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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Heart Gold Version cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 144 cheats in our list, which includes 37 cheats codes, 23 unlockables, 9 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 69 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Heart Gold Version on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - How to get a Smeargle that Knows Transform

by skyp Nov 15, 2010

You know how Smeargle can copy and keep a move using sketch?Well I can't help you on getting a Smeargle,but if your Smeargle is facing a wild Ditto,then here's your chance!Use sketch on the Ditto which as you may or may not know,the Ditto will know only transform.Make sure your Smeargle is faster.EV it or give it a Quick Claw. If done correctly,your Smeargle will be able to transform.

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Secret - How to get kyogre

by player_314 Aug 09, 2010

After u beat red talk to professor oak and hoenns top trainer steve go to mr.pokemons house
and talk to him. he will give a blue orb. then go to cianwood and enter the cave to safari
then in there leader chuck will talk to you, u will learn about a tower
then u will have to go from there

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Secret - Aprijuice

by WeavileNightslash Aug 03, 2010

Aprijuice...this helps a whole lot when entering the Pokeathlon but sometimes the guy who sells it doesnt have the right one to enter a certin course, for this its much better to make it yourself.
Here are the apricorns and what type of juice it makes.

Red Apricorn
Power Juice

Ylw Apricorn
Stamina Juice

Blu Apricorn
Skill juice

Grn Apricorn
Jump Juice

Pnk Apricorn
Speed Juice

Wht Apricorn
It has a neutral flavor, but it boosts up Mildness a bit

Blk Apricorn
It has no flavor whatsoever and gives a disgusting aftertaste

Well those are all the apricorns and what they work for

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Secret - Gym Leader rematches

by WeavileNightslash Aug 03, 2010

NOTE:This time runs on a 24-houe clock, for any questions PM me


Time away from Gym:Monday 00:00-23:59
Rematch:Saturday morning

Eo find hime you must go all the way to Celadon and climb up into the Department store in Celadon, climb to the fourth floor and you will see him talking to Janine.Talk to him and hell give you his phone number.

Time away from Gym:Thursday 00:00-23:59
Rematch:Thursday afternoon

To find him go to Viridian forest, he is near the south entrance examining a tree talk to him and hell give you his phone number.

Time away from Gym:Any day 12:00-16:00
Rematch:Saturday afternoon

To find her, go to the sixth floor in Goldenrod Department store,talk to her and she will give you her phone number.

Time away from Gym:Monday/Tuesday 00:00-23:59
Rematch:Tuesday night

He is in Bell Tower, outside in the golden forest talk to him and hell give you his phone number

Time away from Gym:Never
Rematch:Wednsday night

He never leaves the Gym but talk to his wife who stands outside his Gym and talk to her, she'll give you Chucks phone number.

Time away from Gym:Any day 13:00-14:00
Rematch:Wednesday afternoon

She is in Olivine dine, right next to the counter talk to her and she'll give you her phone number

Time away from Gym:Any day 6:00-10:00
Rematch:Monday morning

He is in the Lake of Rage to find him you must Surf to the west side of the Lake he is standing there, talk to him and he'll give you his number.

Time away from Gym:Any day 6:00-10:00
Rematch:Friday night

To find her you must first defeat her and Lance with your Rival inside Dragons Den, after that she'll be down by the water talk to her and she'll give you her phone number


Time away from Gym:Any day 12:00-15:00
Rematch:Saturday Night

Enter through south exit of Digglet's cave, talk to him and he'll give you his phone number

Time away from Gym:Any day 16:00-18:00
Rematch:Wednesday morning

To find her in the Cape in Cerulean you must first defeat or capture Suicune, talk to her and she'll give you her number

Time away from Gym:Any day 9:00-12:00
Rematch:Friday Morning

To find him in... 

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Glitch - Pokeball becomes masterball

by Unregistered Jan 07, 2011

this works and it is how i caught many many pokemon including high level legendaries

stock up with pokeballs (regular pokeballs only)

run across a wild pokemon you want to catch and hit USE button for a Pokeball

as soon as you hit USE push the left and right triggers at the same time and hold

when the pokeball hits the wild pokemon and explodes release left and right triggers and push A+B and hold

when the pokeball falls and hits the ground on the screen right before its first wiggle, release A and continue to hold B

it should catch the pokemon, without fail

this actually works and won't screw up any gameplay, but timing is everything so be patient if it doesnt work the very first time

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Secret - Pokemon Trainer Red-The Best of the Best

by Bramblefang Oct 02, 2009

Get all 16 Kanto and Jhoto badges and then talk to Professor Oak. He tells you that Mt.Silver is now accessible and he will give you HM 8 which is Rock Climb. Go through Route 22 and travel up Mt. Silver. When you reach a cave, go to the East path when you have to use Rock Climb when you get there. Soon you'll reach the peak of Mt. Sliver where Red is standing. Talk to him and you will battle him. He has the highest leveled trainer of ANY pokemon game so get ready for the true battle of pokemon! Train hard and get ready for this epic fight.

