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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 10 Aug 2009 by PokemonFannumber1 and is called "Sweet pokemon team". The Cheat have a rating -1 by 1 our users and has been commented 4 times. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up PokemonFannumber1 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 286 other cheats for Pokemon Diamond, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Sweet pokemon team

by PokemonFannumber1 Aug 10, 2009

This code contains

Shiny HO-OH


Sacred Fire
Sunny Day


Item:Sacred Ash

Shiny Lugia


Sky Attack
Calm Mind


Shiny Gyarados


Dragon Dance
Hyper Beam




Zen Headbutt
Dragon Rush


Shiny Metagross


Meteor Mash

Ability:Clear Body

Item:Metal Coat

Shiny Celebi


Heal Bell
Magical Leaf

Ability:Natural Cure

Item:Lum berry

All were made as realistic as possible.

This code is untested because my AR broke two days ago.

This is my first code(pokesav Generated)

94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
e0000304 000000ec
ce1cce1e fbfb0000
2c0eecdb f1fe94f8
b206bd32 c02a2573
0f522cde bac92b7d
31661a03 9e98a79c
60a66a67 af3121a6
0b81c2ba 3b410358
42f6d808 ce7ecadb
7e2a3c9b ce8dcaa3
3d22d214 684085be
45e197d0 92495b03
841a9b54 ca32db90
95807949 173bc6ca
74ef3abd 9ff03d58
6243531f 028ed12a
8e742f01 fa676c35
717a3554 d3df672f
f2499245 e52fd8b6
0397ee55 4236e2d5
5cd02eb6 24e9a7a3
25bc7fbe 493a9bcf
ba948a3d 3b4b6a12
7885220e 63c4532b
1bb4bcce 25ed2640
a8dba020 8d2be1ed
006dfae1 4eca52a0
7ffe5d9e 23fd4224
55e2464a c0220c7a
6b13b32b e749adef
0757f115 00000000
e00003f0 000000ec
97e097e0 36040000
40b7db5e 6fd8fd76
acdf50d4 766472e2
587004b7 4842089b
a1b0866c d30d6824
23d19156 4c514651
d29051ea 891ceb65
f318576e b003ed1d
fc0a5296 023559ac
5ee72a22 79d86597
5fe12ecb e3f5fcd1
1087cdc4 e5b75c02
8b44a767 44f85a46
dffe5e69 4468ea7c
d81a53b5 af3e21b7
59e73e2c f0ec864d
ebc9cebb a8acaf84
2bb97027 8393cc41
15d70cfd dd6c893d
6b354d7e 3adc8dc1
8334605b 5a4d668c
6b7b6e3c 7b782645
5920b68a 87e415e2
8dd05e5c 655667ac
b33f68c7 1b739cee
f370b5b8 afa992e8
51321a04 db506b0a
04ede4bd 000bc25e
e19e65c7 fe74ec44
061f49aa 00000000
e00004dc 000000ec
b3fbb3fe d7170000
f5c8742c d9a3a667
f97aaebd 692f7cb6
c1e191b1 3b27739f
91c46007 377c6247
07d04e96 896ef156
141c6b6c 6d4d6e4c
5ede5f04 03ee5b0a
b45f6910 5185b7fe
38b9aaf8 536188ac
2f686c79 09662dec
b3dfc45b 6b3c927f
305987b0 64a52a03
83354692 fd48a7f0
8c7c6cdb dc680984
8fda7bd9 a2318321
6e75c327 acbe0c54
88be0777 5fdb4e82
856498e4 a10fdcf1
7ee287ad bb4df1d9
a86dc788 210e50cb
824d0be8 be735f5b
c87da1e0 e6821f5f
e3b06d14 2ec11c72
c00efb8b bab36307
2e58e4ea bba1d4c0
3350e8e5 289d6e00
e95780f1 f2c350be
d857d93e 39c1a89c
e7e264e4 00000000
e00005c8 000000ec
fb425ef7 81af0000
e75fe520 2f1a8552
bfeee7dc 4df657f1
a733edb1 7108e42a
58542aa2 c1eec204
9f89a048 7e6df9bb
1211aeee dbcab64b
acc1dd8d 2819ec04
822c1f2a 7601ff9d
80304a08 4dffad6b
4553981f ac159a3c
240a2935 a91d6ece
12ec6930 ad2c5cd2
4939959c 7982d99b
ca9efc71 4d5835a0
e53f9bb8 d86b92d1
5e5dc3dc 99b66466
2b265e3c a9359484
05298ed5 50c6527a
c010d8c9 377ddb12
a6ca0a0c fca6c423
d988d771 caa0b18c
5aaedc91 d4418b37
5bb0e64c e447d83f
c388c7a3 16681fd6
1fee3f32 0da77469
75c6b0fe 3be98d01
a4dab870 0ec710ec
52c8d6a1 15a5f99b
913dc0d8 00000000
e00006b4 000000ec
639a639c d13e0000
cdc4d53a 243316da
14d34a7e e2c13089
0939010c 11835b55
5582e6d2 08353204
5e95123c 773b3c5c
7aff8091 29723db1
6a5c1d8a 028fc37b
da2eea33 7ef04568
07946aa7 c80746b3
7be93649 9291fc52
fe89c203 fbbf520e
e2b4346b 20681f3b
9532d96d 05651795
6e85e10f c3693f0c
cc2cf993 6306cd02
8e7116a0 a45862f9
e47519be c4ddc2d0
69148ff5 dda2c3b8
76c681a5 8614bd7a
6c38eefa 831fe7e9
2f2fd499 710125f1
0a620b21 b57b5d5c
a57e5199 9a8937b2
ce98d355 f7c6c2a7
1c2abf88 0e0ea3d4
ab5ac61c 7964d3a9
7e828dc6 5d1613a2
3fec7754 2e1e93b9
6cdd4248 00000000
e00007a0 000000ec
50265020 d8d00000
3eafc267 1376ce9a
0ff11713 8064c925
2dfdf412 a5060b71
7c342b42 a83790c9
0cf9d40d 4052c3f8
75fad862 043f3b48
77631eea bb90c3bc
383aec83 1c18d80e
b931278b 6cad16d3
e1d62c79 efbb0f31
949e8eef 335d3bbc
9a4fd754 93ef192f
cc68b964 ad804e63
908e38c2 abd9f1ba
74b4ee72 e9b2bb29
47c48526 f373d382
c9a8e57a 27283f9b
19c63398 297fa234
89b26d3c 47812777
3422d898 c8914c10
f17350d2 df5988db
a5186161 58e115e4
49e2468f b2b4f1c8
b0ea59e6 447adb64
3dd5c506 5fe632ce
23588db8 8ad1f589
e3fe4f42 37a749f3
1b2834fc a0014e01
d2550a22 00000000
d2000000 00000000

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Pokemon Diamond Cheats


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