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jan 14, 2011Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how do you get masterballs after cyrus gives one to you?

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dec 08, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

whats a good team for the champion

sep 18, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

i need a ar code for a dark lugia that WORKS

sep 12, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how do you get though victory road?

jul 19, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

why not give a cheat for the action replay to make any pokemon level X. that would ce awesome.

jun 14, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

In the place where u win battle points i battle and see pokemon but when i check my pokedex i dont see them .do i have to do somthing to see them or i cant??????????????????????????

may 27, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how to get snorunt

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apr 18, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

what is the game id

apr 12, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

How do you walk THROUGH the sea?

mar 20, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

How can i multiply ethers? I need them to beat the elite four, i'm getting creamed on the last guy. I'm trying to give my Jirachi some TM's that will have moves with more PP, But it isn't working. Theres a problem i'm also having. I don't have a great team, usually i only focus on one pokemon. Is there a cheat to automatically get your team's levels up to your main pokemon's level? It would help me sooo much. List of team: Level 74 Jirachi, lv 47 Dialga, lv 21 Buizel, lv. 19 Staravia, lv. 12 Bidoof and lv. 22 Monferno. Any ideas? Please help me!

mar 12, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

The cheat on action replay to get the crystal onix

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mar 01, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

i ned d modifier calculater code i dont care if it iz long

feb 06, 2010Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Does anyone have a code for the action replay that creates a shiny Eevee with 999 stats?

nov 08, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Need Friend Codes and names for Wi-Fi

nov 03, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

what is a code for a short run/walk through anything

oct 13, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

What is the short code for walk/run through walls

sep 16, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I'm looking for an action replay code that can create pokemon using the poketch calculator, to make the pokemon by national dex number, activated by L, level number, activated by R, and nature, activated by Select. Also, a move modifier that changes a TM to any move I want. There's codes for Platinum, I want them for Diamond too.

sep 13, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

poke modifier code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sep 13, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Is there a way to get the Azure Flute without needing to buy anything with real money.

sep 05, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

where and how do u get arecus,shaymin,darkia in ditail please

aug 24, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how do i pass to sunyshore a fat guy dont let me. sombody told me to beat dialga but where do i find it.

aug 23, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Can u catch eevee and ditto in pokemon diamond and if u can where?

aug 23, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Hi there, My son had Pokemon Diamond NDS and Platinium NDS only - Can he still play the catching show? If so how does he get around the migrating thing? Thanks :)

aug 19, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

i really need the cheat for diamond that u can walk through walls.

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aug 10, 2009Pokemon Diamond [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Hello can anyone please make an action replay code that can make the step counter to count my steps because i put in a code(hatch egg faster code) and now the step counter thing isn't working like i press clear take one step and it goes back to the steps i had (16213) and of course that means i cant hatch and egg :{ so please if anyone could help me or at least give me some hints or something id be REALLY REALLY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks !!! a lot!!!!!!

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