Pokemon Trainer Red

1.Pikachu Lv.88
2.Venusaur Lv.84
3.Charizard Lv.84
4.Blastoise Lv.84
5.Lapras Lv.80
6.Snorlax Lv.82

One thing I recommend is to use an Electric type pokemon to battle with Blastoise, Charizard, and Lapras. Another thing, when you battle Red, there will be a Hail effect in the weather.

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Unlockable - Yellow Forest Event

by Dragonlordpatrol05 Apr 05, 2010

After you finish procedure below go to green delivery man and accept the gift.
Then save and select poke walker and choose pokemon and then you will see YELLOW FOREST route.

Yellow ForestGet on mystery gift and select "Recieve" then select VIA NINTENDO WFC
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Code - 11th MOVIE SHAYMIN :)

by Ash1590 Aug 12, 2011

Gives you a 11th Movie shaymin in Box 1 Slot 1. Press Select.
94000130 FFFB0000
B2111880 00000000
E000F710 00000088
775B2A00 A0460000
C2A7ECD1 95C20570
880903F2 EBFB6A59
0C04A3FB 86E3D263
F592DC00 B2EBA973
41D2600B 63C2C555
1434F7BE 64099BB7
FAE07D0E D0FD8250
387D9543 F8936287
D64F53CC 61FDA860
9586CF02 BDB59251
0E302DFF 4A2A23BC
65691E42 A1F37093
F01EB59B 8421CD80
79590ABF 18296674
BFAF622B E412D0B8
8EA7022E 4042DE40
D2000000 00000000

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Secret - How to get Riolu , Gible , Bagon and Trapinch.

by Goldgary123 May 23, 2011

Riolu can be found in the Meadow area of the safari zone. But first you must place 10 Forest Objects and 14 Peak Objects in the area. After 70 Days (Ugh I Know) You will be able to find them at level 45 in the area.

Gible can be found in the Rocky Beach area of the Safari Zone. But first you must place 13 Plains Objects and 17 Peak Objects in the area. After 100 Days (Seriously?) Gible will be able to catch at Level 44.

Bagon can be found in the Swamp area of the Safari Zone. But first you must place 9 Forest Objects and 19 Peak Objects in the area. After 110 Days (It just gets worst and worst...) You will be able to find them at level 45.

Trapinch can be found in the Desert area of the Safari Zone. But first you must place 25 Peak objects in the area. After only 30 Days (Thank You!) You will be able to find them at Level 46 or 47.

---Some more rare basic pokemon---

Larvitar can be found in the Mountain area during the day. No objects needed. At level 17

Dratini can be found at the Swamp area in two Ways. Using a good rod. But must require 10 Water Objects at Level 29. or Using a Super Rod , No Objects. At level 36 or 37

Ditto Can Be Found at Level 17 in the Wetland area. Either Morning or Day.

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Secret - Elite four training

by wtflolnoob Sep 10, 2010

this tip works both if youve gotten to the elite four the first time, or after you've gotten all the badges for both regions. this tip is for if you want to train a low level pokemon. you will want to have five of your strongest pokemon and the pokemon you want to train in your party. you put an experience share on your pokemon you want to train. then, you just beat the elite four over and over until your pokemon is a high enough level to fight for itself. simple as that.

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Secret - Capture Entei and Raiku

by mistrael Jun 24, 2010


1 - You need a pokemon that learned "Thunder Wave" and that attack first when encountering Enter or Raiku.
2 - You need a pokemon that learned "Block" i suggest "Snorlax" that is lvl 50 and already know it when you get it in the story.
3 - 10 speed ball and 10 hyper ball eventually 10 shadow ball (when it's night)

With that you're ready to get these legendary's fleeing pokemons ^^ It took me about 15-20 mins to get these so it's really easy.

For Entei:

Go to the intersect of routes 38-39 on your bike and save the game. Each time you change route take a look on your map to see where it is and you will get Entei easily on the route you are. Don't use repels if your first pokemon is above lvl 40.

When fighting Entei use Thunder Wave the first time then he flee. Refight it with snorlax then use Block. After that he will flee eventually with using "Roar" but don't worry you have some turns to hit it to lower his HP.

