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This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 25 Sep 2008 by _Gaara_ and is called "Pokemon Ability List". The Cheat have a rating 19 by 29 our users and has been commented 11 times. Also 37 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up _Gaara_ and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Password - Pokemon Ability List

by _Gaara_ Sep 25, 2008

This may be helpful for some and a waste of time for others... This isnt the ability modifier, Im still looking for that lol. First is the ability and the other is what it does. PLEASE RATE!!!

AdaptabilityDoubbles the power of the move if the pokemon using the move is the same type as the move.
AftermatchWhen the pokemon faints of a direct attack, it causes 1/4 of its max HP to the inflicting opponent.
Air LockNullifys the effects caused by the weather on the battle field.
Anger pointRaises the pokemon's attach stat to its max level if the pokemon if inflicted with a critical hit.
AnticipationDetects if the oppenent has a move that can be super effective when used on the pokemon, it doesnt tell what the move is, however.
Arena TrapPrevents a pokemon from escaping or switching. *Has no effecf on flying or levitating pokemon*
Battle ArmorPrevents you from recieving a critical hit.
BlazeIncreases the power of your fire type moves when your max HP falls below 1/3 of its max.
ChiorophyllDoubbles your speed when it's sunny.
Clear BodyAttacks that lower your stats have no effect (Intimidate included)
Cloud NinePrevents you from recieving damage from weather conditions
Colour ChangeChanges your type depending on what type of move hit the pokemon last
CompoundeyesIncreases Accuracy by 30%
Cute CharmWhen attached with a phisical attack, it has a 30% probability of causing your oppenent attraction.
DampPrevents the pokemon on the field from using Explosion or Selfdestruct, Aftermatch will no longer work, either.
DownloadIncreases your attack or special attack stat depending on the oppenent's stats.
DrizzleSummons permanent Rain.
DroughtSummons Sun (like a permanent sunny day)
Dry SkinRestored your HP if it's raining, decreases it if it's sunny.
Early BirdAwakens from sleep faster.
Effect SporeHas a 30% chance of effecting your opponent with Poision, Paralyze or Sleep if they attack you directly.
FilterDecreases the damange you recieve from super effective moves.
Flame BodyHas a 30% chance of making your opponent recieve a burn if it attack you directly.
Flash FireIncreases your Fire Attacks strength if you get wit with a fire move, also gives you full immunity to fire moves.
Flower GiftIncreases your and your allies' attack and special defence by 1.5x when it's sunny.
ForecastChanges your pokemon's form when in Hail, Rain or Strong Sunlight.
FriskAllows your pokemon to tell what heald item your opponent is holding.
GluttonyUses a HP recovery berry before your HP gets too low.
GutsRaises your attack by 1.5x when affected with a status condition.
HeatproofHalves the damage infected by fire moves and gives immunity to the burn condition.
Honey GathererMay be holding honey after a battle.
Huge PowerRaises your attack.
HustleRaises your attack by 1.5x but lowers your accuracy
HydrationRecovers from a status condition if its raining
Hyper CutterAttacks that lower your attack have no effect
Ice BodyRestores HP if it's hailing
illuminateIncreases the chance of meeting wild pokemon if this pokemon is in the first slot
ImmunityPoision has no effect
Inner FocusPrevents you from flinching
InsomniaPrevents you from sleeping
IntimidateLowers your oppents attack by 1 level when the pokemon switches in.
Irion FistIncreases the power of the moves: Ice, Fire and Thunder Punch, Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Comet Munch and Bullet Punch
Keen EyePrevents you from having your accuracy lowered.
KlutzPrevents effective items from being effective?
Leaf GuardPrevents pokemon from being affected by status conditions if it's sunny.
LevitateProtects you from ground type moves.
LightningrodAttracts all electric type attacks to you.
LimberPrevents you from being pralyzed.
Liquid OozeInflicts damage on your oppent if they absorb your HP.
