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Pokemon Diamond Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Diamond cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 758 cheats in our list, which includes 93 easter eggs, 73 glitches, 592 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Diamond on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

InVincible Pokemon!

by blaziken1234 Jul 23, 2007

You will need the following:

An Alakazam with Skill Swap and Role Play.
A Shedninja with U-turn. (It doesn't have to have U-turn, but it will help.)
A Spiritomb or Sableye. (Preferably Spiritomb.)

Go into a double battle with Alakazam and Shedninja, make sure your Alakazam is the fastest pokemon. Have Alakazam use Role Play on your own Shedninja, it will copy Shedninja's Wonder Guard. Then have Shedninja use U-turn. Get Spiritomb to come in battle to take Shedninja's place. Have Alakazam use Skill Swap on Spiritomb and it will have Wonder Guard. It's became a loop-hole!

Wonder Guard- An ability that makes the pokemon only take damage from super-effective hits.

Spiritomb- A pokemon that has high defense stats., and doesn't have any Super effective weaknesses.

Congratulations! If you have followed each step carefully and survived long enough to pull off this strategy, you should have an INVINCIBLE Spiritomb that won't take any hits! Battles will be easy if you do this right.

Warning: Spiritomb might take damage from side moves (Like Sandstorm and Future sight.) and conditions (Like Poison and Confusion.), there are 2 abilities that can destroy this strategy:

Mold Breaker: (Cranidos and Rampardos have this one.)
Scrappy: (Kangaskhan and Miltank have this one.)

Besides that stuff, Spiritomb is unstoppable this way!


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olD chateau ghosts

by DIAMONDDUDE Jun 08, 2007

there are 2 ghosts in the old chateau you might see one [a old man] in a room with a long table.the other[a little girl] you might see in one of the bedrooms

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OlD Chateau Ghosts

by Sceptile-Lad Jul 30, 2007

You can find the Old Chateau by flying/walking to Eterna City then going Left to Eterna Forest and walking Left some more and cutting the first trees you see and then you will see the Old Chateau Mansion.

Rotom: After you See all 150 pokemon of Sinoh and get the National Pokedex then wait until night time and go to the Old Chateau, you will see the Gym Leader out side there 2.
Go into the Old Chateau and walk up the steps on either side, then go threw the door that is in the middle and you will see A LOT more doors, the one on the left has a TV save then click a on the TV and you will battle Rotom, Catch him, because there is only 1 of him.

Gengar: In one of the Rooms in the Old Chateau there is a little painting on the wall and if you go up close to it the Red eyes will dissapear but when you back away you will see the eyes come back into the painting, save and turn your game off, insert a Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Saphire or Pokemon Emerald into the GBA gome slot in the DS and turn your game on, then look around in that room that your in and YOU MIGHT see a Gengar but you have to Have the National Pokedex and he is VERRY RARE so happy hunting!

Also there is a Girl and a Old Man that you may see rarley in the Old Chateau and they will leave Tm's or items every so often...

I hope that this is helpful and please rate my cheat!

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HeRe are some great strategies and combos:

by blaziken1234 Aug 08, 2007

PorygonZ- (It has to have Adaptability to work.) Hold Silk Scarf. Use Nasty Plot once or twice then Hyper Beam. If the opponent has mediocre or lower defense, it'll almost always a one-hit kill. Except for pokemon that are Rock, Steel, or Ghost-types.

Machamp- (It has to have No Guard to work.) No Guard makes it so any move from you and your opponent WILL hit. So teach it powerful moves with low accuracy for great results. Like Dynamic Punch, it's the same type, very powerful, used on a fighting-type quadruple weakness pokemon will give more power, and as a bonus: The opponent get's confused. Give Machamp a Fist Plate for extra power!!!

Rattata or Raticate- Put one of those at a low level into battle. Have it know Endeavor and Quick Attack. Give it a Focus Sash. When a high-leveled opponent attacks it, it will most likely die. But with the Focus Sash, it is leaved with 1 HP left. Use Endeavor to make the opponent have only 1 HP as well. On the next turn, use Quick Attack for the kill. This is a one-use per battle strategy. But it is really good!