You may use Speedball, and hyperball by alternating the choices. 1 speedball that don't work then use hyperball after.
You may capture it this way ^^ good luck !

For Raiku:

Same way as Entei but go to the intersect of route 29-46 using your bike then save your game. You will find it easily on route 46.

Important: Don't forget to reset your DS if you used many balls and didn't caught it or you'll have to rebuy balls it prevent to loose money.

Good luck everyone ^^

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Secret - Rotom Elevator

by Terminater99 May 14, 2010

Rotom Elevator:
Note* Obviously you must have a Rotom. You must have beaten Red, and Obatained Kanto and Hoen Starters

You can obtain Rotom from trading, Migrating.

How To get One From Pearl:
Note* You need Cut, And National Dex
Goto the Old Chateau which is located near the exit of Eterna Forest, use cut on the tree, walk into the Mansion.
Look around until you find a Small room with a TV, walk up to the TV and press A, you will automatically get into a fight with Rotom.

Rotom Elevator:
Note* Have Rotom first in your party.
Goto Silph Co. which is locate in Saffron City, Kanto Region.
Walk into Silph Co, Walk to the left, Go up to the Elevator
(If the Man is Standing there, It means you havent completed the Requirements, and or talked to Steven (The Guy to the very Right of the room standing at the counter))
If not, walk in.
Inside there will be five everyday household appliances click on one for your Rotom to transform into one.
Your Rotom will learn a Move every time it transforms, but will lose the move from the previous transformation

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Secret - Pick Up Pokemon

by Bramblefang Oct 02, 2009

This is the list of pokemon that have the special ability called: Pick-Up. Pick-Up allows your pokemon to randomly find usually after battles.


The items they find depend on what level they are.

Some of the most common items you can get are Escape Ropes, Repels, Great Balls, and Potions. There is a big list of them so if you like, check out Serebii.net for more. I hope this helps! :)

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Code - Good Idea for a Team

by zoroak1 Feb 27, 2012


2.Pidgeot,Noctowl,Crobat or Skarmory(SS)

3.Red Gyarados,Quagsire,Poliwra th





How to get

Starter:Start of the game

Pidgeot:Catch a Pidgey or Pidgeotto and Evolve

Noctowl:Evolve Hoothoot

Crobat:Love Golbat

Skarmory:Catch in SS Only

Red Gyarados:Catch at Lake of Rage

Quagsire:Evolve Wooper

Poliwrath:Evolve Poliwhirl

Gengar:Trade Haunter

Alakazam:Trade Kadabra

Eevee:Get in GoldenRod City

Heracross:Headbutt tree (Takes ages)

Machamp:Trade Machoke

Golem:Trade Graveler

Pikachu:Battle Jasmine Twice or Love Pichu

Ampharhos:Evolve Flaafy

Teach them whatever moves you like they learn great moves.Good for Elite4,Catching Legendarys,and getting through the game.When I wrote seven I didnt mean have 7 Pokemon on your team take away one you dont like.

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Code - Sry heres the code for be wat pokemon you want

