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Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 1 cheats in our list, which includes 1 password. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Wonder Mail Codes

by Laimonas Aug 29, 2010

To enter them go to the code option on the main menu.
You must pass Chapter 10 to use these codes.
*Warning may contain spoilers*

J445 H1NT 051@ J++3 30#7 8Q&PA Granbull will join your team.
J7J& F@TF 7MH7 52+3 =P@7 +66YBeedrill Recruit
T7&W 0YKQ 0J&0 @F@0 9KP& PP9-Blastoise Joins the Team
5CJ8 5YWM 60=5 =P4Y =S9M +R73Charizard Joins the Team
8PTK T6&& JYKR S4K1 3Q#@ 4-3MCrobat Joins the Team
NSNT R=68 Y6== J-@H WQNF &83CDeepseascale(Evolves Clampearl into Gorrebyss)
75CX -RSX 1+YR TK@6 05S0 T1%YDeepseatooth(Evolves Clamperl into Huntail
YS+- HW6W HHNT 7&1T KC1Q 1N#MDragonite Joins the Team
+HNP 81C# 8SYM W2@+ XPC6 %2+PElectivire Joins the Team
Y1TX 7T+% T97% 9#5# %002 3JPSElectrike Recruit
C4RF CMYS 5NN6 4RTJ 8Y#- 1SXCFarfetch'd Recruit
FK5Y @C=F 6RPY #J%S XQ10 9X-+Fire Stone(Evolves certain Pokemon)
#SMP WWQX #&7N Y0P4 SX4Y SRYQGarchomp Joins the Team
25Q2 -NSR %R3F 8J3M P@#T 46-0Get Dialga Item, Time Shield
CSCX 5H@C @SHX KS4C M6N5 +X0SGet Palkia Item, Air Blade
FRT@ Y46X 4629 MNR8 444Q 3@N4Get Upgrade (Evolves Porygon into Porygon 2)
9#90 J8+&7QR2 K0WY 99NX =QHTGold Ribbon
@QYP SJ@- N-J% TH6= 4-SK 32CRGolden Mask
=+2W 989Y 2+-N 5J79 CX#N 8P34Golden Seed
R#05 PYNC 68J# 84-8 -MM7 QC=0Guide Riolu to Crystal Cave B9F with Psychic Type partner
K5H% 5+@9 94&7 =N6- 3=@T Y-5%King's Rock(Evolves certain Pokemon)
#Q05 C&NM Q-HR 622Y QCJJ R-N+Magby Recruit
FX19 9P@C W@-X K54Q %462 8XT#Miracle Chest
=3TC XJPY SQ-+ %C%6 MR0Q %0P4Moon Stone(Evolves certain Pokemon)
7=6M 72TX 87C9 @QF% XYQ4 F3=HMystery Part
PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=Mystery Part (Enigma Part)
7R+M -&R7 Y2Y# RW5M CQS4 NSSSPichu Recruit [Steel Pokemon Required]
T+89 ST%H #04& C967 9C#S FQ4JReward is a Chimchar Egg
CK=F &7MS KJY7 HJ69 @%P@ N5#%Reward: Reviver Seed
C45M 99HN @@QJ N++6 TTK1 PYFHRewards a Sun Ribbon and unlocks Lake Faraway
TX47 39Q@ TTWC W#3Q 6MTS 6H8TSecret Slab
S=W7 3&8S 2CSQ 0-7Y HP3+ H260Secret Slab (Secret Stoneplate)
CX-- +YSJ M59X 5T9M 5@&K &5=7Shimmer Hill
2#30 0%&F 4K3P KP6H 8K74 Q#WMSun Stone(Evolves certain Pokemon)
2#&@ H4TY 57=J 1FRT MW36 9=TKThunderstone(Evolves certain Pokemon)
H+5M 8JPY SKY+ %43M SJ&Q Y#+2Unlock Darkness exclusive Buneary
XR2Y #==@ JYX% 3@2F Q8FQ R@M#Unlock Darkness exclusive Burmy
8HTR MY9+ K6+@ NT=M 9Q6R 38@5Unlock Darkness exclusive Rotom
@0Y4 SXHQ 9QC7 35@H 3Q=M MHP0Unlock oran forest
FN01HWN-00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3Unlocks Bottomless Sea Boss: Kyogre Reward: Water Harmonica (Increases recruit rate for Water type Pokemon)
FH0THYNHR0QF 86N8+SY@&%YNUnlocks... 

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Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai Cheats


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