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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Heart Gold Version cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 84 cheats in our list, which includes 9 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 69 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Heart Gold Version on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

soMe secrets

by mistii Oct 25, 2010


Part 1-Secrets-akdic

Part 2-Day of week Siblings-udhsy

Part 3-Tips & Tricks-eivmg(-Under Construction)

Note- Ctrl+f then type in the letters after the entry in Table of Contents will make a search for that- meaning you can do that for easy navigation.

Part 1-Secrets-akdic

1. If you use surf on the water near the daycare, then go down really far, then you will find a path surrounded by a fence. Take it, and there are three ace trainers. The first two will challenge you to a double battle, and then the last, which is stronger, will then challenge you to a single battle. I forgot their pokemon, but the last one has a Shellder and Cloyster.


2. There are policemen before and after Goldenrod, and if you talk to them at night they will battle you. The one before Goldenrod, near the daycare, has a Growlithe. The one right by the entrance to the National Park and Pokeathlon Dome has two.


3. This one is a bit more obvious, most of you will probably know it, but there is a lady every Sunday on the fifth floor of the Department Store. She will give you a tm, which I think is either Return or Frustration, depending on if your pokemon likes you or not. The more your pokemon likes you, the more damage Return does, and the less it likes you, the more damage Frustration does. Both are Normal type moves.


4. There are maps on the wall of every Pokemon Center, so you can see the map even before you get the map card. They are on the right side of the counter, press a while facing the blue-green thing. I don't think too many people know this.


5. If you surf on the ocean right of Cherrygrove City, and you will find an island. The guy on it will say he found something but doesn't need it, and he will give you a Mystic Water, which powers up water type moves. I would think most people see this guy when they first go there, but not many come back to talk to him.


6. If you get School Kid Alan's number, then if you get far enough away from him call him and he'll say he got better and ask you to come down for a battle. Every time you get far enough he will ask to battle once you call. I think you can battle as many times as you want. By the way, he is on Route 36. Just noticed that only Wednesday.


7. If you go to Olivine City, you will notice that left of the house you can trade for a Voltorb, there is a space you can walk in. Go to the end of it and there will be a rock. Press a and you will get an item.


8. Near the entrance... 

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HoW to get a Smeargle that Knows Transform

by skyp Nov 15, 2010

You know how Smeargle can copy and keep a move using sketch?Well I can't help you on getting a Smeargle,but if your Smeargle is facing a wild Ditto,then here's your chance!Use sketch on the Ditto which as you may or may not know,the Ditto will know only transform.Make sure your Smeargle is faster.EV it or give it a Quick Claw. If done correctly,your Smeargle will be able to transform.

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ViOlet City Gym-Falkner

by Goanimalcrossingww Nov 04, 2010

Pidgey LVL.9

Moves: Tackle (Normal/Physical) Sand Attack (Ground/Status)

Type: Normal/Flying

Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Pidgeotto LVL.13

Moves: Tackle (Normal/Physical) Roost (Flying/Status) Gust (Flying/Special)

Type: Normal/Flying

Held Item: None

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ShAymin, Gradecia Flower

by Chewi105 Jun 22, 2010

To get a Gradecia Flower in HG and SS, trade an event or Flower Paradise Shaymin and talk to a woman in the Goldenrod Flower shop who isn't usually there. She will give you a Gradecia, and voila! It can only change to Sky Form During the day (4am-8pm),
and changes back during the night (8pm-4am) and when put in a PC box. Hope this helps!

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EgG mania!

by taly4 May 17, 2010

First catch a ditto, to the daycare and put it in with a pokemon u want to have at their first evolution, and wait. in some time the day care man is going to call u that u got a n egg. i got five today!

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AlTernate coloured legendary dogs, and celebi.

by pikazard Jun 23, 2010

The alternate coloured(or shiny)"legend dogs"is an event you will recieve after you pre-book your tickets to Pokemon: Phantom Champion Z, Zoroark. When you get to the movie premiere(in japan)of this movie, you will be able to choose one of them, raikou, entei, or suicune. They will be shiny, and have moves they don't usually learn. And once you trade them to Pokemon Black & White, it will unlock Zoroark, witch you will battle and capture(hopefully). But Zoroark has a special ability that lets him turn into any pokemon, so you can only catch him as his actual self. Now, about Celebi, you will recieve this Pokemon once you arrive at the premiere(i dont know what the conditions to recieve this are) but when you trade this to Pokemon Black & White, you will talk to a man who will give you zorua.

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hoW to get the silver wing in heart gold

by Unregistered Aug 09, 2011

ride the ss aqua to kanto and go to lavender town. go into the radio tower and there should be an old guy with a hat. talk to him. he says thank you for saving the goldenrod tower and upgrades your pokegear. then fly to vermilion city and go right. there should be a snorlax in front of a cave. go on your pokegear radio and move the cursor up. then talk to the snorlax. it should attack you. catch it or flee. then go through the cave and arrive at pewter city. go right all the way and up until you see an old man. talk to him. he gives you the silver wing. then you can go to whirl islands and catch lugia. hope this helped! (note: you must be in hall of fame to go to kanto)

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LeVel One Legends

by pikazard Apr 22, 2010

Ok so first of all you need a 12th movie Arceus (the real deals name is in Japanese)
And I think you need to beat the Elite Four/Red

1st.Ok all you gotta do for the first step is put Arceus in the front slot of your party
2nd.Next step is to head on down to the Ruins of Alphi
3rd.Then look around for Cynthia(if you dont know who she is, she looks like she has a feather in her hair)
4th.Talk to her and then she will bring ya to some different ruins
5th.Go in,and Cynthia will be talking for a bit, and walla

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by pikazard Mar 22, 2010

I just found crasher wake in the celadon city dept. store. he is on the second floor, and when you talk to him hhe will give you a turtwig, chimchar, and piplup mask for your fashion case. DONT COMMENT BADLY, THIS IS SOMETHING I THOUGHT WAS COOL AND THAT I WANTED TO SHARE

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