by Ash1590 Aug 12, 2011

94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
2000008F 00000XXX
D2000000 0000000
1AC = Bulbasaur
1AD = Ivysaur
1AE = Venasaur
1AF = Venasaur
1B0 = Charmander
1B1 = Charmeleon
1B2 = Charizard
1B3 = Squirtle
1B4 = Wartortle
1B5 = Blastoise
1B6 = Caterpie
1B7 = Metapod
1B8 = Butterfree
1B9 = Weedle
1BA = Kakuna
1BB = Beedrill
1BC = Pidgey
1BD = Pidgeotto
1BE = Pidgeot
1BF = Rattata
1C0 = Ratticate
1C1 = Spearow
1C2 = Fearow
1C3 = Ekans
1C4 = Arbok
1C5 = Pikachu
1C6 = Pikachu
1C7 = Raichu
1C8 = Sandhsrew
1C9 = Sandslash
1CA = Nidoran Female
1CB = Nidorina
1CC = Nidoqueen
1CD = Nidoran Male
1CE = Nidorino
1CF = Nidoking
1D0 = Clefairy
1D1 = Clefable
1D2 = Vulpix
1D3 = Ninetails
1D4 = Jigglypuff
1D5 = Wigglytuff
1D6 = Zubat
1D7 = Golbat
1D8 = Oddish
1D9 = Gloom
1DA = Vileplume
1DB = Paras
1DC = Parasect
1DD = Venonat
1DE = Venomoth
1DF = Diglett
1E0 = Dugtrio
1E1 = Meowth
1E2 = Persian
1E3 = Psyduck
1E4 = Golduck
1E5 = Mankey
1E6 = Primape
1E7 = Growlithe
1E8 = Arcanine
1E9 = Poliwag
1EA = Poliwhirl
1EB = Poliwrath
1EC = Abra
1ED = Kadabra
1EE = Alakazam
1EF = Machop
1F0 = Machoke
1F1 = Machamp
1F2 = Bellsprout
1F3 = Weepinbell
1F4 = Victreebel
1F5 = Tentacool
1F6 = Tentacruel
1F7 = Geodude
1F8 = Graveler
1F9 = Golem
1FA = Ponyta
1FB = Rapidash
1FC = Slowpoke
1FD = Slowbro
1FE = Magnemite
1FF = Magneton
200 = Farfetch'd
201 = Doduo
202 = Dotrio
203 = Seel
204 = Dewgong
205 = Grimer
206 = Muk
207 = Shellder
208 = Cloyster
209 = Ghastly
20A = Haunter
20B = Gengar
20C = Onix
20D = Drowzee
20E = Hypno
20F = Krabby
210 = Kingler
211 = Voltorb
212 = Electrode
213 = Exeggcute
214 = Exeggutor
215 = Cubone
216 = Marowak
217 = Hitmonlee
218 = Hitmonchan
219 = Lickitung
21A = Koffing
21B = Weezing
21C = Rhyhorn
21D = Rhydon
21E = Chansey
21F = Tangela
220 = Kangaskhan
221 = Horsea
222 = Seadra
223 = Goldeen
224 = Seaking
225 = Staryu
226 = Starmie
227 = Mr. Mime
228 = Scyther
229 = Jynx
22A = Electabuzz
22B = Magmar
22C = Pinsir
22D = Tauros
22E = Magikarp
22F = Gyarados
230 = Lapras
231 = Ditto
232 = Eevee
233 = Vaporeon
234 = Jolteon
235 = Flareon
236 = Porygon
237 = Omanyte
238 = Omastar
239 = Kabuto
23A = Kabutops
23B = Aerodactyl
23C = Snorlax
23D = Articuno
23E = Zapdos
23F = Moltres
240 = Dratini
241 = Dragonair
242 = Dragonite
243 = Mewtwo
244 = Mew
Replace XXX with desired value. The person... 

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Easter Egg - Violet City Gym-Falkner

by Goanimalcrossingww Nov 04, 2010

Pidgey LVL.9

Moves: Tackle (Normal/Physical) Sand Attack (Ground/Status)

Type: Normal/Flying

Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Pidgeotto LVL.13

Moves: Tackle (Normal/Physical) Roost (Flying/Status) Gust (Flying/Special)

Type: Normal/Flying

Held Item: None

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Secret - What are EVs??

by FCSNAKE Aug 02, 2010

EVs, or "Effort Values", are external values important to the overall training
of a Pokemon. They are gained, along with Experience Points (EXP), from any
Pokemon you battle, may it be in the wild or from other trainers (though, as a
side-note, Pokemon from the Battle Frontier do not give EVs, as they do not
give EXP as well).

Each Pokemon has a unique set of EVs they give out, 1-3 EVs for one, or
sometimes two, stats. For every four EVs a Pokemon obtains, that's one point
added to the stat with four EVs. For example, if you fight four Sentret (which
give 1 Attack EV each), you gain 4 Attack EVs, which means +1 in the Attack

Sounds neat, right? But, of course, there are limits. A Pokemon can only gain a
total of 510 EVs, and 255 EVs per stat. That means the maximum stat bonus EVs
can give per stat is 63, should you give 252 EVs to one stat. 252 is the
accepted bonus, as it is the highest number less than 255 divisible by 4. With
that said, 252/252/6 is pretty much the most basic EV spread for a Pokemon,
adding 63 points to two stats and 1 point to one stat.

So yeah, it's very important. An un-EV trained Pokemon almost always falls to a
properly-EV trained Pokemon of the same level. Add in IVs and Natures, and
you've used your Pokemon to its fullest battling potential.

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Secret - Moltres

by Unregistered Jul 19, 2010

You need all 16 gym badges to do this. Fly to Mt. Silver if you have been there. If not, go west from the Victory Road entrance to Route 22 and 28. Bring Pokemon with Surf, Rock Climb, and Waterfall. Enter Mt. Silver and go left. Surf and go up the waterfall. Moltres is in a pit that you need to Rock Climb down into. It is at Level 50 and knows Air Slash, Safeguard, Flamethrower, and Ancientpower. Paralyze or put it to sleep and there you have it.

