Pokemon Heart Gold Version Review

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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Review :

The best game

by isaac1097 Jul 16, 2011

Pokemon heartgold version is a remake of gold version. The overall plot follows the same way as the original gold and sliver version. but there are many more thing added to heargold version then in the gold and sliver version. The male character receives a redesign and is now called ethan while the female character lyra has replaced kris in the game. There is a key item in the game which allows you allows to switch back and forth freely between the arranged soundtrack and original soundtrack. There is a item called the pokewalker as well it allows you to transfer pokemon from the heartgold version into the pokewalker, you can only transfer one pokemon at a time. you will have to walk to store up watts, every twenty steps you take 1 watts is earned. you can store up to 3 caught pokemon and 3 found items.

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10Story line
The storyline is nice as you play through to defeat team rocket executives and grunts. The storyline isnt too short that you can play it finished within 2 to 3 hours and it isnt too long that you would need one whole day(24 hours) to complete the game.
The graphic are better comparing them to diamond, pearl and platinum. i could see that there is certainly a lot of game that have been put in to make this game a great success.
The sound is wonderful. There is even a key item that allows you to change the music as and when you like between the arranged one and the original one,
This game allows you to have your first pokemon(main pokemon) to be out of the pokemon and walk with you is quite a nice surprise when i first saw the game. Pokemon games will never fail me.
10Lasting Appeal
One of the best remakes i have seen. i have never gotten bored on playing the game. It was so interesting that i could replay it again.
(Out of 10)


Mubarak679    wrote on jul 31, 2011 4:12 am

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