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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Heart Gold Version cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 60 cheats in our list, which includes 37 cheats codes, 23 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Heart Gold Version on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

FiVe Star Trainer Card and Colors

by Alf103 Apr 08, 2010

Do them an any order you want.This Is for Pokemon Heart Gold And soul Silver.

First star and color blueDefeat the Elite Four.
Second Star and color GreenCollect 5 Shiny Leafs in one Pokemon.Then talk to Lyra/Ethan In New Bark Town.
Third star And color Pink or PurpleDefeat the records on all 10 pokeathlon events.
Forth Star and color SilverGet a 100 win streak in the Battle Tower.
Fifth star and color BlackComplete the National Pokedex.You need to Capture all 493 Pokemon other then Mew,Celebi,Jirachi,Deoxys,Phione,Manaphy,Darkrai,Shaymin, and Arceus,That gives you a total of $84 in your Pokedex.
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HoW to change your person in the union room

by Thomy999 Apr 05, 2010

1. Go to Violet Town
2. Go to the poke center
3. Go up the left stairs
4. Talk to the person closest to the stairs or in other words the only person on the second floor apart from staff.
5. Tell him what trainer you like best

The trainer you said you liked best will be you in the union room.

Hope this helped, please rate this good.

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GB Sounds

by Bramblefang Mar 29, 2010

The GB Sounds allows you to listen to certain music in the game in a whole different way. It lets you listen to what I believe what the music in the area would be like in Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

"A music player that allows you to listen to nostalgic songs. It's operated with a single switch."

The following tells you how to obtain the GB Sounds.
[Note that you must have 16 Badges in order to get this.]

GB SoundsGo inside the Celadon Condominiums in Celadon City. Take the elevator on the first floor and pick the option to go to 3F. Talk to the man in front of the globe and he will give you the GB Sounds.
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KyOgre, Groudon, and Rayquaza

by Terminater99 May 17, 2010

Quick description of how to get Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza in Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Information Obtained from:

KyogreDefeat Red, Obtain Kanto starters from Prof.Oak. Goto Mr.Pokemon, he will give you Blue Orb. Next you need to head to a cave in Route 47, The Embedded Tower. Kyogre will be in the middle of the Cave.
GroudonDefeat Red, Obtain Kanto starters from Prof.Oak. Goto Mr.Pokemon, he will give you Red Orb. Next you need to head to a cave in Route 47, The Embedded Tower. Groudon will be in the middle of the Cave.
RayQuazaYou must Have the Jade Orb. To obtain you, need Both Kyogre and Groudon, from Heartgold and Soulsilver (Not Migrated from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald). To do this you must obtain Kyogre/Groudon from a trade with another person with HG/SS. Next show your Kyogre and Groudon to Prof.Oak. He will give you the Jade Orb. Goto back to the cave you encountered Kyogre/Groudon and Rayquaza will be there.
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KaNto Gym Leaders

by cab1214 Sep 14, 2009

These are the exact order in which you encounter them. On the left are the Leaders in what City and their badges, and on the right are their Pokemon, levels, and what you win.

Lt. Surge-Vermillion City-Thunder BadgeRaichu level 51, 2 Electrodes level 47, Magneton level 47, Electabuzz level 53. Win TM 34 Shock Wave
Sabrina-Saffron City-Marsh BadgeEspeon level 53, Mr. Mime level 53, Alakazam level 55. Win TM48 Skill Swap.
Erika-Celadon City-Rainbow BadgeJumpluff level 51, Tangela level 52, Victreebel level 56, Bellossom level 56. Win TM 19 Giga Drain.
Misty-Cerulean City-Cascade BadgeGolduck level 49, Quagsire level 49, Lapras level 52, Starmie level 54. Win TM 03 Water Pulse.
Janine-Fuchsia City-Soul BadgeCrobat level 47, Weezing level 44, 2 Ariados level 47, Venemoth level 50. Win TM 84 Poison Jab.
Brock-Pewter City-Boulder BadgeGraveler level 51, Ryhorn level 51, Omastar level 53, Onix level 54, Kabutops level 52. Win TM 80 Rock Slide.
Blaine-Seafoam Island-Volcano BadgeMagmar level 54, Magcargo level 54, Rapidash level 59. Win TM 50 Overheat.
Green-Veridian City-Earh BadgeExeggutor level 55, Machamp level 56, Arcanine level 58, Rhydon level 58, Gyarados level 53, Pidgeot level 60. Win TM 92 Trick Room.
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ThIngs you can do after you beat Red

by cab1214 Apr 05, 2010

Red, the strongest trainer in the Kanto region, is quite hard to beat. His level 80's team is tough, but if I can beat him with my level 50's team, anyone can.

After you defeat Red, the credits will roll. And, a few things will be unlocked.

