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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Heart Gold Version cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 60 cheats in our list, which includes 37 cheats codes, 23 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Heart Gold Version on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

RuIns of alph hint 1

by pikamander Oct 04, 2010

want to get through the ruins of alph?i know how!

there should be a tiny house filled with 3 scientists. go up north a little and you will see this cave,which isn't a cave,it just has a puzzle. you should go up and press A. you must figure out the puzzle.

the 1st puzzle is a kabuto. once you have solved the puzzle,you will see a man and writing on the floor saying " OUR CLAN ENGRAVED WORDS ON THIS PLACE" in unown letters. the man will give you the Unown note,which is a key item for unowns.

you are now free to capture unowns! but,you will need to complete more puzzles to get more unowns.

the 2nd puzzle is aerodactal. it is found by surfing. you will have to come back once you get HM surf. Once you get surf,you can surf it. complete that,then you will see more writing saying " OUR CLAN CREATED POKEMON STATUE OUTSIDE" again,in unown letters.

the 3rd puzzle is omanyte. you must go through Union cave to get there. you must have the HM strength to get through union cave. complete that, the more writing! it will say " THEY POSSES POWER TO SENSE WITH MIND AND REJECT OUTSIDE."

the final puzzle is none other than ho-oh! again,you must go through union cave. complete that puzzle. you now have access to all the unowns!

more info AND pics on my continued Ruins of Alph hint.

special thx to cheatscc and bulbapedia for some of info.

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ElIte 4 secrets

by DarkCharizard May 20, 2010

Ok befor Will became apart the elite 4 he trained with the psychic elites that were really tough

And before Koga became part of the elite 4 he was a gym leader at fuschesia and was a ninja leader there and teacher

Oh and Lance before he became part of the elite 4 the only pokemon he had was a fossil (aerodactyl) he had two eggs (driatini's) A magicarp and a new hatched driatini then when lost to red he got a baby Charmander from red and his champion leader journey began

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MaX cash

by jonah310 Apr 09, 2010

Max Cash (Press L+R) action replay usa
94000130 fcff0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
00000088 000f423f
d2000000 00000000

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im not macking any mor codes if someone wonlt comment

by Ash1590 Aug 12, 2011

Pokewalker Watts Count 9999999 (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
0000E718 0098967F
D2000000 00000000

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ReCommended Team.

by DanielMoreman Dec 15, 2010

Pokemon Heart Gold Johto Team


Have this team around Level 48 when battling the Elite Four, and you should have no problems.

After the Champion, a wider range of Pokemon are available, you may want to change your team to something like this.

Pokemon Heart Gold Kanto Team


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by Ash1590 Aug 12, 2011

Gives you a 11th Movie shaymin in Box 1 Slot 1. Press Select.
94000130 FFFB0000
B2111880 00000000
E000F710 00000088
775B2A00 A0460000
C2A7ECD1 95C20570
880903F2 EBFB6A59
0C04A3FB 86E3D263
F592DC00 B2EBA973
41D2600B 63C2C555
1434F7BE 64099BB7
FAE07D0E D0FD8250
387D9543 F8936287
D64F53CC 61FDA860
9586CF02 BDB59251
0E302DFF 4A2A23BC
65691E42 A1F37093
F01EB59B 8421CD80
79590ABF 18296674
BFAF622B E412D0B8
8EA7022E 4042DE40
D2000000 00000000

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GoOd Idea for a Team

by zoroak1 Feb 27, 2012


2.Pidgeot,Noctowl,Crobat or Skarmory(SS)

3.Red Gyarados,Quagsire,Poliwra th





How to get

Starter:Start of the game

Pidgeot:Catch a Pidgey or Pidgeotto and Evolve

Noctowl:Evolve Hoothoot

Crobat:Love Golbat

Skarmory:Catch in SS Only

Red Gyarados:Catch at Lake of Rage

Quagsire:Evolve Wooper

Poliwrath:Evolve Poliwhirl

Gengar:Trade Haunter

Alakazam:Trade Kadabra

Eevee:Get in GoldenRod City

Heracross:Headbutt tree (Takes ages)

Machamp:Trade Machoke

Golem:Trade Graveler

Pikachu:Battle Jasmine Twice or Love Pichu

Ampharhos:Evolve Flaafy

Teach them whatever moves you like they learn great moves.Good for Elite4,Catching Legendarys,and getting through the game.When I wrote seven I didnt mean have 7 Pokemon on your team take away one you dont like.

