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mar 23, 2010Pokemon Heart Gold Version [ NDS ]   Submitted

wut flute do you yus if neded on the snorlax(spelling) in front of the DIGGLET CAVE

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Unlockable - Snorlax:

Snorlax is pretty easy to get once you have what you need. First, after you give the machine part to the Power Plant, make your way towards Lavender Town, and go into the Radio Tower. Once you're inside, go all the way to the right and talk to the man in the broadcast room. He'll upgrade your PokeGear. Go by the Snorlax, go to the PokeGear's radio, and move the dot towards the top. That will be where the PokeFlute song will play. Interact with the Snorlax, and it'll wake up in anger. Then it will challenge you to a battle.

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Secret - The Pokeflute, Snorlax, & The Missing Machine Part:

If you already got the EXPN Upgrade for your Pokegear, you already have the Pokeflute. You get it by going to Ceruleun City. Then, you must find and defeat the Rocket Grunt and he'll tell you where the missing part from the machine in the Power Plant is. Search and get it at the Celuleun Gym using the Dowsing Machine which you get from a person in Eruteak City.

After you got the Missing Machine Part, go to the Power Plant and return the part to the owner or whoever he is. He gives you a TM which teaches your Pokemon Charge Beam.

Now, go to the Radio Tower in Lavender Town. Inside is a man who looks like a Gentlemen. Talk to him and he gives you an upgrade for your Pokegear so you can listen to the radio in Kanto.

Next, go to Route 11. (The place where the Snorlax is)

Go to the Radio Section (while you are on Route 11) in the Pokegear and move the cursor to the very top of the circle....then the Pokeflute music plays. Exit out of the Pokegear with the Pokeflute music still playing. Save, then go up to the Snorlax and the battle begins.

The Snorlax as at Lv.50, has moves like Roll Out & Block, and has a chance of holding a Leftovers item...a very good item indeed. Use whatever Pokeballs you like, though the Heavy Balls are recommended. Heavy Balls are made from Blk Apricorns...and you must give them to Kurt so he can make the Heavy Ball.



Secret - Pokeflute:

First you need to get the Kanto Radio upgrade then at the very top of the radio search until you see the words pokeflute appear in the channel screen. play that in front of the snorlax and press A. you will get a message that snorlax has woken up. be prepared to battle/catch it.