One Kanto StarterGo to Professor Oak, and he'll give you your choice of one.
One Hoenn StarterGo to Silph Co, and find Steven Stone towards the right-hand side of the room. The stones he offers you represent each Hoenn starter, to their respective color.
Kyogre (HG) Groudon (SS)Embedded Tower in Route 47 will house the respective legend
MewtwoCerulean Cave
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JoHto Gym Leader Rematches

by cab1214 Sep 16, 2009

These are all 16 Gym Leaders rematch rosters. On the left, in this order, are the Leader, where to find them when they're not in their gyms, when they are gone, and when to call them for a rematch. One the left will be their party.

P.S.-For Chuck, he won't leave his gym, but on the day I listed, speak to his wife who's outside of the Gym.

P.S.S.-For Green, he won't leave the gym, so talk to his sister in Pallet Town.

Falkner-Celadon Dpt. Store 4th Floor- Monday Daytime-Saturday MorningStaraptor 50, Noctowl 52, Swellow 52, Honchkrow 54, Pelliper 48, Pidgeot 56
Bugsy-South Entrance of Veridian ForestThursday Daytime-Thursday AfternoonShedinja 48, Vespiqueen 52, Pinsir 55, Heracross 54, Yanmega 52, Scizor 56
Whitney-Goldenrod Dpt. Store 6th Floor-Saturday Daytime-Saturday AfternoonBibarel 54, Lickilicky 50, Clefable 52, Gerafarig 52, Delcatty 54, Miltank 58
Morty-Outside Tin Tower-Monday Daytime-Tuesday NightDriftblim 52, Dusknoir 52, Sableye 52, Mismagius 54, Gengar 57, Gengar 57
Chuck-Wife's outside his gym-Never-Wednesday NightMedicham 54, Hitmonchan 52, Hitmonlee 55, Breloom 54, Primeape 56, Poliwrath 60
Jasmine-Olivine Dining Room-Most Afternoons-Wednesday AfternoonsBronzong 50, Skarmory 52, Empoleon 52, Metagross 52, Magnezone 56, Steelix 62
Pryce-Lake of Rage-Saturday Morning-Monday MorningAbomasnow 56, Glalie 52, Frosslass 52, Dewgong 58, Walrein 54, Mamoswine 60
Clair-Dragon's Den by the Water-Most Mornings-Friday NightDragonair 52, Gyarados 56, Aerodactyl 52, Charizard 52, Kingdra 56, Dragonite 60
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EvOlving Eevee

by cab1214 Mar 24, 2010

Eevee has several evolutions in this game. In total, 5 are achievable in this game, but there are two others that you must trade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. They are Glacon and Leafeon.

EeveeGift from Bill in Goldenrod City
VaporeonUse a Water Stone on Eevee
JolteonUse a ThunderStone on Eevee
FlareonUse a Fire Stone on Eevee
EspeonTrain and raise Eevee's happiness during the day (4AM-8PM)
UmbreonTrain and raise Eevee's happiness during the night (8PM-4AM)
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by DarkCharizard May 31, 2010

Okay im gonna tell you what pokeball comes out of the kind of apricorns alright and keep up

Black ApricornHeavy Balls
Blue ApricornLure Balls
Green ApricornFriend Balls
Pink ApricornLove Balls
Red ApricornLevel Balls
White ApricornFast Balls
Yellow ApricornMoon Balls
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ApRicorn Tree Locations

by DarkCharizard May 24, 2010

Im giong to tell you guys were all the apticorn tree's are in what routes and what color and just keep an eye out for the OK

Black apicorn'sRoutes=31,33,37&43
Blue apricorn'sRoutes=26,36,37
Green apricorn'sRoutes=11,29,30,35,42,45,46
Pink apricorn'sRoutes=2,30,33,42
Red apricorn'sRoutes=37,44
White apricorn'sRoutes=3,33,38
Yellow apricorn'sRoutes=8,32,42,46
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by cab1214 Mar 29, 2010

Snorlax is pretty easy to get once you have what you need. First, after you give the machine part to the Power Plant, make your way towards Lavender Town, and go into the Radio Tower. Once you're inside, go all the way to the right and talk to the man in the broadcast room. He'll upgrade your PokeGear. Go by the Snorlax, go to the PokeGear's radio, and move the dot towards the top. That will be where the PokeFlute song will play. Interact with the Snorlax, and it'll wake up in anger. Then it will challenge you to a battle.