Absol- It doesn't have to be Absol, it only has to be a pokemon with Super Luck. But I highly recommend Absol to do it because of high speed and power. Give it a Scope Lens to improve the critical hit-ratio. Super luck will help it a lot more if it has that too. Teach it moves that have high critical hit-ratios. If they're physical, then they'll do more damage. This way, almost every move Absol uses will be a critical hit!

I hope these strategies helped! I'll make more combos some other time. PLEASE RATE! I worked hard to type all this!!!

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MiGrating Pokemon

by Charmence509 Jul 23, 2007

put your emerald, ruby, saphire, leaf green, fire red, etc. game in the gba game slot of your ds. then when you turn you diamond/pearl game on and go to the continue/new game screen, there should be something that says: migrate from(the game u put in). press that, and choose the six pokemon you want to migrate. then once those pokemon are migrated, go to the migration station or whatever it's called. then you can go catch your pokemon!!
p.s.: please dont give me thumbs down, i am answering a request.

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PoKemon Diamond/Pearl MIC. SECRETS

by BlackFire22 Sep 11, 2007

If your pokemon is asleep and you are about to attack,say "wake up"

And if your pokemon is confused,say "snap"

if you are trying to catch a pokrmon,say "gotcha"

Chatot Chatter

If you do some exploring and talking to people, you will eventually encounter someone who says Chatot can learn human words. Once you obtain one (after trading with a girl in an early town) and get it to about level 20, it will learn the move Chatter. Once it learns Chatter, go to your Pokemon menu and select "Chatot". It will show Chatter along with a summary, switch, etc. Then, press A and record what you want it to say into the DS microphone. Not only will Chatot say what you said whenever you use the move Chatter, but it will become its cry. Note: This is not permanent, so you can change its Chatter as often as desired. Also, the speech will be slightly distorted so it will not sound exactly as you said it. The recorded sound lasts for only one day, so you will have to re-record it.


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EgG hatching technique

by Pyro7 Jun 18, 2007

Go 2 solaceon (spelling?) town, and on your bike, go to the very right of the dirt road, then go up, then down. Repeat as neccesary

warning: if you have not batled the cowgirl and cowboy, I suggest you do so first.

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HoW to teach pokemon old moves

by Pyro7 Jul 02, 2007

First, make sure you have a heart scale (you can find them underground). Next, fly to Pastoria city. After that, go to the house close to the water, (the one with the guy that says he's exactly in the middle of the city in front.) go inside, talk to the guy inside, if you have a heart scale, he'll teach one of your pokemon a move that it forgot (or never learned)! You have to give the guy a heart scale in return, though.

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diD you always

by lucarioegg007 Sep 13, 2007

want a lot of the starter pokemon if you just started if you dont get a female start over and do it again it may take a wile it took me 2 tries please rate thumbs up

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MyStery Gift

by DarkEvangel Aug 29, 2008

On an upper floor of Jubilife TV Station there is a man who accepts sayings from you.
Say to him "everyone happy" and then "wi-fi connection"
He should say he will pull some strings for you and get mystery gift.
Next time you start your game mystery gift should be an option in the main menu screen at the beginning of the game.

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ElIte 4

by Lugia27 Oct 10, 2007

Elite 4 Aaron- Bug type- Reccommended - Flying,Rock,Ground
(Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Earthquake)
Elite 4 Bertha- Ground type- Reccomended - Grass
(Energy Ball/Razor Leaf)
Elite 4 Flint- All Around types- Reccomended - Ground,Fighting,Dark
(Earthquake, Brick Break, Dark Pulse)
Elite 4 Lucian- Phychic- Reccomended - Dark,Ghost,Fire
(Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower)
Champion Cynthia- All Around types- Reccomended - Dark,Grass,Fire,Electric,Flying,Dragon
(Dark Pulse, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Aerial Ace, Dragon Pulse)

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HoW to get Cherrim into that cute form! (i don't know what it is calle

by ricuw Jul 04, 2007

Ok. Go into any battle and send Cherrim out. Use sunny day (or get a pokemon who has it and use it) then it will change just like a Castform. I hope this helped!

