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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 06 Aug 2008 by joshua8 and is called "Super glitch". The Cheat have a rating -1 by 1 our users. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up joshua8 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Glitch - Super glitch

by joshua8 Aug 06, 2008

some attacks efect different pokemon in differant ways. Combos can help the prosess so
follow the Tips bellow for normal and double battles


1: *** Have a pokemon with Solarbeam and Sunny Day. Use Sunny Day in battle first so
sunlight will cover the feild. Now you wont have to wait a turn to use solarbeam since the
sunlight is strong. Also if you use this on a Water-Type their attack goes down and
attacks will be less efective

2: *** Have a water pokemon with Hydro Pump and RainyDay. This will be more efective
against fire types more. Use RainyDay and the fire type will have its attack cut in half.
Then hydro Pump will increase in attack but 50 SPATK so its a good move when agains REALLY
tough fire types


1: *** Have a psycic pokemon and a slaking. Use the psycic pokemon skill swap and swap
with slaking. Now Slaking wont slak off bettween turns so use a barage of attacks like
slash and hyper Beam

2: *** Have a pokemon with earthquake and a flying pokemon or one with the levitate
ability. Using earthquake usually effects all the pokemon in the double battle even your
own but if you have pokemon like Shupet, or Staraptor it will do no dammage to the other
pokemon if it has levitate or if its a flying type
go to jubilife city and go to the tv station go to the 3rd floor and talk to this old guy
and he'll ask you a few questions, 2 to be precise, answer everyone happy for the first
and wifi connection for the next. and you should have a mystery gift. use it on an event
day and u get a event item...now i gotta find when the next event is comin up

Draco meteor is the strongest dragon move but the dragon pokemon have to like u here where
u go u fly to celestic town then go to 210 go down the stairs across the brige up the next
steps u see then across the briges then use rock climb then ull see a cottige go and talk
to yhe old women
Gender Evolutions:
-these r pokemon that evolve base on their gender
here r pokemon that evolve through gender:

burmy- lv 20(female) will evolve into a wormadam
burmy- lv 20(male) will evolve into a mothim
combee- lv 25(female) will evolve into a vespiqueen


attached items and lv up
atthaching pokemon and lv it up
these r pokemon that evolve in this process

gligar- attach a razor fang and lv it up will evolve into a gliscor
sneasel- attach razor claw and level it up and it will evolve into a weavile
happiny attach a oval stone and level it up and it will evolve onto a chansey


area base evolutions

-r pokemon that evolve into a certain area
thes r pokemon that evolve into this method

pokemon area evolved into
eevee moss rock in eterna forest leafeon
eevee ice rock in route 217 glaceon
magnemite mt.coronet magnezone
nosepass mt.coronet probopass


learned attack evolutios
-these r pokemon that learn an attack and level it up to evolve

pokemon attack evove into
lickitung rollout learned lickylicky
tangela ancient power tangrowth
aipom double attack ambipom
yanma ancientpower yanmega
piloswine ancientpower mimoswine
bonsly mimic sodowoodo
mime jr. mimic mr. mime


party pokemon evolution
this r pokemon that evolve if there is a another pokemon in your party

mantyke will evlove if there is a remoraid on ur party and level it up

trading with items
trading pokemon attached an item will evolve

pokemon item evolve into
rydon protector
electabuzz electrizer
magmar magmarizer
porygon2 dubious disk
dusclops reaper cloth


evolve using a stone
pokemon stone evolve itno
togetic shiny stone
roselia shiny stone
murkrow dusk stone
misdreavus dusk stone
kirlia dawn stone(male)
snorunt dawn stone(female)


pokemon that evolve if they r happy
pokemon happiness eveolve into
budew " " roselia
chingling " " chimecho
night time
riolu " " lucario
hope i helped
this is for 4th generation

