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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Heart Gold Version cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 144 cheats in our list, which includes 37 cheats codes, 23 unlockables, 9 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 69 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Heart Gold Version on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - 100% catch rate

by Ash1590 Aug 11, 2011

a reguler pokeball is like a master ball

92247612 00002801
12247612 00004280
D2000000 00000000
9224670A 00002101
1224670A 00002100
D2000000 00000000

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Code - How to change arseus ring coulors

by nburns557 May 09, 2011

when ever u have an arceus get a splash plate, zap plate,fire plate,meadow plate or any othere plate and give it to arceus and his ring will change coulour

fire platered ring and he will be a fire type
splash plateblue ring. water type
medow plategrass type and his ring may change coulor
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Code - How to get a leagend

by nburns557 May 09, 2011

if u have a manphany leave it in da day cure and later on u may get a call sayin dat der is an egg and it is a manphany in its first form yes she has a first form

leave manphany in day cureget a manphany in its first form
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Secret - How to get Rayquaza

by Nickball Jul 19, 2010

Well, You need to beat the elite 4, and i think get all 16 badges then head to Mr pokemon and he will give you a blue orb or red orb (soul silver: red orb) (heart gold:blue orb), then you head to route 47, under the safari zone then go down and righ and stuff, then go into the cave, then surf, head right and rock climb up, there will be an entrance then go in it,walk ahead and Grouden or Kyogre will be there.

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Secret - Yall

by Unregistered Sep 23, 2011

Are dumb asses if you want to get Pokemon here's what you do.

1. Get to Pal park

2. Have a GB Pokemon game

3. Turn off the game after saving

4. Play the GB game and get 7 Pokemon with starter

5. This is the good part, transfer them to HG and get ready

You also get berries based on your score.

If you want all the starters just restart the GB game! dumb asses.

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Code - Girl Eevee

by chihuahuacat Jul 01, 2011

If you haven't gotten an Eevee from Bill, go to his house in Goldenrod City. Next, save the game. Then, talk to him. When the bottom screen says yes or no, click on yes, then, at the same time, click X + B + A + DOWN + L

Hope this helps!!!

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Secret - RE-Battle Red

by arceus12345678 Jun 01, 2010

If you want to re-battle red, listen carefully. First of all, I have no idea if this will work on your game. Make sure that it is thursday. Go to Mt. Silver. Get to the top. Hopefully, red will be at the top. His pokemon are the same. DO NOT BLAME ME IF THIS DOEN'T WORK. FOR ME, THIS WAS A COMPLETE SURPRISE. IT WAS A COMPLETE COINCIDENCE.

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Secret - Easy salemance

by AUZZIECIDER Jan 05, 2011

if you want a salmance quickbut you cant get a bagon or shelgon on heartgold and you have platinum. Get etheir bagon or shelgon then trade it to heartgold.get lvl the pokemon up to 50 (make sure the pokemon your evolving is shelgon) it will be a salamance and you wont of had to get it up 5 more lvls.

(tell me if this should be in platinum secrets)

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Glitch - How to catch flying-types

by harrell03 May 17, 2010

First, find a wild pokemon that knows fly (id pick raquza) and weaken it when it uses fly throw an Ultra ball it might work if not srry. NOTE:throw the ball when the wild is in the air or it will not work!

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Secret - Garbige galaxy/drednought galaxy

by guggle May 17, 2010

You'll find this hidden star in Dreadnought's third star mission. From the start, run to the underside of the saucer to find a warp pipe which will teleport you to a garbage dump.

The droid here needs your help; it seems the planet's been covered in trash, and you'll have to blow it away within 30 seconds. This can be very, very difficult, since the Bob-ombs take forever to explode. Thankfully, there's a trick.

Do you see the gold emblems on the ground That's where you should toss the Bob-ombs. Toss one on each of the six gold emblems - start with the bottom left, then work your way along the lower row to the bottom-right. Now quickly toss two more bombs, one in both the top-left and top-right corners. if your're quick with your aim, the bombs will destroy all of the nearby trash, thereby completing this level well within the time limit.

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Secret - Trade Your Own Pokemon With One DS!

by Unregistered Jul 05, 2010

Well, you can trade your own pokemon using just one DS! It's just a little harder than trading the old-fashioned way.Here's what you will need:

-One DS
-Two copies of Heart Gold, Soul Silver, or just one of each game
-One Pokewalker

What you do:
Turn on the DS with which game that has the Pokemon that you want to transfer programmed.
Click "Connect to Pokewalker".
Then you transfer the Pokemon you want to trade to the Pokewalker.
When that is complete, it will save the game. If you want the Pokemon to stay on that one game, simply interupt the saving by turning the DS's power OFF when it is saving.(Also known as "CLONING".)
Now, swap the original game card with the other one and turn the DS on.
Click "Connect to Pokewalker".
You want to restart the Pokewalker, so you have to push these buttons down at the same time. Press DOWN, X BUTTON, L BUTTON.
Connect with the Pokewalker, and the Pokemon in the Pokewalker will go to that game!
Congrats! You just completed this! Have fun!

Please take note of down below.
-If your stuff gets damaged,(Which, most likely, it won't)it's not my fault. You are the one who chose to do this.(I don't mean to sound unfriendly.)

Please rate nice; I put a lot of thinking into this trick.