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HoW to get phione anbd/or manaphy

by dialga07 Sep 01, 2007

you must have pokemon diamond and/or pearl and pokemon ranger on pokemon ranger complete the whole game quite hard ive got manaphy and phione then you will get the ranger net do the mission enter the codes which are all on the internet after you do the mew/celebi and the deoxys missions enter the code (look it up).then you will get receive the manaPHY EGG COMPLETE IT YOU GET THE EGG HAVE A FRIEND OR 2 DSES AND RHEN CLICK ON THE EGG ANDD CHECK CARE THEN CLICK TRANSFER.THEN GO TO ROUTE 218 use pokerader rre ditto and hatch manaphy then breed them when day care man gives egg hatch and vioula phiones head pops out. rate this. please i am not that experienced on cheatsguru.

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GYM Types

by Pyro7 Jul 16, 2007


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FiNding shinies easier! (chaining)

by Sunkissedtoffee Apr 29, 2009


Now, I recommend you not to start chaning for shinies or anything else, if you don't even know the basics. So read this :)

You will need a pokeradar. Maybe set it to Y-button, this will make it a lot easier. Now, buy as many repels as you can (about 100-400) I'd use max repels. Now, starting chaning is easier when you go to talk to Lucas's sister in Sandgem town (big house below the lab) and go to the place where she tells the national pokemon (bunch) is. Remember to take a few pokemon with you, that can battle many battles in a row and HP & PP restoring items, like berrys. Now go to the route the national pokemon is and find a large grass patch that almost covers the screen or hasn't got any small grass patches near it or at least you can't see them on the screen while walking in your patch. First use the repel and then use poke radar. You will notice several grass patches shaking and maybe haveing some white on them. Walk to a patch, that shaked WITHOUT the white thing (if all shaking patches had white on them, walk another 50 steps to restart the radar and try again.(Can be repeated!) Now the national pokemon should be the one that appears. Fight it or catch it, up to you. But remember, that when chaining, NEVER run from the battle or let the pokemon flee or you will break the chain! Now when you've battled, you will notice more patches shaking (usually four patches shake). Go to the farest away patch (shaking without the white things, always) and the same pokemon should appear. Now a few rules to remember:
- Always go to the patch farest away from you (the available one) and it has to be at least 4 steps away. Never enter a patch with white on it or nearer than 4 steps away from you.
- You will run out of the repels power. WHen you do, just use another one. This won't affect the chain.
- Never go to a patch in a corner or side. This might break the chain or it can be a different pokemon that appears.
- Remember that getting another wild pokemon will break the chain. This makes the chaining far more difficult.
- If you don't get any safe patches or they're all at the corners or end bits, walk as much as you need to reset the radar. Walk in two to three patches so you wont go into a patch with another pokemon. Resetting the radar shouldn't affect the chain, but sometimes it will. If you're in luck, you won't need to reset it at all!

In a middle of chaning NEVER:
-Turn off your DS! You will lose your chain.... 

continue →

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NeW Pokemon

by _Gaara_ May 26, 2008

Insert the GBA cartridges to find the following Pokemon (you still need to find and capture them yourself).

Pokemon Ruby
Seedot -- Route 203, Route 204
Nuzleaf -- Route 229
Mawile -- Iron Island
Zangoose -- Route 208

Pokemon Sapphire
Lotad -- Route 203, 204, 205 North, 212 South
Lombre -- Route 212 South, 229
Sableye -- Iron Island
Seviper -- Route 208

Pokemon Emerald
Pineco -- Route 203, 204, 229
Gligar -- Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227
Shuckle -- Route 224
Teddiursa -- Route 211
Ursaring -- Route 216, 217

Pokemon FireRed
Caterpie -- Route 204 South
Ekans -- Route 212 South
Arbok -- Safari Zone
Growlithe -- Route 201, 202
Elekid -- Route 204 South, Powerplant

Pokemon LeafGreen
Weedle -- Route 204 South
Sandslash -- Route 228
Vulpix -- Route 209
Magby -- Route 227

Any Pokemon GBA Cartridge
Haunter -- Old Chateau
Gengar -- Old Chateau Room with eyes

And thats all I can find...
Please Rate and try this cheat before you judge it...

