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sep 02, 2010Pokemon Heart Gold Version [ NDS ]   Submitted

need ledgendary pokemon besides ho-oh plz help :(

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Unlockable - Other ledgendaries:

Ok, there are a lot of legendaries u can get, here are some.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ZapdosGo to the power plant and battle it
ArticunoWork ur way through the seafoam islands and find it. then battle it.
MoltresHe is deep in Mt silver. go meet him and battle it
RikouA running pokemon throughout Johto. unlock him at the burned tower
EnteiSame as Rikou
SuicuneFirst, unlock him at the burned tower. then, u will find him at various places accross Johto and Kanto. His final stop is at the end of route 25 in Kanto
LatiasOnce u help out at the pokemon club in Vermillion City, Steven comes out of nowhere and tells u that Latias has been spotted. he is a running pokemon just like Rikou. he runs around Kanto.
LugiaTalk to this old guy in Pewter City and he will give u a silver wing. use this to gain access to the wirlpool islands which is where lugia is.
Dialga, Palkia, or Giratinau must have the movie event arceus for this to u take arceus to the ruins to Alph and Cynthia should talk to u. she will take u to the Sinjoh ruins and the rest should happen there.