Magic GuardPrevents all moves except direct attacks from decreasing yor HP. (Not tested)
Magma ArmorPrevents the pokemon from getting frozen.
Magnet PullPrevents steel type pokemon from switching.
Marvel Scaleincreases your Defence by 1.5x when effected with a status condition.
MinusIncreases your Special Attack by 1.5x when Pluse is on your team.
Mold BreakerLets you hit pokemon regardless of their ability. (Levitateing pokemon can be hit with ground moves for example)
Motor DriveIncreases your Speed by 1 when you are hit with an electric type move.
Natural CureHeals your status condition when you switch out from a battle.
No GuardMakes sure that you and your opponent's attacks hit.
NormalizeChanges all moves to the normal type untill they switch out.
ObliviousPrevents you from being attracted.
OvergrowIncreases your grass type moves when your HP falls below 1/3
Own TempoPrevents the pokemon from being confused
Pick UpMay pick up items after battles. Items become better the higher the level (you will start picking up Dusk stones, etc)
PlusIncreases your Special Attack when you have Minum on your team.
Poison HealRestores HP when poisoned.
Poison PointMay cause you opponent Poision if they attach you directly.
PressureWhen attacked, your oppenent will lose 2 or 4 PP instead of 1.
Pure PowerRaises your Attack.
Quick FeetRaises your speed when you are infected with a status condition, also makes you faster instead of slower when you are paralyzed.
Rain DishRecovers Hp every Turn when it's raining
RecklessWhen using a move with recoil, it raises the moves power.
RivalryRaises your attack if your opponent has the same gender as you.
Rock HeadPrevents you from recieveing Recoil Damage.
Rough SkinCauses damage if your opponent attacks you with a direct attack.
Run AwayCan always flee from wild pokemon.
Sand StreamCreates a permanent sandstorm when this pokemon comes into battle.
Sand VeilRaises your accuracy during a sandstorm.
ScrappyMakes it possible to hit a ghost type pokemon with normal type moves.
Serene GraceDoubbles the probability of producing a move's additional effects.
Shadow TagPrevents your oppent from escaping
Shed SkinHeals your status condition
Shell ArmourAvoids Critical hits
Shield DustIs not efected by the effects of moves.
SimpleDoubbles your stat changes.
Skill LinkMakes your continous attacks last for that number of turns.
Slow StartHalves your Attack and Speed in the first 5 turns of battle.
SniperIncreases the damage of critical hits
Snow CloakRaises evasiveniss in hail.
Snow WarningMakes permanent hail when the pokemon enters battle.
Solar PowerMultiplys Special Attack but lowers HP when thew weather is sunny.
Solid RockLowers Super Effective damage.
Sound ProofSound moves have no effect.
Speed BoostIncreases your speed every turn.
StallMakes you attack last
StaticMay cause your oppent to become paralyzed
SteadfastRaises your speed when you flinch.
StenchKeeps wild pokemon away.
Sticky HoldMakes it so your items can not be taken.
Storm DrainMakes all water moves hit you.
SturdyYou can not be hit by 1-hit KO moves like Horn Drill.
Suction CupsMoves can not make you switch out.
Super LuckMakes it more likely that you will produce a critical hit.
SwarmMakes your Bug type moves' power increase if your HP falls below 1/3
Swift SwimDoubbles your speed when its raining.
SynchronizeMakes your opponent suffer from the same status condition as you.
Tangled FeetRaises your accuracy when your confused.
TechnicianPowers up moves that have a base power less then 60 by 1.5x.
Thick FatHalves the damage done by Ice and Fire Moves.
TorrentPowers up your water type moves when your HP falls below 1/3.
TraceGives you the same abbility as your opponent.
TrauntYour pokemon can only attack every second turn.
UnawareYou are unnafected by your oppent's stat changes.
UnburdenDoubbles your speed if you run out of items.
Vital SpiritPrevents sleep.
Volt AbsorbRestores your HP if you are attacked by a Electric type move.
Water AbsorbRestors your HP when attacked by a Water type move.
Water VeilProtects you from Burn.
White SmokePrevents your stats from being lowered.
Wonder GuardPrevens you from taking damage except damage from Super Effective attacks.
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