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To find a spooky plate

by AceTheMajestic Oct 25, 2007

I know a way to get one. Get a cute pokemon like pikachu ,drifloon or happiny..etc
and go to the park above the hearthome city. in the top of this park, thers 2 old buildings. In one of them, theres a spooky plate on the floor (i think its invisible so use dowser machine)

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WaLk through walls

by 100xChamp Feb 22, 2008

Fly to jubilife city and once you are their, go to the TV station, then ride up to the 2nd floor. then enter the door on the far left upper corner and go straight. Stand on the left of the guy in front of the door, then talk to him. When he says "choose which pokemon you would like to dress up or w.e, hit the left arrow key right away. after you choose your pokemon, he'll say teheheh, i hope you dress it up nicely, then you watch your character walk through the wall

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FrEe Masterballs...

by devilhelix Jun 05, 2007

all you need to do is clone the pokemon on pokemon emerald holding a masterball, then simply give masterballs to each of your pokemon that you want to migrate and then when you catch them in pal park they will have the masterballs (if you did it properly)

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TrOphie Garden Pokemon

by hellonearth Aug 15, 2007

After Beating the E4 a major pokemon outbreak occours in Diamond. The big wave is the trophie garden. Talk to Mr. Backlot everyday and say YES to everyone of his questions. He will then say a pokemon came up to him and kissed him on the cheek and the buttler will comment on how it isnt in the garden so buttler will go out and catch some and put them in the garden. Some of the pokemon consider

Eevee | Normal
Plusle | Electric
Azuril | Water
Happiny | Normal
Staravia | Normal/Flying
Kricktune | Bug

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loTs of Daily events

by ShinyKecleon Jul 13, 2007

every time the in game clock hits 00:00, you have 24 hours to:
1 get a useful berry from the southwestern house in pastoria
2 get a massage/contest accsessory for a pokemon in veilstone, near the gym
3 get a lottery ticket from jublife's tv station
4 check swarms in sandgem town, big house
5 new pokemon appears in trophy garden, south of hearthrome
6 get a trendy saying from the northeastern house in snowpoint
7 collect a random (useless) ribbon in northeastern house in sunyshore
8 give a reporter in solaceon town the pokemon he wants to get three of a random poke ball
9 get berry from guy west of hearthrome
10 get another massage in resort area, ribbon commitee
note: some events can only be acsessed after you beat the game

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AR- 100% complete pokedex

by shadowsoul May 11, 2009

94000130 fcfb0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
e000154c 00000124
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff f0001fff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ff001fff
70000000 00000000
00000000 08050000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00032000
00000000 02000000
00000000 08000000
80000000 00800000
20000000 00000080
7fffffff fffffffc
ffffffff 7ffff9ff
ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff ffffe7ff
ffffffff feffffff
ffffffff efffffff
dfffffff ffffffff
fbffffff 00ffffff
00000000 f0f0ffff
03020100 07060504
0b0a0908 0f0e0d0c
13121110 17161514
1b1a1918 00000000
d2000000 00000000

this will complete the pokedex you are currently on, whether it is the sinnoh or national dex. it is triggered when (r), (l), and (select) are pressed simultaneously. it took me ages to get my hands on it, so please give it thumbs, i need them...

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PoKerus Virus

by Lugia117 Aug 14, 2009

Sometimes when u migrate or catch pokemon that pokemon may catch a disease called Pokerus.
if u want to know if ur pokemon has it go to that pokemons summary. look at the picture at the top right. there "MIGHT" be a purple block that says PKRS. I dont know what it does yet though. also, if you take an infected pokemon to a poke center, the nurse will tell you that the pokemon is infected. i accidentally skipped it so i dont know much about it. so far my regiice, arceus, blaziken, and some others have it. just remember, it doesnt hurt them or reduce their life or anything.

Please comment me if you find out anything else about it. Thanks

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HoW to catch your own Lapras!!!

by Lucario_master1 Jun 24, 2008

WARNING: This only works if you have national pokedex

On your way to the tablet of shaymin (If there is an event happening)there are some small lakes (after you enter the cave wich was protected by a man before) use surf and try to find it. There are lots of them!!!

Good luck!!! ( oh and plz give me some thumbs up)


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by Pyro7 Jul 28, 2007

I found out that you cant only polish your badges 2 times, but 3! On the third polishing, there are 4 sparkles.

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