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srY heres the code for be wat pokemon you want

by Ash1590 Aug 12, 2011

94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
2000008F 00000XXX
D2000000 0000000
1AC = Bulbasaur
1AD = Ivysaur
1AE = Venasaur
1AF = Venasaur
1B0 = Charmander
1B1 = Charmeleon
1B2 = Charizard
1B3 = Squirtle
1B4 = Wartortle
1B5 = Blastoise
1B6 = Caterpie
1B7 = Metapod
1B8 = Butterfree
1B9 = Weedle
1BA = Kakuna
1BB = Beedrill
1BC = Pidgey
1BD = Pidgeotto
1BE = Pidgeot
1BF = Rattata
1C0 = Ratticate
1C1 = Spearow
1C2 = Fearow
1C3 = Ekans
1C4 = Arbok
1C5 = Pikachu
1C6 = Pikachu
1C7 = Raichu
1C8 = Sandhsrew
1C9 = Sandslash
1CA = Nidoran Female
1CB = Nidorina
1CC = Nidoqueen
1CD = Nidoran Male
1CE = Nidorino
1CF = Nidoking
1D0 = Clefairy
1D1 = Clefable
1D2 = Vulpix
1D3 = Ninetails
1D4 = Jigglypuff
1D5 = Wigglytuff
1D6 = Zubat
1D7 = Golbat
1D8 = Oddish
1D9 = Gloom
1DA = Vileplume
1DB = Paras
1DC = Parasect
1DD = Venonat
1DE = Venomoth
1DF = Diglett
1E0 = Dugtrio
1E1 = Meowth
1E2 = Persian
1E3 = Psyduck
1E4 = Golduck
1E5 = Mankey
1E6 = Primape
1E7 = Growlithe
1E8 = Arcanine
1E9 = Poliwag
1EA = Poliwhirl
1EB = Poliwrath
1EC = Abra
1ED = Kadabra
1EE = Alakazam
1EF = Machop
1F0 = Machoke
1F1 = Machamp
1F2 = Bellsprout
1F3 = Weepinbell
1F4 = Victreebel
1F5 = Tentacool
1F6 = Tentacruel
1F7 = Geodude
1F8 = Graveler
1F9 = Golem
1FA = Ponyta
1FB = Rapidash
1FC = Slowpoke
1FD = Slowbro
1FE = Magnemite
1FF = Magneton
200 = Farfetch'd
201 = Doduo
202 = Dotrio
203 = Seel
204 = Dewgong
205 = Grimer
206 = Muk
207 = Shellder
208 = Cloyster
209 = Ghastly
20A = Haunter
20B = Gengar
20C = Onix
20D = Drowzee
20E = Hypno
20F = Krabby
210 = Kingler
211 = Voltorb
212 = Electrode
213 = Exeggcute
214 = Exeggutor
215 = Cubone
216 = Marowak
217 = Hitmonlee
218 = Hitmonchan
219 = Lickitung
21A = Koffing
21B = Weezing
21C = Rhyhorn
21D = Rhydon
21E = Chansey
21F = Tangela
220 = Kangaskhan
221 = Horsea
222 = Seadra
223 = Goldeen
224 = Seaking
225 = Staryu
226 = Starmie
227 = Mr. Mime
228 = Scyther
229 = Jynx
22A = Electabuzz
22B = Magmar
22C = Pinsir
22D = Tauros
22E = Magikarp
22F = Gyarados
230 = Lapras
231 = Ditto
232 = Eevee
233 = Vaporeon
234 = Jolteon
235 = Flareon
236 = Porygon
237 = Omanyte
238 = Omastar
239 = Kabuto
23A = Kabutops
23B = Aerodactyl
23C = Snorlax
23D = Articuno
23E = Zapdos
23F = Moltres
240 = Dratini
241 = Dragonair
242 = Dragonite
243 = Mewtwo
244 = Mew
Replace XXX with desired value. The person... 