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Easter Egg - Shaymin, Gradecia Flower

by Chewi105 Jun 22, 2010

To get a Gradecia Flower in HG and SS, trade an event or Flower Paradise Shaymin and talk to a woman in the Goldenrod Flower shop who isn't usually there. She will give you a Gradecia, and voila! It can only change to Sky Form During the day (4am-8pm),
and changes back during the night (8pm-4am) and when put in a PC box. Hope this helps!

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Secret - How to encounter roaming Pokemon EASY

by Rhyss11 Jun 14, 2010

First of all you need two routes (E.g. Route 14 and 15)
Go to route 14 (or 15) now make sure they have grass nearby, and you have battled the trainers, plan your way to the grass, make sure the trainers are beaten on the way to the grass. now make your way to route 15, every time it appears on the corner of the screen Route 14/15 check your pokegear, that's when they roaming Pokemon move, now go back to Route 14/15 check it again, Until your persons face has little an oddly shape behind it, that means the roaming Pokemon is on the same Route as you. Now go into the grass, It should be the first Pokemon you encounter, if it isn't you'll have to move back and fourth again. Now, use a pokemon that has scary face, or a move that will put it asleep or Block also the Pokemon also has to be faster than it, (Your pokemon should be since they're not high levels). Once it's alseep or something or you used Block (You must keep the pokemon in battle when you use block), lower it's HP, try use the pokemons weakest move. Once its HP is low enough, use Ultra Balls, or even Dusk balls if its night (I caught Giratina with one, and Mew with a Pokeball in Pokemon Red) After throwing a good few pokeballs it should be shaking at least, if you run out, turn off the game and try again. Saving before the battle won't help you, (I saved before I battled Rikou and I killed it, I turn it off then went into the grass again and Entei appeared) Good luck catching the Entei, Rikou and Latias/Latios!

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Easter Egg - Egg mania!

by taly4 May 17, 2010

First catch a ditto, to the daycare and put it in with a pokemon u want to have at their first evolution, and wait. in some time the day care man is going to call u that u got a n egg. i got five today!

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Secret - Egg 'trick'

by Unregistered May 07, 2010

If you have older games and access to another DS...this 'trick' can be done. In the old game go the day-care and put a ditto in. Try to get the 3 starter pokemon from the old game and lay eggs for all 3! Transfer the eggs to Heart Gold (or Soul Silver) and hatch eggs. If you chose a water pokemon to start the game, your rival will have 'grass'! So, when your eggs hatch...train up the fire pokemon. This will give you an advantage over the rival!

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Code - Compleat phone book

by Ash1590 Aug 12, 2011

Complete Phonebook (Press L+R)
94000130 fcff0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
d5000000 00000000
c0000000 0000004a
d8000000 0000c0fc
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
d0000000 00000000

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Code - How to catch Articuno in HeartGold

by atakerer Apr 26, 2011

1. Go to Cinnabar Island ( use Fly )

2. Surf to Route 20

3. Use a super repel and Surf to " Seaform Island"

4. Go down the stairs at the entrance of the cave

5. Then use strength to move the boulders

6. Go down the ladder and slide right then up

7. Then slide right and then down

8. Go down the ladder and go toward the three ice cubes ( move cube A, the first one, up; move cube B up; then cube C left)

9. go down ladder

10. Surf to stair entrance then surf to the ladder

11. Cross the bride and go down the ladder

12. Then you'll see Articuno on your far left and surf ot Articuno

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Code - How to get to Moltres

by skyp Nov 30, 2010

Most people say that the can not get to the Legendary Pokemon Moltres. I have decide to create this guide. Before you enter, you may want to stock up on 1 Escape Rope and a few Max Repels. You will also need Water Fall, Surf and Rock Climb. Once you step in My. Silver, follow my guide:

1=2 up

2=4 left

3=Use Surf

4=3 up

5=Use Water Fall

6=14 left

7=10 up

8=3 left

9=Use Rock Climb up

10=3 left

11=6 up

12=Use Rock Climb right

13=1 up

14=Use Surf

15=5 up

16=Use Water Fall

17=8 up

18=4 left

19=5 up

20=2 up

21= 8 left or right

22 = 8 up

23 = Use Rock Climb. If you went left, use it on the right and if you chose right, use it on the left.

24 = 1 up

25 = There you will see Moltres. Watch out because it is level 50! After you catch it, use an Escape Rope. to escape from the cave and go to a PokeCenter to see you new Moltres!

Hope I helped! -skyp

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