-KittyLover :)

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Secret - Other Colored Trainer Cards

by DarkCharizard Jun 04, 2010

-you can this star by doing the fallowing

-Defeat The Elite 4

-collect five shiny leaves and give them to Ethan/Lyra in new bark town

-break the records in all the 10 pokeathalon events

-complete the national pokedex there is a total of 484 pokemon

(BLUE)- Earn 1 star

(BRONZE)- Earn 2 star's

(SILVER)-Earn 3 star's

(GOLD)-Earn 4 stars's

(BLACK)-Earn 5 star's


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Glitch - Legend of the Invinsible Shiny Bulbasaur

by Gardenia101 Jul 05, 2010

Ok, I'm not responsible for anything happening to your game if you do this.

The Invinsible Shiny Bulbasaur is a literal legend accross the internet, but only people that hop to site to site to site will encounter how to get one. Luckily, I've been all over the web advertising this site: http://officialpokemonfanclub.webs.com

The Invinsible Shiny Bulbasaur, ISB for short, was originally created to entice naughty hackers that got Bad Eggs to hatch them. Of course, though a Bad Egg were made to ruin your game, it can also hatch into two things, which were both mistakes in the gaming software. One was the Togepi Egg. Another was the ISB.
The Togepi Egg would be obvious why, it only happens before you get your Togepi Egg in a game. The game code puts through that the first egg you get should be a Togepi Egg, so 1/100 times you would have a Togepi.
The ISB, however, was an accident that the programmers made. When designing Bad Eggs, since SOMETHING had to hatch they had to make a ISB hatch, because thats what they already put in Forums and News Updates. But since the ISB isn't actually a Bulbasaur, it usually does turn up in the wild as Missingno., and the fact that it does, in fact, not exist, is what makes game overload and a freezed screen. That is also why Bad Eggs in the wild can use Tackle and Growl, because the ISBhas the same move set as bulbasaur.
This fact makes ISB an indeed Legendary pokemon. You cannot obtain more than one, you can't trade it (Think of the Spikey-Eared Pichu), it's stats are extrordinaire (Actually, its stats are unlimited), and TALK ABOUT RARE! I have a code that gets you a Bad Egg on the very bottom, so go there if you want to try this for yourself. But, the ISB has the same info structure as Bulbasaur, which is why it's graphic is a shiny Bulbasaur, so it will try to evolve into Ivysaur.
Give it an Everstone.
If it evolves, it's doomsday for your game. No, not your save file, your game CARD. Kablooie! Bye, (Insert game name here)!
I'm going to leave this at that for now, but I will post more data about this amazing pokemon Missingno. in the near future.

PS To get a Bad Egg in the Hoenn region without a GameShark, go to the cave near the fighting type gym. There, you can battle and catch a Bad Egg. Then you can migrate it to your HeartGold game.

Here is the AR code for a Bad Egg (HeartGold, duh)

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Glitch - Pokemon Clone

by DarkCharizard Jun 01, 2010

Okay i figured it out how to get clones okay you get a pokemon heart gold game and soul silver plus a poke walker and then you put a pokemon in the pokewalker and when it says saveing game just turn the game off and you'll get a clone but not in the game from were you put the pokemon HOPE THIS HELPED

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by pikazard Mar 22, 2010

I just found crasher wake in the celadon city dept. store. he is on the second floor, and when you talk to him hhe will give you a turtwig, chimchar, and piplup mask for your fashion case. DONT COMMENT BADLY, THIS IS SOMETHING I THOUGHT WAS COOL AND THAT I WANTED TO SHARE

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Glitch - Slow motion

by yackar Jun 07, 2010

This requires an action replay code manager.
there may not be a cheat for this but I figured out if you put all cheats except pokegear cheats & time restart that if you hold in l+r it will go slower (the music is easier to tell it by however the screen gets a little slower too)
it works for me;D

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Secret - Cheating the Gobal Trading Station,

by Rhyss11 Apr 23, 2010

Doing this will probably get you any pokemon you want but it requires a master ball and a extremly strong pokemon

first get a pokemon holding a master ball and level between 90-100

then you can but it up for trades and wait for it

choose your pokemon but make sure for the pokemon you want has to be hacked for it

once you've done this wait for you pokemon to arrive i got a Mew level 30 for a empoleon level 93 holding a masterball

and after 3 days the mew was level 65

why do it this way because searching trading with a cheated pokemon cant be traded so get someone else to go through the hard work finding you the pokemon while you sit back and chill

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Code - All medicine x990

by giobue May 06, 2010

This cheat will give u all the medcine including rarecandys ppmaxs potions alot of stuff nd you have to press (select and up) if this doesnt work let me know :] this cheat worked for me nd its very useful! :]] enjoy :]

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Secret - How To Defeat Red!

by adu98 Apr 22, 2010

Remember this, for soul silver, step 2 is compulsary, for heart gold it is not.
Step 1 - Get all Kanto Badges
Step 2 - Talk to old man in pewter city, he will give you a Rainbow Wing (SS) or Silver Wing (HG)
Step 3 - Go to Cerulean Cave and Catch Mewtwo
Step 4 - Go to Ecruteak City Tower in Soul Silver. Whirl Islands Heart Gold
Step 5 - Catch the Legendary pokemon!
Step 6 - Make sure at least 3 or 4 of your pokemon are at at least lvl 75
Step 7 - Buy 15 Hyper Potions, 15 X Attacks and X Specials and 15 X Defence and X SpDEfence
Step 8 - Trek Mt Silver
Step 9 - Make sure Mewtwo know Psychic and is Quite Fast
Step 10 - Make sure Ho-oH is holding a charti berry or Wacan Berry (Lugia always Wacan)
Step 11 - Mewtwo Beggining of Party
Step 12 - Battle Red

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