Pokemon Heart Gold Version Review

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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Review :

Pokemon Heart Gold Review

by DarkCharizard Sep 07, 2010

For my opinion this game is awsome when you play it you can catch pokemon, and train them, and you can even have you favorite pokemon fallow you evey were you go, and you can expect this game to be really fun when you keep playing it.Also if you have Heart Gold Version then you can tell me or anyone that this game can really make a person happy when they obtain items or play with the pokewalker.

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9Story line
Well in my opinion this game would have to be better than the original gold, and silver since in this game you can have the pokemon walk beside you, and you can pick your gender, and when you pick your pokemon it is really cool since you get to push the center of the pokeball.
The Graphics in this game is good, but one thing that really bothers me is that when you stand on top of a building then it looks like you are levatating, but the citys, and the people have good graphics, and how you are able to dress up your pokemon,a nd you are able to see what it looks like.
The sound in this game is good, and the battle music is awsome, and when you battle Lance, and RED then the sound has a great beat, and when in Kanto it has a little more beat when you go to cerulean city, and it has more beat than it use to in pokemon fire red version.
The gameplay for me is cool, and yet amusing since your pokemon that fallows you has fun on your journey with you, it plays with you, and it is happy when you talk to it, and still it can be fun when it is your first time playing this game.
9Lasting Appeal
This game was a awsome expierince for Pokemon, and has been a great game like Soul Silver this game i like a little bit better since if you ever watched the show when ash started his journey he saw a pokemon that was colorful in the sky, and that pokemon was HO-Oh wich you can obtain in Heart Gold.
(Out of 10)


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