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MoVe Tutors

by DarkCharizard Jun 03, 2010

There are five people scattered across kanto and johto that are willing to teach you pokemon unique and powerful moves.And there sevices dont come cheap

The Chart below desplays the location of each tutor:and what they will cost

HeadbuttIlex Forest Move Tutor-Free
FrenzyPlantBlack thorn city move tutor-show him one these pokemon with maxed out hapiness Venasuar,magnauim,Sceptile,Torterra
BlastBurnblackthorn city move tutor-chow t=him these pokemon with maxed out happiness Charizard,Infernape,Blaziken,Typhlosion
HydroCannonbalck thorn city move tutor-show him one of these pokemon with maxed out happiness Empoleon,Feraligatr,Blastoise,Swampert
Bounce32 BP (battle points)
GastroAcid32 BP (battle points)
GunkShot32 BP (battle points)
Low Kick32 BP (battle points)
Mud-Slap32 BP (battle points)
Rollout32 BP (battle points)
AincientPower40 BP (battle ponts)
AquaTail40 BP (battle points)
EarthPower40 BP (battle points)
IronDefense40 BP (battle points)
IronHeah40 BP (battle points)
SeedBomb40 BP (battle points)
SignalBeam40 BP (battle points)
SuperFang40 BP (battle points)
Twister40 BP (battle points)
Uproar48 BP (battle points)
HeatWave48 BP (battle points)
Outrage48 BP (battle points)
SuperPower48 BP (battle points)
Endeavor64 BP (
PainSplit64 BP (
SkyAttack64 BP
BugBite32 BP
FuryCutter32 BP
Dive40 BP
KnockOff40 BP
SuckerPunch40 BP
AirCutter48 BP
IcyWind48 BP
OmniousWind48 BP
Trick48 BP
VaccumWave48 BP
FirePunch64 BP
IcePunch64 BP
ThunderPunch64 BP
ZenHeadbutt64 BP
Block32 BP
Gravity32 BP
MagicCoat32 BP
Snore32 BP
StringShot32 BP
WorrySeed32 BP
HelpingHand40 BP
MagnetRise40 BP
Spite40 BP
Swift40 BP
Synthesis40 BP
HealBell48 BP
LastResort48 BP
RolePlay48 BP
TailWind48 BP
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RuNes Of Alph Hidden Zones

by DarkCharizard May 25, 2010

OK im gonna tell you were all the doors and what they say. OK first off is the Kabuto puzzle you first solve and then go to the unknown words (on wall) it says ESCAPE and then you use an escape rope and the door will open and the second door is a areodactyle (acssesable by surfing) and the door says light and then you use flash and the door will open and the third door is a HO-OH to get to the ho-oh puzzleyou need to go through the union cave and go down the stairs and surf across and whed you see a fork in the road you take the upper path (downer path is the omynite puzzle) and when you open the ho-oh puzzle the unknown words say ho-oh you need ho-oh in your pokemon crew. and finnaly the omynite puzzle is in the union cave except you take the down path and the words on the wall say water and you need a water wtone to get by and thats it really.

KABUTO PUZZLEin the room with the lady standing there
words on wall in kabuto ruinescape: use escape rope
AREODACTYLE PUZZLEyou get there by using surf
words on wall in areodactyle ruinlight: use the move flash
HO-OH PUZZLEyou go in the union cave and go down the stairs and use surf
words on wall in ho-oh ruinho-oh: you need ho-oh in your pokemon group
OMYNITE PUZZLEyou go to the union cave and go down stairs ans use surf
words on wall in omynite ruinwater: you need a water stone (you can get one at the pokeathalon dome)
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GaMe Corner

by DarkCharizard May 24, 2010

If you buy everythin at the game corner you will get a special prize from Mr.game he'll give either get a new fossil or get a master ball or one more thing all the coins you got left over you get it all back in money OH YEAH i forgot one thing or he'll give you an egg (CHARMANDER,SQUIRTLE,BULBASUAR)

Pokemon eggbuy every prize
New fossilwin 9,999 coins (after buying everything
Master ballbuy everthing at other game corner
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ArTicuno, Moltress, and Zapdos

by Terminater99 May 17, 2010

Each of them are in The Kanto Region and are Lvl 50
It would be best to bring a team with all HMs for Articuno and Moltress

Information Obtained From

ArticunoYou Need All 16 Badges. It can be found deep within the Sea foam Islands in the Kanto Region
MoltressYou Need All 16 Badges. It can be found deep within Mt.Silver. donât take the right path when your inside. Go into the water, and go up the water fall.
ZapdosYou Need All 16 Badges. It will be standing just outside of Power Plant found in route 10 of Kanto
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by Poketrainer891 Oct 18, 2010

After obtaining the Fog badge from Morty,go to the Union cave. There is a secret cave near the far entrance. Go in and there will be many rooms. At the end, there will be a large lake. Every Friday night, a Lapras level 20 will be there to interact. Even if you caught it before, it will be there again.

