Pokemon Diamond Review

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Pokemon Diamond Review :

The Saga of Generation IV Begins

by skyp Nov 08, 2010

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl introduces the Fourth Generation of Pokemon, giving you 106 new Pokemon. This game was released in 2007.

In Diamond and Pearl, you square of against 8 Gyms and the Elite 4 in a Region called Sinnoh. The three starter Pokemon are Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar. The trio of Pokemon that are scattered throughout the Region are Uxie, Azelf, and Mespirit. Dialga is the main Pokemon of Diamond, and Palkia takes the role of Pearl.

The great thing about these game is that it is compatible with WI-FI and it has Wireless Communication, no Link Cable needed!

In this all new Region with all new Pokemon, there is alot of discoveries to be made.

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8Story line
Train, rasie and become friends with Pokemon. Conquer the Sinnoh Region, all 8 Gyms, a evil gang of crooks called Team Rocket, and the Elite4. Ever since Blue and Red, the StoryLine hasnt canged.
NINTENDO made it 3D! If you can't see the differance, look at one of the game before it, like Fire Red, and you will see the differance.
I never really noticed the sound before, until now! My favorite is when you are battling an important person or Pokemon because it is EPIC!
Battles are basically the Game Play. You can use Items and Moves to out-smart your apponants and clench victory.
9Lasting Appeal
If you're addicted to Pokemon, you will play this game all day and night until tou have the Pokedex 100% complete. If you dont really like it you will beat the Elite 4 and get about 250 Pokemon on your Pokedex and quit.
(Out of 10)


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