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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Review :

Pokemon Heart Gold

by WeavileNightslash Sep 14, 2010

Well, this game is a nice remake of the old generations, it has more enhanced features introduced in Diamond,Pearl and Platinum such as the GTS,the Battle Fromtier, new moves and new abilities. Also the new Pokemon in the other versions are available so it makes for a quite interesting gameplay. Not only this, some things are available in Heart Gold that are not available in Diamond,Pearl and Platinum.Egg moves,Pokeathlon and other things. In my opinion its a very great game that makes you want more out of Pokemon! So as for now thats all i can say and have fun playing Heart Gold!!!

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7Story line
Being able to catch your own Pokemon and training them to defeat all the 8 gym leaders and defeat the Elite Four, some thing most players around the world can do....Even so having to defeat Team Rocket again is very nostalgic.
Incredible....being in a bit 3D makes it a fun and interesting game!Not only that, there is an incredible atmosphere around the game thanks to the neat graphics surrounding it.
Nice choice of music for background, although some are not the same sounds from the generations it was made from.
All in all its pretty good, it takes a while to get all the special features it has so it makes for an interesting game.
9Lasting Appeal
To be able to play over and over, never tiring of catching every pokemon there is!There also is the Battle Frontier which is actually a very tough place to beat all the Trainers and get the longest win streak in the world!!
(Out of 10)


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