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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Review :

A Very Good Game- by skyp

by skyp Nov 08, 2010

Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver have brought Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver new life. The game takes place in the Johto region, but after you beat the Elite 4, you can access the Kanto Region.

The Game Play is the same. You pick 1 of 3 Pokemon as your new friend. Then you beat the first 8 Gyms. Then, you catch the main Pokemon of the game, Ho-oH.

Then you make your way up to the Pokemon League. If you beat them, you can go to Kanto. There are 8 more Gyms in Kanto. You can go to 2 Regions, forcing there to be 2 Champions. After the 8 Kanto Gyms have bin brought to mercy, you access Mt. Silver. At the very top is the person that made Team Rockets downfall 3 years ago, Pokemon Trainer Red.

The reason for Pokemon is for "Pokemon Battles". In them, trainers of wild Pokemon battle your own Pokemon. By getting a certain amount of EXP (experience) Points, your Pokemon will gain a level. At the max, Pokemon may be level 100. If a Pokemon gains a level, its Stats will go up, and posiably try to learn a new move.

Nintendo has transformed the Johto Region into a whole new world with way improved graphics.

In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, there is a Pokeatholon Dome where you use your Pokemon to get Points and can Purchase items with those Points.

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9Story line
Get a starter Pokemon. Beat 8 Gyms. Catch Ho-oH. Beat Elite 4. Go beat Red. Catch all 493 Pokemon. Its like in all the other Pokemon games before it. But still, it take time to do it all. Also, you battle Team Rocket because they're up to no good... ...AGAIN!
Nintendo has transformed the Johto Region into a whole new world with way improved graphics. They are obviously way better than the original.
I like it when you are in a special battle because the music is all normal and boring, its thrill packed! Also, once you have a spcial Key Item, you can listen to the old music.
The higher level Pokemon you are battling, the funner the battle is! The Pokeatholon is very fun to do with your Pokemon
10Lasting Appeal
Over all, this is a very good Pokemon Game. I dont play it as much as Soul Silver though. Regaurding that fact, I do play it alot and it is AWESOME!
(Out of 10)


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