And WithDraw
Your Pokemon.

If It Says Deposit...
Close All The Programs On Your Computer And Do Step#1-7


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