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PrIze points

by WiiGamer Oct 14, 2010

The prizes you get from Buena's password. Buena's assistant will give you the prize when you get the amount of points.

Poke ball1 point
Full restore3 points
Protein5 points
Iron10 points
Carbos15 points
Nugget20 points
Rare candy25 points
Hp Up & new card30 points
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HoW to get latias

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2010

Go to saffron city (red house) talk to the girl in the house then go to vermilion city go into the fanclub talk to the fat guy you get now the lost item then go outsite, steven tells you somthing and now you can catch latias (heart gold)
or latios (soul silver)

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GeTting Other Gym Leaders to add u (Bsides 1s that Cab had)

by Unregistered May 12, 2010

Beat all of the Gym Leaders in Order to be able to add them to your contacts on your Pokegear (all 16).
For Janine, she is talking to Falkner on Mondays, during the daytime, I am not 100% sure if you can talk to her instead of talking to falkner and have her add you. They are arguing about who's dad is better

Erika added to Pokegear and will battle you on Sunday MorningsTalk to her while she is talking to Jasmine in Celadon City South of the Dept. Store near the fountain Sunday afternoon, Battles you on Sunday Mornings
Lt. Surge added to Pokegear and will Battle you on Friday MorningsTalk to him at the Power plant. Bring a Pikachu with you and have it First in your party
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GeTting past the sells man person

by Lurcariofan65 Apr 26, 2010

First, you have to win the 7th gym. Then you go to the strange store, above the gym. You discover that its Team Rocket's HQ. You then have to get past that, then you should be able to get past him. If not, go to Lake of Rage.

Hope this helps you, RedGarydos123!!!!!!!1

Rage Candy BarTry to go to Blackthorn City
To Find Team Rocket's HQBeat the 7th gym and meet Lance
To go to Blackthorn CityBeat the HQ and go past the guy
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PoKeWalker Courses

by DarkCharizard Jun 04, 2010

The chart below shows all the PokeWalker Courses,as well as the number of watts needed to Unlock each course

*Watts can be obtained in PokeWalker minigames,or battling a pokemon on the PokeWalker,or just walk around when a pokemon is present on the PokeWalker

Refreshing FieldUnlocked Immediatly
Noisy ForestsUnlocked Immediatly
Rugged PathEarn 50 Watts
Pretty SeasideEarn 150 Watts
Residential AreaEarn 500 Watts
Dark CaveEarn 1,000 Watts
Blue LakeEarn 2,000 Watts
Town EdgeEarn 3,000 Watts
Hoenn FieldEarn 5,000 Watts
Warm BeachEarn 7,500 Watts
Volcano RouteEarn 10,000 Watts
Tree HouseEarn 15,000 Watts
Scary CaveEarn 20,000 Watts
Sinnoh FieldEarn 30,000 Watts
Cold MountainpathEarn 40,000 Watts
Big ForestEarn 40,000 Watts
White LakeEarn 50,000 Watts
Rough SeaEarn 65,000 Watts
Resort AreaEarn 80,000 Watts
Yellow ForestComplete the download-able Pikachu-colored Pichu Wi-Fi event
Quiet CaveEarn 100,000 Watts
Beyond The SeaComplete an international trade over the GTS
Edge Of The Night's SkyTrade Nintendo Zone Jirachi over to Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Champ PathEvent
Amity FieldEvent
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YeLlow Forest Event

by Dragonlordpatrol05 Apr 05, 2010

After you finish procedure below go to green delivery man and accept the gift.
Then save and select poke walker and choose pokemon and then you will see YELLOW FOREST route.

Yellow ForestGet on mystery gift and select "Recieve" then select VIA NINTENDO WFC
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OtHer ledgendaries

by DarkSyphonX Aug 31, 2011

Ok, there are a lot of legendaries u can get, here are some.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ZapdosGo to the power plant and battle it
ArticunoWork ur way through the seafoam islands and find it. then battle it.
MoltresHe is deep in Mt silver. go meet him and battle it
RikouA running pokemon throughout Johto. unlock him at the burned tower
EnteiSame as Rikou
SuicuneFirst, unlock him at the burned tower. then, u will find him at various places accross Johto and Kanto. His final stop is at the end of route 25 in Kanto
LatiasOnce u help out at the pokemon club in Vermillion City, Steven comes out of nowhere and tells u that Latias has been spotted. he is a running pokemon just like Rikou. he runs around Kanto.
LugiaTalk to this old guy in Pewter City and he will give u a silver wing. use this to gain access to the wirlpool islands which is where lugia is.
Dialga, Palkia, or Giratinau must have the movie event arceus for this to happen.....so u take arceus to the ruins to Alph and Cynthia should talk to u. she will take u to the Sinjoh ruins and the rest should happen there.
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