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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 09 Mar 2009 by NinjaUmbreon and is called "Special Evolution Items.". The Cheat have a rating 12 by 22 our users and has been commented 2 times. Also 19 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up NinjaUmbreon and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Unlockable - Special Evolution Items.

by NinjaUmbreon Mar 09, 2009

Just Need Certain Pokemon,Required Items,Unlocked Areas,And Reading This.XD

NOTE:Some Places Here Might Only Be In Platinum.(Such As The Battle Fronteir)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Dawn StoneMt Corenet,Rt.225,Pickup.Use To Evolve Male Kirlia Or A Female Snorunt
DeepSeaScale.Wild Relicinanth,Chinchou,Lanturn After Nat.Dex.Trade With Clamperl To Evolve Into Gorebyress
DeepSeaToothWild Sharpedo And Carvanah,After Nat.Dex To Trade With Clamperl To Evolve Into Huntress.
DragonScaleWild Dratini,Dragonair,Horsea And Seadra To Evolve While Trading With DragonScale
Doubouis DiscRoute 225 To Eqiup On Porygon2 And Evolve While Trading.
Dusk StoneGalactic Warehouse,VictoryRoad,Pickup Abiltiy To Evolve Murkrow/Misdreavus
ElectrizerValleyWindworks,Wild Elekid.Evolved Electabuzz If Eqipped And Traded
Fire StoneFuego Ironworks,SoloceonRuins,Underground.Evolves Vulpix,Eevee,And Growlithe.
King's Rock.Wild Poliwhirl,Pickup Ability.Evolves Poliwhirl And Slopoke If Equipped While Trading
Leaf StoneFloarama Meadow,Underground.Evolves Gloom,Eggecute,Weepinbell,And Nuzleaf
MagmarizerRt.214,Wild Magby.Evolves Magmar If Equipped And Traded.
Metal CoatIron Island,Wild Beldum,Magnemite,Magneton,Steelix,Bronzor And Bronzong.Evolves Onix And Scyther When Equipped And Traded.
Moon StoneUndeground,Wild Clefairy,Cleffa,Lunatone.Evolves Jigglypuuf,Clefairy,Nidorina,Nidorino,And Skitty.
Oval StoneLost Tower,Wild Chansey.Evolves Happiny In Daytime
ProtecterIronIsland,Rt.228.Evolves Rhydon When Equipped And Traded
Razor ClawRt.224,Battle Fronteir,Victory Road.Evolves Sneasel When Equipped And Level Upped At Night.
Razor FangRt.214,Battle Fronteir.Evolves Gligar When Equipped And Leveled Up At Night
Reaper ClothAcuity Lakefront,Rt.229,Turnback Cave.Evolves When Equipped On Duskclops And Traded.
Shiny StoneRt.228,IronIsland,Pickup.Evolves Togetic And Roselia
SunStoneUnderground,Wild Solrock.Evolves Gloom And Sunkern.
ThunderstoneSunnyshore City,Underground,Soloceon Ruins.Evolves Pickachu And Eevee
UpgradeEterna Galactic Building,Eterna City,(Prof.Oak Gives It To You If You've Been To The Pal Park)Evolves Porygon When Equipped And Traded.
WaterstoneSunnyshorecity,Undeground,Soloceon Ruins.Evolves Poliwhirl,Eevee,Lombre,Shellder,And Staryu.
Moss Rock.Eterna Forest.Level Up Eevee Making It Happy Near The Rock To Evolve.
Ice Rock.Blizzard Area.Level Up Eevee Making It Happy Near The Rock To Evolve.
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NinjaUmbreon    wrote on jun 14, 2009 9:09 pm


Pokemon Diamond Cheats


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