first you must go to solaceon town. then go town until you see a very tall white building
that is next to the solaceon town sign. enter that building and make it all the way to the
top floor. there should be two old ladys there. one will give you the HM strength, and one
will give you a cleanse tag. i hope this helped!!
after u have caught or battled dialga or palkia go to valor lakefront where the guy who
wouldnt let u through and keep going straight (u will have to fight a sailor). keep going
and you will be there (u will also be asked by elite four flint to fight the gym leader.
Go 2 jubilife cty and go 2 the tv station and on the third or second floor talk 2 a gi and
tell him "EVERYONE HAPPY" then say "WIFI CONNECTION" then connect to wifi download the
gift and vuwala!!!
regigigas) get national dex then migrate all 3 regis(registeel, regirock, regice) and go
to the snowpoint temple. when ur in keep going down to the bottom floor and there he is,
regigigas.i forget wat lvl he is but he's normal
(rotom) get national dex then go to eterna forest. u should see this person infront of
trees. talk to him. he will leave. cut through the trees and go into the old cheateu. go
up stairs and go into the door at the back of the room. u will see doors. go in the door
to the left. NOTE:must be at night time. go inside tht room there will be a tv. press A on
it. then rotom pops out.he is lvl 15 he's electric/ghost
(giratina) get national dex and go to spring path. keep going. ull go to a cave. u should
bring lots of ultra balls and max repels. the cave is called turnback cave.NOTE:do not
turnback when ur far in cuz ull get lost really easy. giratina is at the end of the cave
at lvl 70 he's ghost/dragon
Wobbuffet pokerader at lake valor. Togekiss togepi happiness togetic shiny stone toge
kiss.Have wobbufets moves encore, counter, mirror coat and safeguard.Togekisses moves Air
Slash thunder wave, aura sphere and roost. its so easy for me to battle people on
wi fi.
to get hm waterfall u go to sunnyshore city. Go to the beach up north. DO NOT GO ON THE
BRIDGE. U should see a gym leader from JOHTO. talk to her after u finish the gym leader in
sunny shore city he is a eletric type trainer. she will give u hm waterfall.
ok first you gotta have this types of pokemon grass,fire,fly,water,ice and earth

1th:put fly pokemon first then defeat the bug guy(when he sends out drapion send out the
earth pokemon and use earth power or something)

2th:put the grass pokemon first then defeat the ground guy(dont let water pokemon die if
you make him battle)

3th:put water pokemon first defeat his 2 first pokemon then make water pokemon come bak
and choose any pokemon if its the evolution of buneary then for steelix use any advantage
pokemon you want but for drifblim is out use a ghost or any atk but it cant be a contact
atk cuz you will be hit with aftermath

4th:put a pokemon that knows any fire and dark atk like houndoom he nows crunch and fire
blast then deafet his mr mime but hehas a bronzong use a fire move use a fly move against
medicham and dark or ghost pokemon 2 make his alakazam and girafarig faint