continue →

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CoMpleat phone book

by Ash1590 Aug 12, 2011

Complete Phonebook (Press L+R)
94000130 fcff0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
d5000000 00000000
c0000000 0000004a
d8000000 0000c0fc
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
d0000000 00000000

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HoW to catch Articuno in HeartGold

by atakerer Apr 26, 2011

1. Go to Cinnabar Island ( use Fly )

2. Surf to Route 20

3. Use a super repel and Surf to " Seaform Island"

4. Go down the stairs at the entrance of the cave

5. Then use strength to move the boulders

6. Go down the ladder and slide right then up

7. Then slide right and then down

8. Go down the ladder and go toward the three ice cubes ( move cube A, the first one, up; move cube B up; then cube C left)

9. go down ladder

10. Surf to stair entrance then surf to the ladder

11. Cross the bride and go down the ladder

12. Then you'll see Articuno on your far left and surf ot Articuno

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HoW to get to Moltres

by skyp Nov 30, 2010

Most people say that the can not get to the Legendary Pokemon Moltres. I have decide to create this guide. Before you enter, you may want to stock up on 1 Escape Rope and a few Max Repels. You will also need Water Fall, Surf and Rock Climb. Once you step in My. Silver, follow my guide:

1=2 up

2=4 left

3=Use Surf

4=3 up

5=Use Water Fall

6=14 left

7=10 up

8=3 left

9=Use Rock Climb up

10=3 left

11=6 up

12=Use Rock Climb right

13=1 up

14=Use Surf

15=5 up

16=Use Water Fall

17=8 up

18=4 left

19=5 up

20=2 up

21= 8 left or right

22 = 8 up

23 = Use Rock Climb. If you went left, use it on the right and if you chose right, use it on the left.

24 = 1 up

25 = There you will see Moltres. Watch out because it is level 50! After you catch it, use an Escape Rope. to escape from the cave and go to a PokeCenter to see you new Moltres!

Hope I helped! -skyp

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SeE and Catch any and all of the 493 Pokemon!!!!!!!

by Wolf-Wing Jan 06, 2011

ive tried this code myself, it does work!!

DB000000 021D15A8
D4000000 00000100
D0000000 00000000
D7000000 022186D4
D2000000 00000000
DA00000 0 022186D4
B2111880 00000000
C0000000 00000027
D7000000 00025A68
D2000000 00000000
With this code, i now have 10 of each legendary. including mew, mewtwo, celibi, jarachi, deoxys, shaymin, darkari, phione, manaphy AND SO MANY MORE!!!! this code really does work!!
P.S. you'll see the pokemon like you would without the code. ie. in tall grass, in caves, in the ilex forest, even in the ruins where you would normally only see unown. The pokemon you will see will be totally random, and their level will depend on where you are. like say, in the ruins where the unown are, the unown are all around level 5. so any other pokemon you encounter in the ruins will also be level 5. This code is also a great way to easily fill your pokedex.
fishing or surfing on the water will only give you the pokemon you would normally see in the game, the 493 code has no effect on pokemon while fishing or surfing on the water.
this code will give you 900 of EVERY pokeball!! just press R and L to acctivate it :)
94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
D5000000 00000384
C0000000 00000017
D7000000 00000D16
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
D5000000 00000001
C0000000 0000000F
D7000000 00000D14
D4000000 00000001
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFCF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
D5000000 000001EC
C0000000 00000007
D7000000 00000D54
D4000000 00000001
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000

Action replayBe able to encounter and catch any and all of the 493 pokemon
Action replay900 of EVERY pokeball
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HoW to level up Pokemon quickly

by Pika1258 Oct 11, 2010

If you defeated the Elite 4 then get a low level Pokemon and put it first in your chosen 6 Pokemon. Then you switch to a high level and defeat theopponent and the low level will get a lot of EXP Points. the Elite 4 have high level Pokemon so thats why I recommended them at the start but you can do it with high level Trainers. If your reary Risky go against Red

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by Unregistered Oct 03, 2016
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GeT a kanto starter pokemon!

by Gamerking333 Aug 20, 2012

All u have to do is,after you've got your 16 badges, go to the top of mt.Silver.beat red,whose Pokemon are all over level 80, then go to prof.Oak,and he will give you a choice of charmander bulbasaur or squirtle.Choose one and its yours!

