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This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 29 Apr 2009 by Sunkissedtoffee and is called "Finding shinies easier! (chaining)". The Cheat have a rating 16 by 20 our users and has been commented 5 times. Also 25 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Sunkissedtoffee and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Finding shinies easier! (chaining)

by Sunkissedtoffee Apr 29, 2009


Now, I recommend you not to start chaning for shinies or anything else, if you don't even know the basics. So read this :)

You will need a pokeradar. Maybe set it to Y-button, this will make it a lot easier. Now, buy as many repels as you can (about 100-400) I'd use max repels. Now, starting chaning is easier when you go to talk to Lucas's sister in Sandgem town (big house below the lab) and go to the place where she tells the national pokemon (bunch) is. Remember to take a few pokemon with you, that can battle many battles in a row and HP & PP restoring items, like berrys. Now go to the route the national pokemon is and find a large grass patch that almost covers the screen or hasn't got any small grass patches near it or at least you can't see them on the screen while walking in your patch. First use the repel and then use poke radar. You will notice several grass patches shaking and maybe haveing some white on them. Walk to a patch, that shaked WITHOUT the white thing (if all shaking patches had white on them, walk another 50 steps to restart the radar and try again.(Can be repeated!) Now the national pokemon should be the one that appears. Fight it or catch it, up to you. But remember, that when chaining, NEVER run from the battle or let the pokemon flee or you will break the chain! Now when you've battled, you will notice more patches shaking (usually four patches shake). Go to the farest away patch (shaking without the white things, always) and the same pokemon should appear. Now a few rules to remember:
- Always go to the patch farest away from you (the available one) and it has to be at least 4 steps away. Never enter a patch with white on it or nearer than 4 steps away from you.
- You will run out of the repels power. WHen you do, just use another one. This won't affect the chain.
- Never go to a patch in a corner or side. This might break the chain or it can be a different pokemon that appears.
- Remember that getting another wild pokemon will break the chain. This makes the chaining far more difficult.
- If you don't get any safe patches or they're all at the corners or end bits, walk as much as you need to reset the radar. Walk in two to three patches so you wont go into a patch with another pokemon. Resetting the radar shouldn't affect the chain, but sometimes it will. If you're in luck, you won't need to reset it at all!

In a middle of chaning NEVER:
-Turn off your DS! You will lose your chain. If you need a brake, leave your DS on charge but ON. Sleeping mode won't affect, so you can put it to sleep, but never turn off in the middle of chaning.
-Walk away from the grass patch. This will also affect in what pokemon will appear.
-Hit items or corner, edges of grass.
-Run the battle with the wild pokemon or let it flee. Always battle it or catch it. If your pokemon faints, send out another one, BUT DO NOT ESCAPE!
- Ride your bike when chaning. Run or walk.

So, finally!
When you've chained for a while the pokemon, you can maybe see a grass patch different to the others...
If you see a grass patch that shakes but sparkles TWICE it is a SHINY POKEMON!

20+ is the number of pokemon you need to chane. After this you have a chanse of getting the glittery twice sparkling patch = shiny pokemon

To see how much you have chained your pokemon, you can check your poketch.

You can chain ANY pokemon, but for start the national pokemon are easier to chain. Hope you enjoy chaning and shinies!

any problems contact me, i have done this before (duh) @ erikago@gmail.com

PS. What did you need again Incase you've missed some parts of what you should take with you, here's the whole list:
- A few pokemon that can battle many battles in a row.
- Repels (recommended from 100-400 MAX repels)
- PP restoreing items, examply Leppa berrys or ethers.
- HP restoring items if needed.
- A pokeradar
- Pokeballs (to catch the shiny one of course!)
- The poketch app that shows the chained pokemon and amount of numbers how many have been battled in a row. I can't remember the name, but you will see the top 3 most chained pokemon AND on the top the pokemon you are now chaning and amount of how many you have battled/caught so far.
- The national dex to get national pokemon!

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