leader:first put any pokemon you want first(preferable the one with more hp)then the
leader will choose a spiritomb it has no weeknes use any atk but not psichic and fightthen
you gotta get her 2 choose roserade then use fire pokemon if she chooses garachomp choose
ice type pokemon and use ice atks then for her other pokemon use grass for gastrodon then
use grass for milotic and you win ok.
Make sure you have an AR DS that has Walk and/or Run anywhere. Go to Fullmoon Island. Head
west. You'll enter the Mystery Zone, but press on. Eventually you'll reach Newmoon Island.
Head in to the "woods" and a Lv.40 Darkrai waits there.
Pursuit-Quick Attack
Hypnosis-Nightmare (I think..)
Abillity: Bad Dreams-Inflicts damage to your opponent's sleeping PKMN.
1.Get a Nintendo wifi connector Either off the momtendo website or at a gaming store
2.Connect your DS (Or ds lite) to the connector
3.Go to Jubilife City
4.Go to the West and there is a Large Building with a globe in it
5.Talk to the Person at the counter
6.She will ask if you want to save game, say yes the she will say right this wayy please
7.It will ask if you want to connect to Wifi connection, say yes
8.There you have it!
9.Another wifi thing would be on the tthird floor of the Pokecenter
10.Get your pal pad and friend code (fc) and get other people's codes and add them to your
Pal Pad.
11.go on wifi and have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ps this is for those of you who didnt know ( alot of people kept asking me so i submited
this) XD have a great Day
first u have to beat 6 badges. then u go to mt.coronet. next u fight the team galcatic
people. keep going through the place untill ur at the very top. u see 3 people they're the
3 galactic bosses. all u have to do is whip there butts up and then u fight dialga. then u
catch it.
go to spring path after you get the national pokedex.
go into the cave.
there will be letters that tell you find three pillars.
go to the right door then go to the middle door then left and keep on doing that.
WARNING!dont go back or youl end up at the beginng thats why its called turn back cave.
find the three pillers.
go to the middle door after the last one and giritina will be there.ps shadow force is
You'll need a Ditto and a Manaphy to get Phione. Got to the Pokemon Daycare and put Ditto
and Manaphy in together. Walk or ride your bike for a couple of minutes then go talk to
the Daycare Man.(Make sure you leave space in your party)He'll give you an egg containing
Pione. Now all you have to do is hatch it. Go up and down on your bike for a while. Watch
T.V or somthing while your doing this because it takes quite a long time. You'll have to
take 9165 steps for the Pione egg to hatch. Have fun with your Pione!
First is the common method of training, by battling the Elite Four over and over again.
Second is by going to the Resort area and battle all the trainers again and again by using
VS. Seeker.
Third for Eletric, use the Superrod and battle the guys you catch.
Fourth for Birds, Ice and Rock, go to the Resort area and battle the wild Pokemon.
Fifth for Phsyic and Ghost, is to go to turnback Cave and go past the first two pillars
and then stay in the next room after the second pillar, and you will battle Lunatones,
Bronzongs, and Haunters.

Hope these tips are helpful.
When you have comepleted your Sinnoh pokedex, go to stark mountain. (Before you go there,
you will meet your friend and one of the gym leaders, blah, blah, blah.)There Buck will be
waiting. Team up with him(he has a claydol) and get to the place where your friend is
standing in front of. Go in and Buck will take the Magma Stone. After that, go to the
survival area and go in one of the houses.Talk to the old man, and then Buck. He will go
and put the magma stone back. Then, return to the place he took the Magma Stone from and
Heatran will be waiting. It could be a boy or girl at lvl 70. I suggest that you save
first, and heres a little hint, get its HP low then confuse/parylize/put it to sleep or
whatever then through a couple ultra/great balls. I caught it with a little HP, it
confused, with a great ball. Good Luck!!
when you get the natinal dex go to enterna forest and talk to the gym leader outsind of
the old cheatue AT NIGHTTIME then go to the room with the TV click A on it it would say do
you want to thump the TV and click yes an rotom will come.
ok once you bet the sinnoh leage and fill your sinnoh dex you go south of veilstone city
is a place called spring path once you how gone inside the bilding in there just keep on
going right intell you find giratina remember to save infront of him so if you louse or
run out of ulta, great and pokeballs
HMs: Rock Climb, defog, rocksmash(if you want,not recommended)
Items:Probably some potions and repels, and revives if nessesary
Pokeballs: 20 Dusk Ball(if at night works extremely well), 40 Ultra balls(don't waste your
master ball on this) are recommended

If you paid enough focus you could just skip here.
Anyways, if you go to the sendoff spring(located on the right of the route south of
veilstone) you'll go to this rock climb wall, use rock climb and you'll reach the top,
repel recommended for long walking.(more than 1 please) Go to the other side of the water
and there will be a cave. Go in and there will be this pillar with writing on the front
right? good. pass 3 of those pillars(the first one is included). On the third pillar turn
right.->.GIRATINA!.if giratina is not there you did something wrong but keep going
First you need to go to Canalave City. Then go to the sailor. There is a house by there go
in talk to the sailor. Next go in the house and talk to the kid in the bed. Then talk to
the lady the sailor will come in. Then go outside the sailor will ask if you want to go to
Fullmoon island go there.Then you can find Cresselia.Once you do talk to her and she will
go away take the item she left and take it to the child in the sailors house.

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