P.S Reply because i want to see what people think of it :)

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inFinite money

by brycesboy3 Aug 16, 2012

all you have to do is fast forward the time on your ds and keep battling gym leaders and repeat and repeat i hope this helped you out

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raNdom level

by Ash1590 Aug 11, 2011

pokemon will have random levels from 1 to 100

DB000000 021D15AA
D8000000 022186DC
D2000000 00000000
622186DC 00000000
322186DC 00000065
DB000000 022186DC
B2111880 00000000
C0000000 0000000B
D8000000 00025A5C
D2000000 00000000

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AlL safari Block (L/R)

by Ash1590 Aug 11, 2011

You will get all of the safari Blocks

94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
2000C745 00000007
D2000000 00000000

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hoW 2 get lugia in heartgold and ho-oh for SS

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2011

you must have the clear bell .u get it in the middle of the game. Beat the elite

four. fly to pewter city and find the old man which is outside. talk to him to get a heart wing for ho-oh or a silver wing for Lugia. Go to bell tower for HO-OH & GO TO WHIRL ISLAND for lugia .go the top of bell tower/navigate therw the cave catch your pokemon. have fun !!!

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HoW to get Sinnoh and hoenn Pokemon!

by Catfor Jun 13, 2011

You know the radio sometimes it play Sinnoh and Hoenn music when it do listen and go somewhere and you can find some of Sinnoh or hoenn depending on the music!

Sinnoh MusicSinnoh Pokemon
Hoenn MusicHoenn Pokemon
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NoTch eared pichu ; ar code

by skyp Apr 05, 2010

Event Codes 1 (L+R)
Activate the code before you go into the shop collect your gift from GreenMan

94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
E0009E4C 00000104
00000001 00000001
3F4F14F1 00710000
D3A10824 710711C6
670FF90B 29CB3B09
7AB20993 295E15B6
11765369 EA14AF25
DDC151F8 8219459C
4F673188 7FC6C939
04758251 A2E0E4C9
DA6859F5 8C80A200
3DE70B70 93810AB4
4662A8B3 54DF8E01
21FB0DA6 EA09ED92
874C8972 2A5E7818
E4E63C15 27E66F25
D797D385 21161ABE
56097073 2CCEE277
F8EC48BB 6775D10E
239167DC 30D9C8CE
BE2C60CF 0C6E46C3
587617BC C7D144E4
38FDB749 E7D924CF
32A6F794 CFF4D26D
3E473D30 400450C4
03E95B04 7F0EE49A
7DB6D3D6 653A1E86
8762A9F8 00000000
00004000 00000000
00000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000y

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caNt be stoped by a trainer

by Ash1590 Aug 11, 2011

you can never be stoped by a trainer

92064242 0000980A
12064240 0000E008
D2000000 00000000

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CaN cath trainers pokemon

by Ash1590 Aug 11, 2011

you are able to catch trainers pokemon

9224670A 00002101
1224670A 00002100
D2000000 00000000

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RaNdom pokemon

by Ash1590 Aug 11, 2011

wild pokemon in tall grass are random
DB000000 021D15A8
D4000000 00000100
D0000000 00000000
D7000000 022186D4
D2000000 00000000
622186D4 00000000
322186D4 000001EE
DA000000 022186D4
B2111880 00000000
C0000000 00000027
D7000000 00025A68
D2000000 00000000

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pp never decrease

by Ash1590 Aug 11, 2011

your pp never decrease

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